1. What did Trump have on lindsey? Did Mar a lago cams find lindsey sitting on a golf club and enjoying it? He was one of the loudest Trump critics then flipped

    1. @Mark Warren to some people, yes, to others they don’t even know they have it. In India it has mutated many times now…and lots of kids have died..
      MSM probably wont cover much of that.

    2. @Greg Marks and if they do they will distort the facts. Indonesia is not the healthiest place on earth to start with, right?

    3. That’s right. This is why Trump was held up by his own or unowned GOP colleagues the first 2 years of a GOP Trump dominated government. 😁

  2. Graham doesn’t need to worry. Afterall, he is a miracle of modern science given how he’s able to walk without a spine.

    1. @kelperdude He is not defending Putin. He just corrected you when you wrote that Putin is a communist. He is just an authoritarian, like Trump, but the smart version which makes him more danger. Actually… no… a smart person has more chances to know the limits not to cross and therefore may be less dangerous

  3. He got to use his socialist health care like everyone in Congress, even republicans. The rest of us can eat cake.

    1. Are you blind? Do you see the border wide-open to 160 countries and they’re giving out free Biden t-shirts? Pelosi is running our country because Joe Biden is lame! Are you guys really that brainwashed Lord have mercy I have never seen anything like it! This has got to be the most rehearsed comment section for CNN that I’ve ever seen

    2. @James Lundy have you any idea whatsoever in your mind what the Democrats are doing to our country? You really need to do some research!

    3. @EdricLysharae Actually, Medicare is not free. It costs $148.50 a month, and that doesn’t include drug coverage, which has to be purchased from insurance corporations. We need NATIONAL HEALTHCARE that DOES NOT INVOLVE INSURANCE COMPANIES AT ALL, not Medicare for All. At $148.50 a month per person, many families couldn’t afford that.

    4. @Traitor Joe’s Thanks to people like you, there aren’t that many union jobs left. You right-wingers pretty much destroyed our manufacturing segment by allowing corporations to outsource our jobs. You scream about immigrants. People don’t have to come to the U.S. to get American jobs. They can stay where they are, and the corporations we give huge tax breaks to will ship our jobs to them.

    5. @Russell Williams Not his boy Trump, that’s for sure. Trump doesn’t pay anyone what he owes, and he certainly does’t support workers.

    1. @John Patrick Yes, statistics show that antivac antimask Republicans have been the major spreaders of this pandemic in the USA.

  4. Lindsey also tests positive for dinosaur. Dinos like him need to realize that it’s time to exit the stage and let the younger, less tainted take over the helm.

  5. How long into covid and they haven’t sorted out a way for members to attend virtually if unable to in person yet? Wtf?

    1. @Your mom HE didn’t do anything. Dr. Fauci is NOT the NHI. If you’re going to spout BS, at least get the BS right.

    2. @Your mom Trump can’t start an investigation into anything. He’s nothing more than a failed CEO and ex-president. He has no authority.

    3. @Your mom And we all know how much the man with hair dye streaming down his face can be trusted. He lost his license to practice law for lying to the courts.

    4. @Your mom Do you honestly think that if the Dems rigged the election, we wouldn’t have a clear, strong majority in both houses of Congress? Do you think slime like McConnell would still have a seat? The fact that we don’t have a clear majority should, in and of itself, prove the election wasn’t rigged.

    1. @Easy Money Unfortunately, Jack has a point. Viral loads in the vaccinated are equal to the unvaccinated and spread the same. The delta variant spreads more easily than the alpha (COVID-19), potentially infecting twice as many people. More reason to stay home or mask up when you have to go out.

    2. @Denne Rhinoviruses and coronaviruses are recognized as the major causes of the common cold syndrome.

      Unfortunately, Jack has a point. I’m no expert, just a Democrat who has done more than her fair share of research into the subject.

    3. @Jack Meoff I don’t think you understand how viruses work… it’s the goal of the virus to survive. So it gets more contagious in order to maximize its victim pool, and while it spreads faster eventually it will get less deadly. And after a while either everyone will either be vaccinated and have antibodies or get infected and hopefully survive. That’s how viruses eventually die out.

    4. @Michelle Bobier-Groves the only point he made was that the delta cariant unfortunately *also* spreads via vaccinated people. Which to me is al the more reason to get everybody vaccinated. Just gambling on ‘well if ervybody else does i’m fine’ is moronic in that case. Vaccinating nobody would be the other point he could be making which is even more off the deap end.

      Attacking Fauci is hardly helpful for a country that’s under attack by misinformation.

  6. Lindsay has tested positive for many other things as well: two faced, batting for both sides, self interest, stupidity, on and on.

    1. By “both sides” you mean? Ohhhhh the D and the R…. I thought sure you were going somewhere else there, lol. Now I remember that was Seinfeld where they used a “teams” analogy to talk about… oh well, nevermind.

  7. “This is where I get off” …didn’t take him long to get back on. You couldn’t believe an “act of contrition” out of his mouth , similar to several/ so many GOP folk.

  8. “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


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