Sen. McCaskill: I Am So Proud Of This Woman And What She Has Given | MSNBC

Sen. McCaskill: I Am So Proud Of This Woman And What She Has Given | MSNBC 1


Sen. Claire McCaskill says she is proud of Amb. Marie Yovanovitch and that every woman in America should cheer for her decades of service, maligned for political purposes. Aired on 11/15/19.
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Sen. McCaskill: I Am So Proud Of This Woman And What She Has Given | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Sen. McCaskill: I Am So Proud Of This Woman And What She Has Given | MSNBC"

  1. Marie must be terrified yet still she stands tall and proud on behalf of America and the truth! 💙💙💙💙💙

  2. Derrick Samuels | November 15, 2019 at 11:34 AM | Reply

    Coward President. Attacking a witness live during her live testimony. Definitely witness intimidation. Disgusting.

    • Jeffrey Meade it is. When phone transcript said “she will be going through some things”

      She fled Ukraine for her safety not knowing what trump and others were planning…

      Trump has sided with people that dismembered people with bone saws….. yeah and saying his threat to a career diplomat.

      Trump has obstructed justice by not allowing any first hand witnesses to testify

      You can still witness tamper during an investigation. If a police asked a colleague for I information about a Robbery she witnessed and I tear down my colleagues credibility when she is a respectable colleague that worked for 33 years, although it is not a trail, it is witness tampering

    • Jeffrey Meade you can tamper a witness during an investigation… hence mr stone is in jail

    • @Anthony Martino trump lied about that.

    • @SUPERPREDATOR NYC I’m white and hate trump so do I only get 50% of your imagined revenge?

  3. Marie is such an amazing woman!! Civilized Americans and the rest of the world are proud of you!! ❤❤

    • @Jeffrey Meade
      Proud of liars like STONE? Guilty of all seven counts!

      Paul Manafort 7 half years in jail
      Michael Flynn to be sentenced
      Rick Gates facing 6 years, his sentencing is delayed
      Michael Cohen 4 years in jail
      Loose Lips George Popadopoulos 12 days
      Alex van der Zwaan 30 days
      Richard Pinedo 6 months
      Sam Patten, Bijan Kian, and Skim Alptekin charged

      ANd yet, there is no greater liar than Trump.

    • @gin Your answers are very confusing, not sure if you are a Russian troll or just struggle to understand what I wrote. Or, and this is more likely, do not want to understand what I wrote because you want to be in your safety bubble.

      1 – I do not support war generally, I believe that, in most circumstances, you can negotiate with the other party and avoid the war. The second war of Iraq was a stupid war, made for rich people in America to make money. Construction companies, Security companies like the one owned by Bethy de Vos brother. The first war of Iraq (Koweit) had to be fought because you could not allow that type of aggression. So, I am not against all wars, but I find a war the last resort after all other means are tested.

      2 – I am not sure what was the wars that US fought that we did not support you so I cannot understand your comment. What I said was precisely the contrary, that we would honour our commitment to NATO and would defend US in case it is attacked. When the attack comes from US to other countries we do not have any commitment to support you. The only NATO country to request help from the alliance was the US, after 9/11, and the support was given without any hesitation, no other country has requested support to date.

      3 – I am not part of US politics but it is good that blind trump supporters understand that they destroyed America’s credibility for many decades. You are way over the point where a new president comes in and the rest of the world start trusting America again. That will not happen, because we know that the people that supported trump do not have any willingness to honour the commitments that America assumed in the past and they may elect another president that will rip agreements and ignore commitments. I am sorry to burst your bubble but the respect and trust we had for America is gone, and will not come back anytime soon. You may be feared, but respected… no.

    • Why was she testifying?

  4. What a brave brave woman

  5. Trump has turned the US Presidency into an incompetent Mafia.

  6. Rudy Giuliani, William Barr and Donald Trump are corrupt crooks and 21st century biggest gangsters

  7. I cheer Ambassador Yovanovitch. Stand proud. Stand graceful. You, Ambassador Yovanovitch are a powerful, accomplished leader, a powerful, accomplished woman!

    • Stand proud of what? She was fired!!! Understand this: Everyone in the Admin serves at the pleasure of the President. No one is safe

    • Apparently, someone does not know that it is an honor to be fired by this OOO(Oval Office Occupant).

  8. Isn’t witness intimidation an offence? Trump could be charged after he leaves the White House as it still should be in the statute of limitations. Well done Madame Ambassador! RESPECT

    • Cry Gry and cry for 5 more years. Grow Up. You are like a Child

    • It seems you attracted some real life trolls, unfortunately. But yes, DEFINITELY illegal and can become one of the articles of his impeachment, as well as facing charges for it post-presidential life.

    • @Toy Dubz LOL … sad your life is such a mess that you are led around like a dog on a leash by propaganda out right lies. You have never met any truth. Schiff is totally corrupt and Democrats actually do and are doing what they falsely accuse others of doing. You will die stupid and afraid.

      The Democrats know that the AG’s investigation and Durham criminal investigation of the origins of the Democrats collusion with Russia, UK, Ukraine, and other foreign governments in an attempt to dig up dirt and spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 and into 2017 is going to bring down some Democrats for breaking the law. Thus, they are desperate to muddy up Trump with false charges and political theater to try to distract people from the real corruption story involving Democrats.

    • @Gary Lee sooo… you ascertained that my life was a mess from my statement, but here you are insulting me and trolling… but I’M the one with a messed up life? 🙄 Won’t be responding again. You need something to do other than this. You’re obsessed.

  9. When Ms. Yovanovitch finished her opening statement, I stood and applauded. Trump’s phrase “The President has lost confidence in the Ambassador” made me want to throw up, and had all the integrity of a dead parrot.

    • She serves at the pleasure of the President. He can FIRE whoever he wants with NO reason.. She and anyone working in the Admin know that.. Ask James Comey

    • I take exception with your comment about a dead parrot because even a dead parrot has more integrity than Trump.

    • @Dee Pattison A thousand apologies, Dee. I was, of course referring specifically to the Norwegian Blue which despite its beautiful plumage is, as you will no doubt recall, an Ex Parrot. (No harm was caused to any parrots during the typing of this reply.)

  10. The fact that Trump attacked her and not the other two last hearing, shows how sexist and disgusting he is.

    He’s more comfortable with attacking women live than men… And thinks he can get away with it.

    Let’s hit him with everything he deserves.

  11. Progressive Humanist | November 15, 2019 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    Really upsetting to witness the pain Yovanovitch has gone through and is going through by having her career destroyed, reputation tarnished, important public service work degraded, and suffering direct personal attack by 45*. So much of what she believed in (the essential goodness of the US and that democracy in the US can’t be easily undermined) has been torn apart by that monster.

    • Totally agree. Except her reputation is only tarnished to stupid people who believe Spanky 13,000 Lies and Counting McBonespurs. For people with more than 2 brain cells, her reputation as a patriot is stellar.

  12. Take that _Kellyanne Conway_ with your *quasi feminism that you only wield like a cudgel when you need to.* _There are real powerful women in the Government who stand for truth, integrity, patriotism and the upholding of the Constitution, not your fake “Alternative Facts” reality._

  13. The Republicans are defending this man. He is threatening a witness in real-time TV I cannot believe I just saw this.

    • Jim McLoughlin | November 15, 2019 at 3:49 PM | Reply

      Jo Toonz: They haven’t gone back to their constituents yet.

    • It actually shows who has a real set of balls is all. We know “Jacketless” Jim is great a covering for criminals, just ask the dozens of wrestlers he was the assistant coach of. Nunes is a turd palin and simple, plus I think he’s got a “thing” for little donnie, can’t for the life of me figure out why he keeps mentioning nude pictures of trump, EWWW just threw up in my mouth a little.

    • This behavior is what has driven Democrats insane for the last three years. It was to be expected when Trump was placed in the Oval Office as an illegitimate Occupant. He has not changed from what he has been for decades but now he has many more victims.

  14. A mafia like shakedown combined with witness tampering and intimidation

  15. we need more women like her. spanky must go!

    • David Druckman | November 15, 2019 at 8:41 PM | Reply

      @Real Deal You’re right. Ambassador Yovanovitch appears to be honest, articulate, intelligent and dedicated to serving the American public. There is no room for her kind in Trump’s administration.

    • @David Druckman You do know that she was reassigned to another job to work at a University correct??? This was more about her emotions and how she felt.. She answered NO to 6 times when asked about knowledge of what is in question.. Soooooo???? Why is she here?

    • Real Deal I agree.

    • It is usually wise to not appear anymore stupid than you have to when posting.

    • Dee Pattison That was a non sequester

  16. WITNESS INTIMIDATION: plain and simple.

  17. Disgusting that they are trying to attack this woman. We stand with you Ambassador Yovanovitch. These jerks won’t get the last laugh.

  18. I am watching the impeachment inquiry from Scotland and I was in tears listening to Ambassador Yovanovitch talk. Her love for her country was so obvious, she came across as a very strong, professional, thoughtful and capable person. Then to hear the mad rambling tweets from that man in the White House abusing her once again was truly sickening. How can any Republican defend a man like this? He seems to commit his crimes in plain sight and the Republicans turn a blind eye every time. I hope there are more decent people in the US who will stand up to this bullying cowardly man

  19. Mccaskill made me cry because she is so right on and she said it with so much truth and passion Donald Trump needs to go to prison

    • Your a typical emotional liberal not a clue of reality and following the fools, good luck with that McCaskill always wrong, like you.

  20. The President is a liar
    The GOP is the Puppets!!!

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