Sen. Kamala Harris Shares Aims Of Justice In Policing Act At JusticeCon | MSNBC



    1. @Buddy Mckimmey
      It is not the media’s fault that Donald Trump is a pathetic excuse for a human being . In fact, Trump would be nothing without the media.

  2. What a cool name. If Angela meets someone with the last name Books, she can say I’M Alsobrooks. 🙂

    1. Harris needs to wear an audio recording bodycam at all times so the public can monitor her job performance.
      an independent auditor should also be present to evaluate and scrutinize her daily job activities

    2. Adam Schiff will be AG….Kamala is VP, and she will BE THE FIRST WOMAN TO BECOME POTUS…..KAMALA 2028

  3. (1)Eliminate or completely reform the police unions like they did in Camden, NJ.

    (2)Restrict traffic stops/license plate look ups to BOLOs and reckless driving.

    (3)Eliminate or completely reform Qualified Immunity.

    (4)Create licenses for police that can be revoked so they can’t be hired by another town if fired. A liability in my town is a liability in your town.

    (5)Lengthen screening/training for police to minimize lethal force scenarios. Filter out white-extremists Barbers currently require more qualification hours than police.

    (6)Over half of US students are minorities, make state and local police departments the same.

    (7)Make cops carry their own liability insurance like contractors, painters, plumbers etc. The insurance companies will do better mental health screenings. If cops has too many complaints he will become uninsurable therefor unemployable. If they actually had something to lose, maybe they would learn to control their anger issues. Also, the billions in settlements that us taxpayers have to pay should come directly from the police pension fund. If “Good” cops were going to lose money for bad cops, maybe they would finally police other cops.

    1. Well thought out, but aligning US policing with the British style of policing will yield faster results by weeding out the cowards hiding behind the badge and prone to abusing their power vs those candidates that are truly civic minded and invested in community policing. As a retired LEO I’ve worked with a lot of posers, and unfortunately the majority of them have been white and scared to walk a foot patrol alone on Midnight’s. 😂

  4. All due respect to Harris, does she feel the way about change from her incarcerating Blacks on marijuana charges? Or, for Failing to prosecute Steve MnuchIn when she had a TON OF EVIDENCE. The SAME Mnuchin who is NOW HIDING how he distributed 1/2 TRILLION IN COVID BAILOUTS!! The same Mnuchin who Judge just ordered to release Native American’s Full Stimulus Package. We need True, Progressive Politicians who are CONSISTENT, not DONOR BASED.

  5. She is a discrace. She locked up plenty of blacks. Poster child for sleeping your way to the top. Who would sleep with him w/o getting something.

  6. Remember when Kamala Harris put a bunch of young black males in jail for minor drug offenses as a prosecutor?! I do!!

  7. Here in Virginia we Black’s know Our place Governor blackface he show us We be Step and fetch for Joe Biden He great white daddy

  8. A standard for use of force?? A standard for NO use of force sounds like a better start imho…

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