Sen. Leahy Expected To Preside Over Trump Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Sen. Leahy Expected To Preside Over Trump Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Garrett Haake discusses Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) presiding over the impeachment trial instead of Chief Justice John Roberts. Aired on 01/25/2021.
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Sen. Leahy Expected To Preside Over Trump Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. You know I wish something would happen to rump but nothing will.we all know that they are all guilty.but we need a whole new government that works for the people.i am sick of all this.

    1. @John Penisini Well, at least they don’t believe in killing the innocent unborn! I’ll take them over yours everytime.

    2. @Ker well if that’s your single issue, fine. I personally don’t believe fetuses are people so I want everyone to have the *freedom* to remove them from their own body.

    1. ​@Michael Gabs The only thing spinning faster is your brain , that broke away from its stem when your mother’s doctor dropped you on your head. God needs to help you first!!

    2. @Michael Gabs morning my love and hope you’re feeling well today thanks again hope you’re doing ok thank you for getting me the call thanks for letting us get a call I appreciate you all over this thank you for all your help thanks for letting me know thanks for letting us know that I love it thanks again thank it again thank goodness for the rest of the night I have to get a hold for the rest of my day I will be there soon I will have a bath and a little more concerned I hope can help me out thanks thank everyone so merry merry Christmas to you and merry Christmas merry Christmas to you merry Christmas merry Christmas to you merry Christmas merry Christmas to

    1. I agree the left who agree to the drivel being spewed by these videos might as well be braindead machines.

    1. I’m almost crying for the GOP that is defen- ding insurrection, has enabled Trump for 5 years, has for over a decade not brought to the floor any bills that they don’t like, AND are currently once again trying to restrict voting in key battleground states.

  2. If Leahy sits in as Chief Justice over the trial, is he barred from voting as a Senate Juror as he is then the judge?

    1. Lois Richardson: Gee Whiz Ms.Lois, doancha think there should be some type of due process? How about a Chief Justice of The Supreme Court? Huh? DRS / RVN Vet.

    2. @Lois Richardson

      Are your parents morons too or does the stupidity gene skip a generation on your family tree?

    3. @suiterd62 the CJ isn’t doing it because it’s not to impeach the know like the actual constitution says

  3. You just stacked the deck a fifth time, right in front of God and every body. There is no shame in this government entity anymore… How much is this going to cost we the people that you no longer represent? The good news is Biden’s impeachment will be so much juicier.

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