Sen. Kennedy Tries To 'Trigger The Libs,' Falls Victim To A Typo 1

Sen. Kennedy Tries To ‘Trigger The Libs,’ Falls Victim To A Typo


GOP Sen. John Kennedy teamed up the the NRA to make an ad he said would 'own the Libs,' but the ad features a rather glaring mistake. MSNBC's Brian Williams has more.
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    1. @dadduorp Yeah, at least he was funny. Putting guns in the hands of untrained people incompetent people is a scary thought for sure.

    2. @Michael in Houston I say boy, come here son I need ta show ya how ta use that gun boy, can’t keep the boys attention, I say stop pointing that ole gun this a way boy, BLAM!!!!! Now what am I gonna do ya done blown off half my feathers boy, an feathers don’t grow on trees son, is any of this sinkin boy?

    1. I’m impressed that someone in NRA management may have a relative that still has a job in advertising.

    2. Cmon y’all! He cain’t spell. But Twern’t what ya thaink!
      Ever buddy knows dat he caint spell “BLEEB”. DATS DA WURD!!

  1. They want to trigger the liberals when they are still whining and crying about the 2020 election.?

    1. Flat earth conservatives punch downward to trigger libs. Liberals trigger FeCs by telling the truth. And remind them daily that Biden an Harris bent Trump&Co over in 2020.

    2. I wouldn’t call it whining and crying, it’s called fleecing every penny they can from their remedial ignorant and gullible base of simpletons

      Oh well, ya can’t fix stupid

  2. But you have to remember the great things that governor Abbott has signed into law such as making sure anyone running a lemonade stand does not need a permit any longer. And he has also made sure to take all of the immense pressure off of the cities of Texas by signing into law which is a preemptive law by the way that no cities can ban plastic bags. In case y’all are questioning this yes this is sarcasm.

    1. I didn’t know about the lemonade, but it’s long been clear that a lot of kool-aid gets sold in Texas.

    2. @Eric Staples Maybe the fact that the Texas lege that only meets for two months every other year spent time on such a law when they clearly had other much more pressing matters that they ignored? How many rural hospitals have closed in Texas in the last decade? How many Texans drink tap water that fails to meet the EPA minimum safe standards? After that fertilizer plant detonated and took out a large part of a town has Texas implemented better safety and inspection standards?

      But they made sure to ban permitting of lemonade stands, in reality the law is worded in such a way that it is unenforceable and cities can still ban such but that was the point of course. Do some grandstanding without actually doing anything.

    1. @Just Say’n I know you were being sarcastic and to add to that, women are almost always sent to prison for defending themselves against their abusers.
      The justice system is not kind to victims.

    2. @SSS Kinda depends on the circumstances, and where the wife beater gets shot, along with the history of the couple.

    3. @SSS Go ahead and post a link to the your reference. I’m sure there’s some FBI data or DOJ data.

  3. I have no plans to ever go to texass so I think this is a great law. I think Darwin would agree.

    1. That should be signs at all border crossings into Texas: enter at your own risk. I bet tourism will be down in TX.

    2. They can’t even keep the electric grid going. I grew up down there and escaped. Just avoid it at all costs.

    3. I’ve written off the lower portion of this entire country. I propose we sell it back to Mexico, or just give it to them on the condition they actually do pay for a wall around it to keep us safe.

    1. Yes you are correct..however , it is time to stop taking some of these politicians seriously and start laughing at their ridiculous lies and completely fake personas because every time a serious person takes a non-serious person seriously it creates a perception that whatever the moron , sorry , non-serious person , is saying and doing plausible .

    2. I agree. This ”’owning the libs” is very 5th grade mentality. Trump has brought politics down to an all new level….he has turned the Republican party into a circus side show.

  4. So now when they have a BLM demonstration in Texas, all of the participants will be carrying guns. Abbot is cool with that? Awesome…

    1. No, that’s not how that works. Cops are allowed to shoot when they feel threatened in the Ol republic. Just more likely a chance to be right when they shout, he’s gotta gun.

    2. A white person with a gun is exercising his Second Amendment rights.
      A black person with a gun is OHMYGOD! HE’S GOT A GUN! HE’S GOT A GUN!

  5. Wait till every Hispanic, person of color and minorities start walking around armed to the teeth and open carrying. I bet the Governor will think twice about it then.

    1. Sandra Lewis
      We are armed
      We just don’t go
      Mass Murder.
      We are the responsible
      Gotta love the second amendment.
      Ms Lewis your not special, your just a

    2. Oh they’ve thought of it already. I think they’re counting on most Black people being too afraid of being seen with a gun (because it seems to so often get them killed) to actually carry them. The second amendment is already a right that is, in effect, only for whites for this reason. This law makes that disparity even worse (and that might be intentional, consciously or unconsciously).

    1. Appears Elmer Fudd is giving a demonstration on how he polishes his knob, a little self-love, except the short barrel on that weapon is much bigger and its actually capable of ejecting things out.

  6. Remember that Republican politician, caught with a Russian spy in the NRA, who was also polishing his pistol?

    1. @Whitey O’Banion lets just reduce the power of the presidency so who ever is elected doesn’t really matter so much.

      we all have a lot more in common than we have differences.

    2. Quit acting like everyone doesn’t make typos, weirdo. Writing news segments about typos is a sign of something wrong with Libs.

    3. @Eric Staples “Belive” me, it’s funny that dues was used to pay for the advertising without someone proof reading it. The caliber of ammunition used was chambered incorrectly.

    1. 100% Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy, doesn’t just “play dumb HE IS DUMB. What has that “man” Done for the Great State of Louisiana? Easy answer; NOTHING

    1. It already happened here in Texas during the election. There were armed Blacks at the polls.

    2. I think they’re counting on most Black people being too afraid of being seen with a gun (because it seems to so often get them killed) to actually carry them. The second amendment is already a right that is, in effect, only for whites for this reason. This law makes that disparity even worse (and that might be intentional, consciously or unconsciously).

    3. I remember a book many decades ago called _Negros with Guns,_ written by the founder of a black “rifle club” in the east. And here these idiots are doing it to themselves.

  7. When a Senator isn’t going to be taken serious with his words, he needs a gun to make a point.

    1. Oh give Kennedy few more years. He’s only a half step behind the Republican all stars puke roster fronted by Cruz, Gym Jordan, Gaetz, the Qanon lady, Gohmert, McConnell and Miss Lindsay. We will see much more of this.

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers Which sucks because politics aside, he’s absolutely adorable and says the funniest ish all the time.

  8. “polishing his pistol” Yeah, right? The only thing this goddamed turkey does is polish Donald.

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