Sen. Klobuchar: It’s Time To Ask Lawmakers ‘What Side Are You On?’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. A background check for gun ownership is great police work. Not hunting marijuana users and wasting lots of money and blood for nothing.

    1. @Michael Kahr We can have guns and not be crazy with them, other countries have guns and aren’t crazy with them. Unfortunately, we’re really crazy with them right now, so if we want to keep the guns, we have to stop being crazy.

  2. More guns = more shootings. Less guns = less shootings. We have decades of data over thousands of studies on the local, city, state, and national/international level that evidence this inescapable conclusion. Vote for and support GunSense candidates and laws. It simply doesn’t have to be this way in the US, just as it isn’t in any other developed nation.

    1. @Archi Teuthis im not sure if it would be feasible but i do see the logic in reforming how guns are regulated. The u.s. gun regulation simply does not go far enough right now.

    2. @kurushiiv It would take time, it would involve deliberately creating a culture in which guns are not seen as solutions, and worst yet, there probably _would_ continue to be mass shootings before it changes, but I think its the best course of action

    1. @mtronix I heard can you imagine americans working to enrich putins america the thought of american families working to help a threat that we pay our tax dollars to protect at the dinner table in american soil WOW

    2. Thing about the NRA is that they are lobby funded by us gun owners and NRA members to speak on behalf of *us*
      They are not some foreign interest group, like AIPAC, they are here to rally on behalf of American citizens. We are the NRA, we are the GOA.

  3. The Gun Industry donates to Political Campaigns.
    That’s got to End.
    The National Russian Association is a Danger to the Freedom of ALL Americans.

    1. Mick Keker When do I know that a Snake attack will happen. Shove your fake protections. You are afraid that

    2. Mick Keker That you are weak and powerless, if we require background Checks,10 round clips…Then we will

    3. Mick Keker Come to your house and take all your guns.The Great fear of some of most of you, you cant fight

    4. tstandri Whats your point, you were on point all the way and then what, you forgot the emding.This next gen has

    5. tstandri Been screwed- McConnel Stole the Supreme Court from you, which means Citizens United is here until

  4. Senior Senator Klobuchar has called for a special session of the US senate from this tuesday to thursday!

    1. @Mark Haddox It is what people believe it is and they believe it to be ‘the greatest democracy on earth’ so if you don’t like it … LEAVE.

    2. America isn’t a democracy
      It’s a republic
      And the NRA existing does not threaten the so-called democracy,
      Also, the NRA is a lobby funded by us gun owners to speak on behalf of us gun owners. They are not some foreign lobby like AIPAC, dictating how we spend money or make laws. They are there to protect the rights of American citizens. Millions of us. 5 million of us alone own AR style rifles, let alone the countless others who own handguns and basic firearms. We are the NRA, when you attack the NRA, you attack your fellow Americans.

    3. @Radwulf Eboraci I hope you are not a US citizen this misinformed and voting. Our founding fathers thought democracy was the worst form of government. It is nothing more than mob rule. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Say the pledge of allegiance to find out what form of government the USA is.

    4. @Radwulf Eboraci I’m not leaving the US. It is one of the last places on earth where people are still free to own firearms. If you are not ment for freedom maybe you should leave.

  5. *Amy McGrath* needs support in Kentucky.

    Money in politics sucks …. but nothing happens without it….. so please $upport Amy !

  6. That’s Definitely off the table ,let’s talk taxes, or fossil fuels,even abortion for God’s sake

  7. you have 320 million guns in america…WTF are you hunting I’m surprised there is anything left alive

  8. Let’s face it. The Senate will do nothing. Again. It’s time for people to take this into their own hands because the government is not willing to do a thing. Mothers Against Drunk Driving shifted the culture against drinking and driving. A grassroots movement to change the gun culture over time is needed. Mothers Against Gun Ownership. People should use the power of boycotts to convince the big retailers to drop gun sales of semi-automatic weapons.

    Peace to El Paso and Dayton.

  9. “She only knows one home. It’s the United States of America 🇺🇸❤️”
    My home is where my heart belongs and it’s HERE
    I belong🙌🏽💕💕💕💕💕

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