Sen. Jones: GOP Should Have Been Wearing Masks A Month Ago | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Jones: GOP Should Have Been Wearing Masks A Month Ago | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., discusses infection rates in his state, why he says GOP colleagues should have been promoting mask wearing a month ago and what he thinks about handling confederate monuments. Aired on 07/01/2020.
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Sen. Jones: GOP Should Have Been Wearing Masks A Month Ago | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I wish you well Senator Doug Jones. May you win by even a larger margin and defy all pundits. You are a true southerner with good family values. You are going to lead the south’s transition as back to democrat solid south.

  2. Live in Alabama..he’s not kidding about people being idiots after opening up. I’m voting straight party line blue in November.

    1. @Earl of Mar the Bush administration didn’t raise taxes in 2008…..did people’s 401K disappear? YES THEY DID!!! And they sure didn’t disappear under the Black guy.

    2. @Don Hardcastle he’s speaking in regard to the people he believe may infect him by not following mandated requirements. Period. Did you really not understand that context???? Don’t vote please, it wouldn’t be fair.

  3. In picking which was more important: saving American lives or not wearing a mask that would risk smudging his makeup, t’rump chose the latter. So him not caring if Russia was putting hits out on our soldiers because he’d rather be golfing, holding rallies, rage tweeting, and binge watching cable news isn’t all that of a surprise.

    1. You nailed his whole issue with wearing a mask, smudging his make-up. There is nothing complex about Donald Trump, its always the most simple petty thing with this vile human.

    2. FrictionRx9, I see liberals cleaning up other people’s garbage all the time, the ocean clean up groups are funded by liberals. It’s the “conservatives” who are dumping coal ash into rivers and cutting back anti pollution regulations.

    3. @frictionRx9 I feel bad for people who choose liberals vs conservative sides at a time when American people need real leadership, not mud-slinging hacks. You should be ashamed of your finger-pointing rhetoric. Here’s a thought for you and the party you support. Instead of shutting down everything Dems have to offer, why not compromise and keep it transparent amongst the public? The GOP has done nothing but divide and defend a man who continues to plunge us deeper into the rabbit hole that we’ll have to clean up.

    1. Nancy Prevost not a word out of the evangelicals on the pandemic. Not even a call for national prayers. I don’t know which bible they read sure not the one I read.

    2. The Rethuglicon right wing extremist party has NEVER been anything but a racist , lazy , narcissistic gang of tribal minority voters. Without the electoral college they would no longer exist outwardly….only sulking in the shadows planning their next genocidal agendas.

    3. They are gone M.I,A. When they are around they’re in denial, when the media is around they’re afraid to speak up! They’re the saddest group of people that’s ever held seats in the U.S. Congress.

    1. Carl Millholland I wear the mask all the time y’all misinterpreted what u said I’m talkin about people in general I always where they mask and I was the first person at my job to wear one in March and people thought I was crazy no I always wear a mask

    2. @yahboysteph8 yahboysteph8 Glad to hear it. Good on you. Sorry if I misread your comment. Too bad there are people who think wearing a mask is a matter of personal choice. Now I understand SMH.

    3. Carl Millholland no your good I’m a 18 year old who just graduated and I’m delaying college for a year to make sure my mom is ok she has high blood pressure so I have to work to help her out so this mask is not coming off no time soon

    4. Well said I just still cannot believe masks are an issue. Dumebest arguement ever and the whole world sees it.

  4. The blame isn’t on the people for their chaotic response, it’s on Trump. He has sown chaos, and reaped chaos.

    1. No, it’s on the people. If they’re taking their lead from Trump on anything, they’re idiots. The proof of his willful ignorance has been in full view for years. Shame on them for continuing to listen to a moron.

    2. I had been watching Trump’s antics for quite a while before he threw his hat in the ring. Everything I saw about him screamed dysfunctional and a fraudster. It’s the people’s fault for taking him at his so called word. But he proved to be a sneaky SOB by appealing to their baser instincts by opening up Pandora’s box of racial hate. Look for massive voter suppression this Fall aided by Republican Governors.

    1. “This man is a voice of reason” – which is why he will lose in Alabama. They don’t want to hear that. They want to hear how Mexico is really paying for the wall.

    2. Doug Jones will remain in office and be joined by the DEMOCRAT MAJORITY TAKING OVER THIS NATION !

    3. tubruton idk, right now it feels like we are living through the Battle of Gettysburg again. The tide is started to turn against the racists in our country.

    4. Ya know , had we anti-slavery people…
      ( Democrats today , Republicans in civil war times ) just taken care of business after defeating the CONFEDERATES. It really makes ya wonder if we would even have a race problem today…. Lot of us wouldn’t be here today though….

  5. 6%CD yields under Clinton…we could have had that again. Vote Democrat, your wallet will love you for it.

    1. the only people that do better under the GOP are people that are already obscenely rich…..

  6. TOO LATE! trump and the GOP has Already caused the death of thousands of Americans! Those dead cannot be brought back to life! SHAME on the GOP!

    1. @Steffen Oei its even worse than that, they managed to contain it in the eu without blowing up thier unemployment numbers. Take a look at germany, prior to the pandemic, unemployment 5% after 6%. 50 million unemployed americans was a CHOICE.

    2. Donald Trump saved the West Coast when he cut off flights from China on january 31st. Joe Biden called him a xenophobe for doing that and that’s why Joe hasn’t got a chance.

    3. @Jeff Gibson Saved it…..only to doom it through inaction. lmao you people are a special breed.

  7. I suspect once Faux News comes around to masks (that horse can’t even see the barn anymore), they will pretend that this was always their position. You know, like calling the virus a hoax in the early days when every day counted.

    1. @Timurphy was here No twit of the month. They tried to protest at the Mayor of St. Louis, house. You people are so dumb you can’t even get your stories straight…..then you lie. So despicable. I hate dirty democrat liars.

    2. @Timurphy was here You are dumb. Antifa was started by a Professor at the Univ. of San Diego, named Herbert Chartreaus. He was a Judiac Communist that escaped Nazi Germany and FDR let him and 50 other professors in. They hid in our Historic Black Colleges. This man went on to teach in Columbia, Stanford, the San Diego. He taught famous activist like Bernie Sanders good friend, Abbie Hoffman. Obama’s good friend, Bill Ayers. And Angela Davis and the Black Panthers.

    3. @Earlofmar. Da comrade, don’t let these decadent and evil Westerners get away with their insidious obfuscation. Their words are merely a pernicious smoke screen. Just know that Papa Vlad and all of the apparatchiks are proud of your relentless toil. The entire Motherland will revel in our November victory. The Stolinycha will flow. The Beluga caviar will be measured in kilograms. And our boots will crush the spindly necks of these putrid Capitalist dogs!!!! Stay strong valiant keyboard warrior!!!

  8. Trump has put us in an incredibly deep Bunker, like the one he went inside a month ago.
    We will not be able to get out of this bunker for a long long time.
    It is 27 trillion dollars of debt .

    1. The debt and the annual deficits aren’t important now. It’s only important when a democrat is in the White House. Of course then it would be a huge deal, but not now.

    2. @tubruton its used as a tool to not get anything done in congress once a dem is in the WH. stalls congress then complains to voters that see they cant get anything done vote for us. very nice plan

    3. At least $4tn of that debt has disappeared into the pockets of the wealthiest – with no oversight or transparency.

  9. The only person who made masks political was Agolf Twittler. He’s the one who said people who hate him wear masks, and those that don’t are “warriors”.

    1. Did you see those MAGA ‘low information’ Floridians yelling at their councillors when they made masks mandatory in Palm Beach? Wow that was a new level of insane…

    2. ChannelSurfer 2020, DeSantis doesn’t like to be compared to New York, but New York went from worst to first, DeSantis is taking his state to worst, unlike New York, so the comparison isn’t likely!

    3. @ChannelSurfer 2020 The rest of the world looking on has a comment: ha ha ha ha ha

  10. The irony when Traitor Trump said in his first day in office. He was going 2 fix the carnage. Yeah! Make America Dead Again. 25,538 dead and counting daily.

    1. 127,485 dead and counting this is far from over God help us and pray we get a President who is not evil.

    2. @Hazel Em The various places where the hospital systems get truly overwhelmed, the number of deaths caused by this will be far higher than the number who died FROM it — people will be dying of heart attacks, strokes, etc. etc. etc. while their hospitals are totally swamped in viral load….

    1. Come November, I think the election results will lead to a revolution only because of the countless articles stating that China and Russia aim to interfere yet again in our 2020 election.

  11. I don’t know why Republicans don’t wanna wear face masks. They really never had a problem before wearing mask with the pointy hoods.

  12. An inept and inexperienced leader who only cares about himself is obviously a recipe for disaster, especially during a global pandemic where the US is dying, bigly.

  13. Republicans are starting to realize their fatal mistake in trying to use Trump for their own agenda. He’s taking them down with him.

    1. @Hazel Em Agreed, but as they say, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

      God bless and stay safe. Don’t forget to vote! 🙂

    2. @Hazel Em what really worries me is if you run numbers, you realize that if just 1 in 6 americans doesn’t take this seriously, that its impossible to control the rate of transmission. Even worse, with the number of cases doubling every three days it would take less than a month to infect all 350 million americans, with a 1% death rate thats 3.5 million dead. Grim stuff.

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