Sen. Lindsey Graham tears into Democrats at SCOTUS nomination hearing | USA TODAY

Sen. Lindsey Graham tears into Democrats at SCOTUS nomination hearing | USA TODAY 1


    1. He says “I know I am racist so you can’t call me racist. But I do not mind any non-white person who will vote for me and my merry band of racists!”

    1. just our Senate, because we enacted a rule in the last century that only allow the Senate to pass policy with 60% of the senate voting in favor of something. Most every major country requires 50% to pass policy and our House of Reps already only requires 50%, just like how every state passes policy with 50%.

  1. Does Mr. Graham even know that most Americans have information about him and any given topic under the sun as simple and as readily available as turning on their computer? Does he really think most people are as vacuous and as stupid as he’s been most of his life? South Carolina deserves better than the little he offers.

    1. come on though, you Democrats lost your dam minds during Kavanaugsh hearings…this has been as tame a hearing as it gets…its ALWAYS democrats who go berserk over GOP nominees…not the other way around…

    2. @lethrneck4 We never go berserk. You’ve confused us with the clown show on the Republican side that feeds off people’s anger and confusion like any Archon anywhere in any universe still shrieking in the Dark side of all pseudo-life.

    3. @R M You mean the year he begins serving the first of his sentences in maximum security and at hard labor.

    4. @Johnny Kay Kavanaugh still has women dressing as “handmaidens” harrass him at speakinf events , dinners etc…yall nuts…and why do you use movie and tv characters in your protests lol

  2. Listened to Lindsey whine enough stop with the poor me BS. You are a grown man for goodness sakes.

    1. @June Kurinovich That wasn’t whining. You should’ve tried harder in school. You wouldn’t be so lost.

    1. Never forget what republicans are doing to slander the current nominee, trying to say she’s soft on child porn offenders when actually the laws are the fundamental issue. She’s 💯 headed for confirmation and is head and shoulders more qualified than the last three.

    2. A woman accused him of rape and Republicans and the FBI refused to investigate the claims. That’s a little different.
      Notice that Dems didn’t go after ACB like that?

    3. @Daniel Burubeltz Like with Kavanaugh, there was an alleged victim that testified against him.
      Republicans have NOTHING on this women.

    1. During the confirmation hearing of conservative Amy Barret the democrats accused her of being a white supremacist because she adopted children POC. How’s that for nasty.

    1. @Bill K using Lindsey’s logic when he voiced he said that liberal groups strongly advocating for this SC pick was a cause for concern, wouldn’t it be fair to say a lot racists advocating for Republican Party is of great concern as well?

    2. @Mark Santa Cruz Since America is a 2 party state then people on far left or far right are going to vote whatever’s closest to their thinking.
      So since Democrats constantly hate on straight white people (except their leaders) then any white racists on the right are of course going to vote for republicans .
      It doesn’t mean there are millions of them and it doesn’t mean that it’s a big concern. They are for the most part few in number and powerless.
      There ARE however millions of extreme leftists in authority that are making racist,sexist policy right now and that is a concern.

    1. “Whining is winning”
      -Donald Trump (2015)
      He actually said that he whines because it’s how he wins.
      The man has never done a day of honest work in his life.
      He will never be President again.
      You can quote me on that
      Have fun.
      God bless.

  3. What are these politicians in their 80′ still in office? Set term limits for these people. It’s not supposed to be a career.

    1. It’s called voting. If you don’t want people in, vote them out. But that would require effort… wouldn’t it?

    2. I want to know how any of these politicians who are over 60 can possibly believe in things like trans people.

    3. @stjohnsriverrat Yeah those people in their 70’s-80’s like Mitch Mcconnell n Feinstein need the boot.

  4. Feinstein shouldn’t even be on the committee with how she handled the Kavanaugh situation. How does that work again?

    1. Kavanaugh should not be on the Supreme Court after acting like a spoiled brat frat boy caught cheating at his hearings. What a disgrace.

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