1. She’s going to, because she has to. She’s been so corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry, there’s no way she’ll allow it to pass with that Medicare provision.

  1. Either they bribed him or they threatened him, but either way it’s not worth looking at his weasel face for 10 minutes just to get lied to about.

    1. @Andrew woodworth You accuse me of not understanding politics in West Virginia, and then you go on to prove than I’m wrong by making my case for me. Methinks your head is screwed on backwards.

    2. @Timmy Truth What is pride month, we have so many months,proclaiming this proclaiming that?

  2. Don’t care why he did… except he says it’s a good bill. Should be the only reason to vote for it. Why did the Republicans vote against it and against the veteran healthcare bill?

    1. Brian Babin (TX)

      Andy Biggs (AZ)

      Lauren Boebert (CO)

      Mo Brooks (AL)

      Ken Buck (CO)

      Andrew S. Clyde (GA)

      Matt Gaetz (FL)

      Louie Gohmert (TX)

      Paul A. Gosar (AZ)

      Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)

      Andy Harris (MD)

      Jody B. Hice (GA)

      Thomas Massie (KY)

      Tom McClintock (CA)

      Mary E. Miller (IL)

      Troy E. Nehls (TX)

      Ralph Norman (SC)

      Scott Perry (PA)

      Chip Roy (TX)

      Van Taylor (TX)

      Plus 20 who voted against a human trafficking bill. 🤮

    2. But the republicans will pass any war bill but won’t sign on to help veterans that are affected by war. Just doesn’t mail since? Unless they’re making money from war.

  3. I’ve flip flopped on Manchin so many times and basically gave up on him but thank god we’re getting this done for the American people 🇺🇸

    1. He’s getting this done for his owner donor’s, that permit drilling language is in there & it’s highly problematic

    2. ​@Jacob Ross what’s the difference? I live in Huntington WV. I will never vote for him again.

  4. Had Corporations in the USA not sold out its middle-class for cheap labour production etc. These problems would not exist and the middle-class would be thriving. Shame on government for allowing this to happen.

    1. @William Springer yea it’s not like they make laws that corporations have to follow or anything…

  5. He only changed his mind because it became politically expedient for him. Everybody knows he does nothing without considering his reelection chances. 😉

    1. @Guardian Angel American voters have been dumbed down to the point where it really is 95% about which color shirt you wear. What is policy?

    2. @Guardian Angel yes watching from Australia and watching very closely since Dump got in. Manchin seems to be all about power (excuse the pun), but it seems he is more of a Republican than a Democrat. 🇦🇺🙋‍♀️

  6. He always backs out at the last minute, claiming that someone changed the Bill.. so don’t hold your breath 😡

    1. @Sick and tired of being sick and tired it was. A provision was added to move it to mandatory spending

    2. @Adam Johnson Studio It was always mandatory spending. Look up the post on youtube from Jon Stewart. He spells out exactly what the change was. It has nothing to do with what you have been told.

    3. He wasn’t going to do it anyway he stalling for time and they believe everything he say can they keep believing lies after lies or maybe they lies get mixed up with his lies frankly I don’t believe they care mean tell me no one can catch on to what’s going on some people just don’t work well together they make you think they for you but they’re working against you clear as day light you better know it

    4. @Kathleen Torres It was nothing to do with taxes as I understand it either. It was one sentence that was mis-worded and needed to be corrected with regard to how rural residents are referred to local doctors for care when VA care is too far away or inaccessible or specialists are not on staff at their nearest VA facility.

  7. Manchin likes being on TV. He likes the attention. There is something broken inside of him, and he clearly needs attention for validation. The world would be if better off if these politicians and business people (i.e. Musk, Zuckerberg) would get therapy instead of using power and wealth as ego-boasters.

    1. Well said. When will the people wake up & Vote. We need term limits Manchin is certainly one that needs to go. Mitch McConnell & Lindsay Graham as well. Manchin & McConnell has too much power. It’s too bad that the people continue to put these people in office year after year.

  8. Joe Manchin said it well.”I believe…”
    It is all about Joe Manchin and not about the people. This is why the bill got passed.

    1. It hasn’t been passed. We will be back here in a couple weeks listening to him talk out of the other side of his mouth about why he didn’t pass this bill.

  9. Protecting the Petrodollar will be earth’s downfall. The irony is the most lauded free market/ capitalist society will not allow financial markets to correct themselves.

    You give multibillion-revenue companies subsidies and tax breaks but squeeze the marginal worker for shortfalls.

    1. Hmm, the “petrodollar” you say …

      Before too long we might have the hydro “currency unit of your choice”.

      Not all countries can produce oil but all countries will be able to produce green hydrogen for themselves … one day you won’t be able to give oil away.

      That should upset international finances so to speak.

      OPEC countries and Putin please note.

    2. The whole “free market” and “capitalist” thing only works one way. It was never intended for the common citizen, only for the abundantly rich.

  10. “Lower prices at the food store.” This man is so far removed from everyday life he doesn’t even call it “The grocery store.”

    1. That’s the dialect of West Virginia, I’m definitely not a fan of Joe Manchin, but please get the facts correct.

    2. You do realize he worked at his family-owned grocery store before joining politics, right?

    3. @Ted Hu Billionaires talk their own language. That’s because they refuse to speak to regular people.

    1. @Dave Waldon Yes and am glad they are. Now go pack your back pack. Remember school starts tomorrow.

  11. I hope this passes. Mid to long term savings. I tend to agree plus what about health costs savings with cleaner air and so forth not “taxing” our bodies? Not sure if they even calculated that in the projected long term savings-anyone know?

  12. So it finally occurred to Manchin that in 2024 he’ll have to get re-elected and in order to achieve that he has to show up with something to show his electorate. I suppose Mr. slow and steady finally managed to read the writing on the wall.

    1. @Prayto Pesci nice to know we have to have your opinion thank you , I bow down before you Mr. Putin. we can’t discusssss??????????? I am not worthy. your right i am wrong. sorrry………..FU

  13. Finally some sense coming to Manchin! Hope he understands his role on the welfare of American people and stop being a jerk.

    1. How will the Transferring wealth and power FROM the people “TO” the Washington D.C. Oligarchy helping?

  14. Closing the carried interest loophole and making billion dollar corporations pay a 15% minimum tax are the best parts of this bill. Pass it NOW!

    1. @eltorocal I’m genuinely happy to hear that you chose to play fairly. But you still chose to play, and that makes you as much of a capitalist as me. I don’t like the power that corporations have bought themselves any more than you do. We will still need to buy it back though.

    2. @Sparky’s Malarkey …so… You’re NOT a “capitalist”? Good… seems that You have Yourself CONvinced.
      I’m an entrepreneur… the businessman who provides a service TO the community… and I’m a Socialist. My taxes are intended to go INTO my community. My VOTE may not guarantee that, but that doesn’t make me a capitalist. Capitalists have ONE belief… and it is the same driving FORCE that keeps them GREEDY.

    3. @eltorocal Socialists usually operate in groups, where the workers control the means of operation. It’s a we thing not a me thing.
      You keep referring to yourself and what you do, socialists use words like we, us, ours, etc.

    4. @Belly Dancer Em Not really, since they will absolutely use this as an excuse to do nothing more. It’s the same as doing nothing more or less.

    5. @eltorocal 1950s the highest tax bracket of those making over $200,000 (2mill in today’s money) was 91%. So yes, it was that high.

  15. Manchin saying he had no idea corps were paying 0 taxes is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve ever heard.

    1. @Briana G Deal with was the wrong term. I should go with manage. You can work around a lair. Heck, bonus points if use it against them.

  16. I love Jake Tapper’ ” You gotta be kidding!” expression as Manchin starts to ‘explain’ himself!

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