1. @d byko What has the president done that makes him a successful? By all means list these “grand accomplishments”

  1. Lamar Alexander is a pityfull person; his legacy will be, like his lying GOP colleagues, one of great shame.

    1. @Mdlclass Worker go see a mental health professional .. you are a delusional brain washed fool suffering from extreme TDS

    2. @Alexander. At least he knows how to spell. He voted his conscience. Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t make him a liar.

    3. *+Mdlclass Worker* Attempts to fearmonger aside the US will still be the same place tomorrow that it was yesterday, there’ll be no cancelling of the elections and there’ll be no foreign interference on a scale larger than in 2016 which wasn’t even much in the first place.If dems really wanted Trump out they should’ve brought their A game instead of holding a partisan and half-baked investigation then thinking they could emotionally appeal to the senate (who could care less) through shame tactics.Everyone with an IQ over 60 knew things were gonna turn out this way so all the tears right now are pointless as no one cares outside of those who were already invested into thinking Trump was guilty before the investigation started.

    4. @Mdlclass Worker yes, but if we give up and don’t vote, we WILL wind up ending the republic.
      This is a time when we MUST vote in record numbers.

    1. @GeneralNaive
      So, she won the popular vote, so what? If you take that win and add $2 to it, you can get a coffee somewhere in town.

    2. exactly but there are no consequences for them, bill bar protects them and never look into this. this whole administration is rotten to the core!

  2. I believe if they show evidence, proof documents and witnesses pertaining to all the crimes that Donald Trump has done and committed the Republican party was still let him walk!!!

    1. Lucius Head Schiff has 18 witnesses that offered nothing but hearsay, opinions and hurt feelings. Republicans weren’t allowed to call any witnesses during the hearings.
      End this farce!!!!

    1. Nick Walker, I imagine he does. Imagine how embarrassing it must be for him to sit through this ridiculous nonsense.

    2. Jacob Wooten what you think the Americans people are going to forget your scum bag moves only Democrats vote for impeachment 🤔 must be real cause Democrats NEVER LIE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Kenneth Dewitt now the Democrats can work with foreign governments to get power and rig elections , nothing is illegal anymore. Will Russia win? Oh wait, so far they have but we don’t know who the Democrats will coerce yet. The People will no longer decide.


    3. Dimic Dragan There as disturbing axis forming, first between the US and the UK, others will follow as Steve Bannon’s recruitment drive proceeds.

    4. An extremely disturbing axis is forming, first between the US and the UK; others will follow as Steve Bannon’s global recruitment drive proceeds.

    1. Ron Babu ikr LOL. At least libtard sounds good and makes sense. Contard sounds illiterate and dumb. They copied us and failed miserably again. LOL

    2. @Michigan State University contard does sound rather crap compared to the far more fitting term for all these people celebrating the degradation of law: Fool.

    3. Drain the swamp took the opposite way didn’t it? It meant get rid of the dinosaur crocodiles like moscow mitch, lindsay chicken Kiev and the Kelly ann creepy snake conway, and the rest critters of trump swamp cult

    1. @Richard Lee lol…I know, right. I don’t know y those r the only things they seem to talk about. They love chasing those squirrels I guess. Instead of an actual conversation they just jump to, what they call, Trumpism. It’s amazing how many people r infected with it. They need free mental health counseling..it’s for the best interest of the country and I’m willing to pay for it.

    2. @Rhonda Tonu You can’t destroy anything. You didn’t even read the Mueller Report and here you are making a total idiot out of yourself trying to discuss it.

    3. @Claudette J Even more amazing, given how utterly stupid Trump is, they would rather believe what he says than read anything for themselves.

  3. Easterners knew the west so-called democracy was BS! NOW the Westerners finally understood that too, took you guys a hell of a lot!

    1. Just America. They have never had Democracy… they have a farce – a distorted version of Democracy.
      So chill yourself out, “Easterner”.

  4. I am so disappointed, how can they keep being up the American people when they are doing the opposite of the majority of the nation.

    1. the most Successful President in our history and 3 years of trying to weaken and destroy President Trump will never stand…..5 more years of success and winning…..so get a job and get educated FAST….

  5. they say “let the people decide”
    the people decided on witnesses, yet they use the argument of letting the people decide for something they dont let them decide.

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