Sen. Manchin Meets With Civil Rights Leaders After Rejecting Voting Bill 1

Sen. Manchin Meets With Civil Rights Leaders After Rejecting Voting Bill


Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., met with civil rights leaders on Tuesday after rejecting the Democrats' voting bill. Marc Morial of the National Urban League joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Sen. Manchin Meets With Civil Rights Leaders After Rejecting Voting Bill


  1. era of bipartisanship is “over” when its been long gone since president clinton? another example of a slimy politician lie. disgusting.

    1. @John Crawford this would all be a moot point if Democrats didn’t oppose voter id. Imagine being AGAINST voter id but being for a vaccine card. Did you know ALL government buildings require id for entry. Did you know the Democratic Convention required id for entry? There is NO rationale for being AGAINST voter id, except fraud. YOUR party is standing in the way of fair elections.

  2. 5:57 Well that’s kinda crucial, really, to be honest. 7:55 Nobody friggin knows — he won’t elaborate, will he.

  3. Democrats should just forget this guy & focus on GOP zones to flip to blue senators coming mid terms .The more people are running after this Manchin guy the more the power & attention is getting into his head..

  4. Send Manchin displays the same look as Chauvin w/knee on Floyd’s neck … Public murder!

  5. Yeah like this was going to change anything from a Racist’s point of view, I’m sure he hates the sight of the REV.

  6. I got my white privilege weekly paycheck. It’s up another $500. Thanks Biden. It’s good to be white.

  7. Manchin is, for all intents and purposes, a Republican and ally of Mitch McConnell. But the Democratic Party leadership can’t kick him out of the party because they would lose the marginal control of the Senate that they currently have.

    1. We need to get out an vote in mass next year! Getting rid of the Manchin’s in the Caucus is essential.

  8. So let me help explain for anyone who is confused. Me personally as a centrist Democrat I don’t have a problem with requiring some state ID to vote. To my knowledge a student ID isn’t a state ID like a gun license or DL is.
    My problem is limiting the hours and places to vote. Some states are limiting the weeks of early voting. Closing voting places. Making it a criminal offense to provide water or food to people waiting in line? People need to understand with all these factors in play some people are waiting 8 hours to vote, and now it’s a criminal offense to provide someone basic necessities. It heavily targets urban areas which tends to be democratic strongholds. Rural areas won’t have to worry about that because there isn’t that many people living there.
    Put your partisanship aside. Everybody should have a right to vote as long as they’re of age. We as a country should want to have high turnout. We shouldn’t be trying to make it harder for people to vote by throwing obstacles at them at every corner.

  9. Mitch McConnell is talking about the end of Bipartisanship when his entire political career has been about the obstruction of anything related to the democrats

    1. @Sara You are not looking at the facts. And no, “alternate facts” are not facts. The people you listen to are lying to you. You are trusting the wrong people. Get real.

    2. @Kenji Webb You put alternative facts in quotes, but I have never used those words. Who do you think I’m listening to? It seems you have made some major assumptions about me. If you want a discussion, please respond to what I actually said or pose questions.

    3. @Squigga He doesn’t have to say it. Everything a Republican does, he runs to the press to express his rabid disdain and intention to fight it tooth and nail. Am I wrong?
      And Pelosi? OMG! I think ripping up the SOTU on the world stage and staging two very loosely based impeachments speak for themselves. I detest them all- McConnell, Pelosi, etc.

  10. Are you telling me that the Democratic voters of West Virginia have no power over Joe Manchin?

    If that’s the case, suspend his & office’s pay, expose to the public those who financially support his decisions, to vote against the majority of the democratic voters best interests, in which we all can choose to boycott their products, services, etc…

  11. Haha Mitch is gone and he’s name is still there lol … she called him the majority leader

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