Sen. King On The Handling Of The Virus: ‘There Shouldn’t Be Ideology Or Politics’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Sen. King On The Handling Of The Virus: ‘There Shouldn’t Be Ideology Or Politics’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Maine Senator Angus King says he would like to hear testimony from ousted HHS official Dr. Rick Bright and weighs in on the White House’s response to the outbreak. Aired on 5/5/2020.
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Sen. King On The Handling Of The Virus: ‘There Shouldn’t Be Ideology Or Politics’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Trump doesn’t want testing because it will prove him wrong it’s so obvious he doesn’t care about deaths only money and power. That’s it

    1. @Brock Madigan You are probably right. And, the problem with testing in a country like the US where the spread is out of control, testing someone today and them returning a negative result is not that effective in terms of the information it provides about how to control the spread. But, there are informed approaches to deciding who should be tested ONCE the spread of the virus is controlled. This would enable the identification of existing or potentially new clusters. The US has royally screwed its mitigation efforts. And, consequently, I think the US’s road to economic recovery will be much longer than many other countries.

    2. @NewLifeStartsNow The word virus wont even be spoken in 30 days. Hospital are laying off people right now. The suspension of Liberty and Freedom was to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. the evidence is in. Get back to work.

    3. Brock Madigan that attitude is America’s problem
      Your making it worse so you can all get your hair done and pig out at your local cholesterol restaurant

  2. ‘There shouldn’t be ideology or politics’ … in the USA, with its semi-imbecile electorate? Dream on!

    1. He was talking about the pandemic. There is nothing political, or at least there shouldn’t be anything political about dealing with and existential threat to this country Like coronavirus. King is right.

    1. @Susan Baron Taiwan is right next to China and is continually destabised by their large neighbour, yet Taiwan nipped this disease in the bud. The US was in a similar strong position until the pandemic response team was deliberately destroyed because it reminded the snake of Obama.

    2. @janeen harris
      @Susan Baron is either a troll or a moron. We have morons here in Australia also, but far far fewer (I hope). Fortunately, so far, Australians largely to do not use their constitution to justify behaviour which can at best be described as socially irresponsible. Let’s hope we say this way.

  3. Trump doesn’t care for testing, he does not want to know where the virus is or going. Trump only cares for the economy. If Americans die, then they die.

    1. @Paul 170 million females
      1/3 too young to breed
      1/3 too old
      57 million breeders.
      .6 million get an abortion every year
      Than is around 1 in 80 women.
      Right. Seems legit.

    2. @David Hale “…repeating the same nonsense…” says the person regurgitating what Trump says every other day. The United States is supposed to be greatest country in the world. The US should be an example to rest of the world in treatments and leader to find a vaccine. Instead the US is leading the world with +1.2 mil COVID-19 cases and +70,000 American deaths. Downplaying COVID-19 is costing American lives. Trump reopening the country before it is ready is going to cost American lives.
      “That’s one of the reasons we’re successful, if you call losing 80 or 90,000 people successful.” -Trump May 2020
      “”I’m not saying anything is perfect, and, yes, will some people be affected? Yes. Will some people be affected badly? Yes. But we have to get our country open…”-Trump May 2020
      Trump is looking for +20,000 more Americans to sacrifice their lives to reopen the economy. Are you ready to sacrifice your life, your family, friends, neighbor for Trump’s economy? Trump will be happy to take your life if it will restart the economy and boost his ratings. Trump could care less for you or anyone else, but himself. Make America Great? Trump will Make America Suffer.

  4. Total defeat on Nov 2020 is the only thing these people understand.
    We’ll give to useless Donald T and everyone of his followers

    1. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020
      fodder for Trump Sheep to scream FAKE NEWS !
      On Jan. 20, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was appeared in the U.S., in Washington state.

      On Jan. 22, when CNBC asked him if there were any concerns about the virus spreading in the U.S., Trump said, “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

      On Jan. 31, Trump implemented China travel restrictions, a move he often points to when defending his administration’s actions to address the pandemic. That day, the CDC reported seven cases of coronavirus in the U.S.

      By Feb. 4, there were 11 confirmed cases in the U.S.

      On Feb. 25, CDC official Nancy Messonnier warned that a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. was inevitable.

      On Feb. 28, at a Charleston, South Carolina, rally, Trump called the coronavirus the Democrats’ “new hoax.” That day, there were 59 confirmed cases and two coronavirus deaths in the United States, according to the World Health Organization. There were 4,691 cases around the globe.

      Throughout February and early March, Trump insisted the U.S. had the coronavirus under control and that Americans should stay calm. At a televised visit to the CDC on March 6, Trump said the coronavirus “came out of nowhere.”  

      During this time, Trump played golf on Jan. 18 and 19, Feb. 1 and 15, and March 7 and 8, according to the Trump Golf Count website.

      He hosted rallies on Jan. 9 (Toledo, Ohio); 14 (Milwaukee), 28 (Wildwood, N.J.) and 30 (Des Moines, Iowa), as well as Feb. 10 (Manchester, N.H.), 19 (Phoenix), 20 (Colorado Springs), 21 (Las Vegas) and 28 (Charleston, S.C.). 

      On March 11, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Additional European travel bans were implemented on the same day, but restrictions for the United Kingdom didn’t come until two days later, after people re-entered the U.S. from Britain and Ireland.

    2. @David Hale Did you get upset when you found out that at least 23 women accused our great leader of sexual abuse? Also, when the Hollywood tapes came out and he admitted that he could do anything to women.

    3. Kenneth bugay well accusing someone isn’t guilt. Right so just as you believe Biden over Tara. I believe Trump over anyone that has accused him. So no doesn’t bother me. Any other stupid questions?
      So scream but but but Trump all you want isn’t gonna change anything. Democrats rules now. Trumps innocent one because he says so. And the allegations have to be investigated and proven.
      If those rules apply to Biden then they apply to Trump. If not it only shows how truly two faced and hypocrites you are

    4. @David Hale That’ll teach em , completely oblivious retorts to factual information, that’s the spirit little SHEEP 4BRAINS. O , an it was Obama’s & Hillary Clinton’s fault (All of IT) 4S .

  5. We the people of the USA deserve to know the truth about this virus. Trump doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about his incompetence of how to run this country. This is not a business it is a country of the American people.

    1. @Carlos Stranger check your loser Trump moron. The world laughs at Trump supporters who drink bleach.

  6. Trump don’t want experience he want loyalists!! Y’all can’t see through trump!

    1. Thanks for the laugh.
      We sure do see through traitor Trump and think it’s funny how gullible you are.
      Again, thanks for the laugh.

  7. Adolf Hitler lost the war because he did not want to listen to the experts. And Trump is heading to the same end- loose the 2020 election.

    1. Adria B. J. Callan , The National Socialist German Workers Party aka Nazis , , now which party wants socialism ? Democrats , do history tells us that democrats want to be nazis , and given their visceral hatred for anything not democrat it appears that democrats are repeating history

    2. I wouldn’t hold your breath. But I would recommend saving up your tears, you’re gonna need them.

  8. trump just wants this all to go away but it won’t and so he is having tantrums instead of leading – he is incapable of anything more

    1. Crystal Giddens
      You keep saying this in every thread. Of course we don’t have all the facts but it sure doesn’t seem like Trump wants the facts, so what’s your point?

    2. @David Hale Jeff didn’t say that now did he David?
      Wishing it away isn’t going to be all that effective I dont think.
      Lets see what the warmer weather does.

    3. @Crystal Giddens Fact Are Trumps a Deplorable Failure!..And a Disgusting Excuse for a President!.

  9. Sorry America but, the Abomination in the White House is not capable and it’s way past time that all the talking heads in the media stop talking about him and all journalists stop asking questions. He is a liar.

    1. @Susan Baron–How does a brilliant mind like yours explain why the U.S. has the highest number of fatalities while other nations that used tests and strict protocols have truly brought their numbers down? And people are tested that don’t have symptoms. Look at your darling, Pence.

    2. Susan, according to the USA is #1 in deaths and Covid 19 cases, #40 in tests per capita, #15 in deaths per capita, and 14th in cases per capita. Trump ignored the advice of experts, minimized the threat, promoted miracle cures, etc. Richest country in the world yet we’re 40th in testing our citizens? 15th (ahead of 180 countries in PER CAPITA DEAD from COVID-19?

      Testing isn’t perfect but it much more available in most other countries. it definitely makes a difference.

    3. @Sioux Rose 3 States have most deaths New York, NewJersey.Connecticut 19.415 deaths in New York 1/3 of the country! 4,813 nursing home deaths in New York everyone thought Cuomo was the next President I pray not! Liberal are the reason!

    4. he has many mental illnesses.and will prove to be very dangerous to our country…likking many people with his inability to govern or make crucial decisions…hes deplorable and must be moved fro office..What are we waiting for??????more deaths???

  10. every country that followed the experts are progressively opening up their community and job sectors again with low level numbers of infections and death rate, have a test and tracing mechanism in pace, have assured supply lines, and are planning their economic recovery plans in the medium term. and then there’s Trump….

    1. SouthSide Chicago oooohhh my please check your figures again !! You will find some(many states) get a lot less than what you have stated!! Watch all news. Not just American , wishing all my thoughts and prayers

    2. What I find absolutely abhorrent !! Is how PEOPLE MAKE THIS ABOUT POLITICS AND NOT LIFE!!

  11. Trump is done with the pandemic. The old, the sick, the poor, and the unlucky can just die. All fifty states can go bankrupt. Trump thinks he can win as the bodies stack up, our hospitals, morgues, and mortuaries quit functioning, and the states shut down all schools from kindergarten through college and fire half their police and fire fighters. In this environment, Trump thinks the economy will revive. Trump, the poor pathetic fool.

    1. ruth depew Beyond the most ignorant comment ever posted in living history Congratulations!

    2. ruth depew Amazing he’s so stupid. It’s like he wants to lose. Let’s make his dream come true! Vote!

  12. Re-impeach. He will be the only president in history that was impeached TWICE.
    Note: he will brag about that…..

    1. and History will Look back at the Competence of Nancy Pelosi and Integrity of Adam Schiff regarding impeachment.

  13. I see Canada has just announced an initial investment of $225M in agriculture: money to processing plants to create safe working conditions; money for cow and hog ranchers to care for their animals while they wait; and money to start moving food surpluses (most caused by shutdown of restaurants etc) to foodbanks. Hungry people get fed, farmers get cash and workers get safety so they can do their jobs without fear. A nasty contrast

    1. Canada has responded really well. Although I don’t support Mr. Trudeau on many issues, he has “risen to the occasion” with national empathy and support for CANADIANS. The world should applaud how Canada has reacted, W.

    2. Maria G. The U.K. has furloughed millions and is paying them £2,500 a month to be extended, the government has told companies they will be payed if they keep employees on. Small businesses have been given interest free loans and benefits. Large corporations have been told they must ask their shareholders to dig deep in their pockets before any bail outs, this is because the taxpayers had bailed out all the banks during the 2008 recession, they don’t want to make the same mistake again. Most of the European countries have similar plans. Why can’t the USA do the same? The richest country in the world can’t help the people who created the wealth. It’s immoral and the republicans in Congress should hold their heads in shame. If the U.K. which has a conservative government can do this, which I didn’t vote for by the way, why in God’s name can’t the republicans. They seem to think they should only help the wealthy, the wealthy don’t need help, it’s the families who have been working, holding down two jobs sometimes, paying their taxes, trying to get by, keeping their head above water. I feel so sorry for people who have lost jobs and lost loved ones to this virus, the mental health of these people will be another health bombshell.

  14. This has turned us into communist government and we need to put Trump and his administration on trial for genocide.

    1. Soz mate – Communism is the notion that the People will benefit, and Trumpism surely isn’t that.

    1. There have been few times when smart and Trump collide in the same sentence and those are mostly when Trump is telling us how smart he is. It’s odd that you won’t hear anyone who is really smart ever tell you that they are but everyone claiming to be smart prove to be liars.

  15. This Senator sounds like he knows wtf he’s talking about; his words are eloquent and make actual, real sense…with a double-helping of common sense. Duh! The answer is obvious…trump couldn’t run a Cub Scout troop, let alone a country. He had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to STEP UP and be A PRESIDENT and completely assure himself of re-election; instead he chose to be a dickhead when he could’ve been a Superstar. The Facts are the Facts and they are incontrivertible. United we stand…divided we fall. End of story.

    1. He is an amazing man! Ran the state of Maine, my home state, for years. We thrived and he was at the helm. Drove a Harley Davidson and swagger back in the day too lol

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