Sen. Markey On Infrastructure Bill: 'No Climate, No Deal' | MSNBC 1

Sen. Markey On Infrastructure Bill: ‘No Climate, No Deal’ | MSNBC


Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) discusses the importance of addressing climate change in a bipartisan infrastructure deal. 

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Sen. Markey On Infrastructure Bill: 'No Climate, No Deal' | MSNBC


  1. So many jobs can be created by modernizing US infrastructure. The rest of the world is forging ahead while the US is getting left behind. It’s going to end up like Russia, clinging to oil while the country crumbles.

    1. “America is back” is a lie. America is behind.
      BTW, the borderwall is also infrastructure, although not for Biden.

    2. @Ex Mensa The border wall is a symbol, it’s not infrastructure. It can be climbed over, tunnelled under or cut through. Better off spending the money to help the people stay in their countries and undo some of the damage caused by decades of US policy against Central America.

    3. @Jackie Paper Conservatives don’t like facts they will just deny anything that isn’t part of their delusion.

  2. How Trump damaged science — and why it could take decades to recover

    The US president’s actions have exacerbated the pandemic that has killed more than 200,000[600,000+] people in the United States, rolled back environmental and public-health regulations and undermined science and scientific institutions. Some of the harm could be permanent. by Jeff Tollefson Nature

    1. Trump’s actions like refusing to reimburse hospitals for ACA benefits killed more people than all US wars before CoVid struck. Under Trump over a third of all hospitals closed and he put half of the rest at rick of closing. More over he reduce the definition of what counted as poverty in order to get government benefits. Those two things alone killed more people than CoVid has so far globally. Donald J. Trump literally committed genocide against the US population, purposely and maliciously specifically against people of color but more broadly against the poor in general, he did so in much the same way other dictators have in the past, with lies and the promise things will get better if you just give him more power.

  3. Screw bipartisanship. And get rid of the ridiculous anti-democratic Senate super majority rule. If you have a majority in the House and the tie-break vote in the Senate you should be able to get your policies through. Right now America’s Capitol Hill rules are incredibly outdated and actually destructive. McConnell, who is in the minority, gets to decide that nothing passes. Since when was he elected President?

    1. It’s not just the Senate rules, it’s the Senate itself, where small, rural dominated states have the same representation as large urban dominated states. The 50 Democrats represents 41.5 million more people than the 50 Republicans. The “blue” counties of America are responsible for 65% of our GDP. If we are going to survive as a democracy, or even as a nation, something has to change.

    2. @Paul Kern LIE. 13% of the countries counties DO NOT produce that much GDP Most cities cannot feed themselves without the 87% of flyover America.

    No minimum wage, no public option, no voting rights, no student debt relief, no legalization of marijuana, no gun control — why accomplish something now?

  5. as well and perhaps on an even far more pressing note, the extent of bezos wealth is equivalent to having germany’s hyper inflation being beneficial to him and only a few others…

    so yea we’re just a reichstag fire away from complete and total fascism, thanks!!

  6. No social security reform Etc promises made and still no deals on climate minimum wage the list goes on and still no agreement.. nothing gets done might as well have Trump back in office nothing was being done then so what’s the difference now

  7. We need clean water now, and more than ever.
    Water will be more valuable than all treasures on Earth.


    1. Fracking not only ages the planet by millions or billions of years, it also destroys the natural water tables that supply many people. Water becomes more valuable the less of it there is available.

  8. Lindsey Graham is in the Senate infrastructure group. Hummm, it is interesting but ridiculous.

  9. So tired of Democrats always caving in to the corrupt GOP, instead of fighting for the average Americans who voted them into power.

  10. Kc any retraction on when you said the China lab was a conspiracy theory and debunked? Climate he’s full of gas

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