Sen. Mazie Hirono Reacts To Jan 6th Hearing Testimonies 1

Sen. Mazie Hirono Reacts To Jan 6th Hearing Testimonies


"It just is so clear that Republicans don't care what happened to the Capitol police," Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) told Ayman.
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    1. *Joe Biden’s Soft on Crime Policies are working Brilliantly.*

      *Crime is way up all across America, especially in Democrat run cities.*

    2. @jlo I’m merely pointing out that a few hundred people trespassing and getting into a scuffle isn’t mass insurrection. Fact!

    3. @Chaos
      Do you think attacking cops is OK?
      Do you think trying to overturn a democratic election is OK?
      Do you think threatening to hang the Vice President is OK?

  1. Please honor the brave men and women who defended our democracy. Turn off all Fox programming tonight. Let them know we will not listen to their lies anymore.

    1. Why aren’t we arresting ruepert Murdock? He’s caused more deaths and suffering from his propaganda network than anyone!

    2. @Isaac inkout
      You don’t care that a President’s actions enabled an attempt to overthrow a democratic election? Why not>

    3. @Jock Young personally I seen months of chaos destruction of cities that costed a billion dollars worth of damage and killed many people more of a problem and something worth investigating more then this bs. We already know what happens . So that’s my answer Karen

    1. Nobody cares except for fake news channels trying to captivate they’re tiny brained audience

    2. Why did Nancy denied the capital police request for more officers for Jan 6th. You cant say it’s a lie because we now have the emails.

    3. @Chris Perez Doesn’t explain away why those terrorists were there in the first place, does it?

  2. They managed to protect elected officials and Capitol personnel by the thinnest of margins! Very close to catastrophe.

    1. @Jock Young keep opening your mouth to everything msnbc spews into your like a good little birdie

    2. just think one of mike flynn snatch and grab group’s got there hands on leadership and hung them

  3. It was a day of powerful truth.
    Like sunlight to vampires for Trump Republicans.
    No wonder they wanted nothing to do with it.

    1. @Steve Madrid I found my notes from last year….Yeah…

      BLM has a lot of corporate funding.

      $10,000,000 from Amazon
      $10,000,000 from Facebook
      $12,000,000 from Google
      $100 million from Apple
      $100 million from Walmart
      $10 million from Target
      $1 million donation from Home Depot for BLM Lawyer fee’s
      $10 million from Bad Robot
      $100 million from Warner Music Group
      $5 million from Disney
      $25 million Universal Music Group
      $100 from Sony
      $5 from Viacom CBS
      $100 million from Comcast
      $10 million from Charter Communications
      $5 million from Netflix

      The list goes on and on and on.

      How much did they donate to rebuild the damage BLM caused? My guess $0

  4. How can the repubkkkks keep telling the lie’s? The majority of Americans won’t vote for anyone who keeps telling the lie’s! Vote blue !! Your life depends on it!!!!

    1. @NCRailProductions go have another cup of the Trump Cult Kool-Aid. You can no longer separate fantasy from reality. Or even know what democracy is, much less communism.

  5. The way these people talk it is a bit like Harry Potter.
    “That threat remains.”
    “And what is the name of the threat?”
    “We do not speak his name but some call him the Orange Turd.”

    Democrats have to take every opportunity to drive home the fact that Trump is a one man criminal enterprise. Repetition, repetition, repetition until people can not separate the name Trump from a myriad of crimes.

  6. There is 2 epidemics crushing America: Covid19 & Gullibility. MAGA has invested too much time in the lie to ever find the truth

  7. Character matters. Ethics matter.
    That’s the bottom line.
    History has taught us that for millenia…because it works.
    …and it’s why most decided Trump wasn’t worthy of a 2nd term.

    1. The whole GOP and it’s followers are all suffering from Adult Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). They’ve been this way their whole lives. I laugh at them.

  8. We want trump in prison for 1/6. He must pay like his followers. Its sickening to know he’s still free.

    1. @David Wilson It’s quite obvious he’s not a US citizen………he puts the day first before the month number! He just gave himself away as an employee of the Russian troll farm!

    2. @22 Veterans A Day
      He may be the face of the coward party but he is not the face of smart American citizens

    3. @22 Veterans A Day Not gonna happen. The walls are closing in and the Big Cheese is goin’ down soon.

    4. @Jock Young His base has seen enough. Small wonder they leaving in droves. They finally see how sick of a man he is.

    1. Nancy blocked 2 Republicans form the committee because she doesn’t want to answer why she denied Capitol police request for more police. And you can’t call it a lie because we now have the emails.

  9. These people should be charged with treason everyone of them along with every Republican who contested the vote. Who pushed the big lie & that goes for trump.

    1. Do you even understand what it means to ” contest the vote” ?
      It’s anyone’s right if they have reason to doubt votes sent.

  10. Having fully embraced the BIG LIE, the GOP doesn’t seem capable of forming sentences that are anything but smaller lies to support the bigger lie. Sad.

  11. The police, and all other government agencies were told to stand down. It’s no secret Trump was in control.

  12. If the police hadn’t done their job, McCarthy and his accomplices might not be here to lie about what happened

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