Sen. Mazie Hirono: ‘Let’s Have Real Witnesses, Relevant Witnesses’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Sen. Mazie Hirono: 'Let's Have Real Witnesses, Relevant Witnesses' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. Is the President ‘above the law’? Because no impeachment trial in American history has ever been conducted without the calling of witnesses by the Senate. Not one – no federal judge, no president has been through this process without the calling of witnesses at their Senate hearing. Not a single one.

    1. @Neville Hamilton Nobody cares whether or not Obama is endorsing anyone in the primary because no one expected him to endorse anyone in the primary.

    2. Of course it would end up like this. What is the matter with the people of this country, they really want to be ruled by a bunch of liars and cheaters???

    3. not one has taken place with no damned crime either.!
      Now hear this:
      Any of you who are sane KNOWS this Schiff show is a .pure sham.
      POTUS has done nothing wrong.
      Except be duly elected.
      Bearing false witness is a wicked thing to do.
      MSNBC is a horrible network. Its ‘journalists’ ‘have NO heart for the truth.
      Please go to other truth based outlets.
      Stop letting yourselves be ‘faked’ day in and day out.

    1. @Saynoto Socialists oh right…so trump uses criminals to get around ethics concerns and law…because the government cant be trusted 🤷‍♂️

    2. @Saynoto Socialists That’s why you vote for guys like Fruman and Parnas, right? Or trust guys like Manafort? Hey, isnt rudy using Shokin himself, as a “credible source”? You trust guys like that, right comrade?

    3. @robearl1983 Conspiring with Russia’s enemy? He was holding back aid to them. Who does that give an advantage to?

    1. @James Abel I am assuming that Roberts, who is known to dislike Trump and who _Trump can not blackmail,_ is a highly respected trial judge and he knows that you can not have a legitimate trial without witnesses. Roberts is not going to throw his reputation away. That is what I am assuming. So let’s see who turns out to be right: you, or me.

  2. t’rump’s legal defense apparently is that abuse power isn’t impeachable. 🤔
    Should have stuck with “It was a PERFECT call.” 😆😅

    1. Welcome to another
      24/7 Trump hating convention
      Trump’s going to be acquitted and Trump will be re-elected.

    2. @Barry Sutton I don’t hate. I just love laughing at the dumbest president in history and the people who support him.

    3. “Abuse of power” is a catch all, meaningless phrase used against Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, James Polk, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Lyndon Johnson and now Trump. Wow, what a devastating charge!

    1. you are 3 years late.
      This sham impeachment IS the cover up.
      The whole series of hoaxes.
      This one is the most demonic.
      DT has dont nothing wrong.
      But most of the players – the opposition – are knee deep in corruption, money laundering, and even child trafficking.
      They will do anything to protect themselves, their spouses and adult children.
      They know what’s coming.(Barr’s information and indictments) so they created this huge hoax that has as much substance as a float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
      And they all – to a person – are trying to discredit Barr.
      But God is in control.
      These demons will NOT prevail.

    2. You, my dear, need to go to truth based platforms to find out what is REALLY going on.
      Dan Bongino
      Steve Turley
      Judicial Watch

    3. @Real Talk76 abuse of power is an ignorant, meaningless charge leveled against 15 different Presidents (including Trump). Obstruction of Congress is just the way fake news and democrats describe executive privilege and seeking direction from the courts. The Bidens are a crime family and asking the Ukraine to honor their treaty with the U.S. is not a crime. Ever try fact checking your fake news?

    4. @Jim Hower can Congress charge Trump with a federal crime or would the DOJ have to do that? Barr will not indict a sitting President and therefore will not charge him with a crime. This is an impeachment, abuse of power is applicable because only a President could wield the kind of power to interfere with witnesses, jurors, judges and prosecutors and call it “privilege.”

  3. Let’s always remember, Sen. Hirono flew back to DC from her home state of Hawaii, where she was being treated for kidney cancer, to vote NO on the GOP Anti Healthcare Bill. The same on John McCain voted down. She is a genuine, dedicated Representative of the People. I deeply appreciate her efforts on our behalf.

    1. @Andrew S No victim card anywhere. Sen. Hirono has the gratitude of the People for her continuing to perform her duties, with honor, even in the face of severe difficulty.
      Sen. McCain was in a similar situation and also acted with great dedication and honor.

  4. Why they can’t agree that each side can bring x number of ‘no-vote’ witnesses. Beyond that, senators vote.

  5. Mazie Lazy… as in the impeachment hearing on the House of Representatives side? That’s was fair right?

    1. These people are delusional;.
      The American people DO see straight through this sham.
      That’s why POTUS’s approval is up, donations are up and rallies are packed.

  6. GOP has been a white oligarch crime syndicate for decades then Obama won and they paired up with the Kremlin to destroy America in plain sight.

  7. I was just watching fox news and heard Lindsey Graham LIE through his Teeth! He said Trump wasn’t allowed to join in the impeachment inquiry in the house. The house Democrats Invited Trump…ON NATIONAL TELEVISION to come in and testify! I saw and heard the invitation on Tv! Lindsey Graham lied…. on fox…. to the American People! Lindsey Graham LIES LIKE A TRUMP!

  8. Moscow Mitch will not allow witnesses because it will implicate additional GOP Congress members, Barr, as well as the VP… ALL was in the loop.

  9. Relevant according to who? You. The defense can call who they want. That’s what you did in the House, remember

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