Sen. Markey: Green New Deal Can Solve Both Climate And Economic Crises | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Right On, Senator Markey!
    Thank you for your HOPEFUL message re: a Green New Deal and Biden’s capacity to make it happen. The blossoming garden glowing behind you underscores your positive outlook! 🍀

  2. This sounds like a terrific plan. Retraining people who have relied on failing industries is hopeful. We need this, and we know this president has never had a positive new idea in his limited brain in his life.

    1. Yup, the so called stable genius is so limited that he had asked someone to cheat for him in the SATs.

  3. You will need to disguise a good plan like this as a conspiracy theory in order to get the president’s attention.

  4. The only way to save America for the future is to embrace the necessary changes that will enable a viable future.


  6. Universal healthcare, not Medicare for all until we have better people in charge of government

    Climate change legislation is Urgent

    1. Yeah no kidding. There was a big wave of climate change chasing me into work. I barely got in the building.

    2. Elena, #1 Bernie Bro, yes it is. It took a lot of work to get where I am at. I went to school during the day and worked at an aluminum forging plant at night for five years in order to graduate with honors with a degree in electrical engineering and without student debt. I went into the automotive industry after that and started flipping houses when I wasn’t working. I am on track to retire before I’m 40 and I have a beautiful Philippine wife 17 years younger than I and we have a baby daughter together.

  7. This was Bernie’s idea but what didn’t get him elected was taxing the rich!! At least Americans are giving in to these ideas now although taxing the rich would have really helped the country! It would have plugged billions immediately into the economy! Maybe one day Americans will see the income inequality and finally change their minds.

    1. All I can see is that Americans don’t understand what is in their own best interests. Do they think the GOP cares abt working people? Ask McConnell why he has sat on the Bill which the House passed in May, to continue the $600 payments, and extend the eviction moratorium which has now expired. He said he was going to slow walk it, and he has. His priority was to continue appointing conservative judges, and insist on an immunity shield for businesses, so that they could not be sued if their workers contracted Covid in the workplace. Who in their right mind would continue to vote for a party which wants to cut Social Security, and repeal the ACA? Bernie Sanders’ policies wd have benefited working people, but they just didn’t get it. Hard to feel sympathy for people who reject policies that wd make their life better.

  8. t’rump: Make America Great Again!
    Economy: Worst GDP drop in history.
    Health: 153,000 dead Americans in under 5 months.
    t’rump supporters: Are we Great yet?

  9. Hi
    Has anyone uploaded on you tube a full episode of The Last Word today(31st July ) I can’t seem to find any full MSNBC full episodes .Thanks

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