Sen. Manchin Pushes Back Against Biden’s Plan To Raise Corporate Tax Rates | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Sen. Manchin Pushes Back Against Biden’s Plan To Raise Corporate Tax Rates | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell says that "Senator Manchin is throwing his weight around very effectively at this point, wanting to craft legislation and mold legislation in the ways he sees most fit." Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Sen. Manchin Pushes Back Against Biden’s Plan To Raise Corporate Tax Rates | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. They’re all corporate puppets. The sooner people realize this the sooner we can escape the hold this bogus Dem-GOP duopoly has on American politics

  1. People of West Virginia, watch and remember these moments. USA is trying to help you with stimulus package so you could have food on your table, and USA is trying to give your state more jobs, but THIS man is…for whatever junior high school philosophy theory he may be using…doing everything he can to stop all the help, in order to make your life harder, and more miserable. Choose a different Democrat senator next time whose best interest lies in you…an average American…not corporate America.

    1. It’s clear, Manchin is not a Democrat. He’s receiving kickbacks or some type of favors. I had no idea WV was a economic powerhouse that he can turn down every effort to help the economy.

  2. Manchin is a tool. Our highest consistent growth had the corporate taxes and upper income taxes at a much higher rate.

    1. Unfortunately he has almost no chance at reelection in WV. He probably knows this and will fall in line for major priorities, provided he can be a party influencer after his term expires.

    2. @Michael Berlinger But that just means that we get another Republican. I say this because if you think the people of West Virginia are going to elect another Democrat to Congress you are in for a rude awakening.

    1. @J M M what is racist about mammie ???archie bunker made millions ,,al jolsen had a song about mammie ,,, you must be a snow flake or one of them cancel culture folk

    2. @J M M mammie how i luv ya how i luv ya mammie ,,,and you the sacred one ,oh the golden child ,,slams the hard workers and great people of west virginia ,,good luck bra

    3. @Pete Dog duh !!!you poor thing ,,, you have zero clue what you are talking about ,,,oh my your mammie going to powder your tushy

  3. Machin has got to go. He is Republican pretending to be a Democrat. We will never get anything done with him there.

    1. Manchin again… Geez what a surprise. Least team player in political history. At some point you have to fall in line and do what the majority wants to do. Cant be a stick in the mud for your own party every single time! Manchin should switch to Republican..

    2. Manchin isn’t the problem. It’s the voters who elected him. Dems need to start working on their ground game because politicians have been effectively grooming us forever to expect nothing from the government our tax dollars are financing.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Manchin needs to go. Why is he supporting Republicans if he a Democrat?

    4. He really is a Republican running as a Democrat because he knew that people are starting to vote blue instead of the red candidate. Manchin, you will not get another term. You are a Dino but in reality a member of the party of Trump.

  4. Dozens of corporations paid ZERO in federal income tax last year (Nike, FedEx are two examples)

    1. I don’t understand why Democrats are always saying they can fund every problem by taxing the rich, but they never do it. Nearly all of America’s rich people live in a Democrat controlled area. Democrats have the power to do everything they say they want to do, but yet they never do it.

    2. Are infrastructure is falling apart….I am a regular everyday person…..I’d pay more taxes for good roads….new water lines…think of the jobs…good jobs…all our plumbing, bridges, power grids…etc..etc. are old….bad….lead in water is so bad for children and us…..

    3. @Meg Shafer, you do of course realize that only 5% of the “infrastructure” bill is going to the things you described right? So every $1 we are spending of your children’s money for “infrastructure”, we are only putting $0.05 into actual infrastructure not counting all the interest your children will have to pay. The other 95% goes into things like giving money to the already rich big tech and leftist colleges. I’m sure your children will be so happy you made this investment for them when they get the bill.

  5. Dems need to head over to WV and sell the crap out of this bill so he feels pressure from his own state!

    1. @Its Life & adventure you are saying a very racist and denegrating statement. No i do not live in the ghetto. I make well over 20 bucks an hour. You sir are racist and being very sterotypical. Disgusting and i an reporting this offensive language to you tube

    2. @Patricia Springs You may be a woke leftist…call everybody a racist who does not agree with your opinion..

    3. @Its Life & adventure no sir I am a concerned citizen who is ok with people not agreeing with me but you went further bt saying I wanted free stuff while living in the “ghetto”. You do not know me to make the comment. Which insinuates that you are saying racists trops due to me being a black woman.

    4. @Its Life & adventure you are not even American…are you from India? Honestly ion care where you from. Stay in your lane sir.

    1. Too much for we ho? Republicans want to raise no taxes after giving away Trillions and and raising decir on false claims. Three years of raising deficit before Pandemic. The 664 Billionaires made over 3 Trillion last year. Wall Street is wealthier than ever!
      Who needs help? Who should pay for it? .
      S tripping the poor to owning nothing while fighting minimum wage hikes? If the poor are not making more money and need more federal help, who can pay?
      Compared to 1950 tax rates today’s are ridiculously low rich.
      Plus IRS needs funding to go after unpaid taxes of rich, people and corporations do not deserve subsidies.

    2. Give me, give me, free, free, the government is taking care of us…thoughts of a democrat. Welcome to food shortages,inflation, illegal aliens, gas prices rising and becoming dependent on other countries for oil. Not to mention all the tension around the world. Look up Ukraine/Russia Taiwan/China and Isreal/Iran….oh too busy with those socialist so called stimulus checks aye?

  6. Getting away from the trickle down lies can’t happen fast enough. Anything is an improvement over that bs.

  7. It seems no matter what sen. Manchine is always gripping on things. You would think he is kinda helping the other side.

  8. He owns a commercial flooring company, corporation. He sells flooring to general contractors, schools, universities throughout the State of WV. He doesn’t want to pay more corporate taxes. He could care less about right or wrong.

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