1. After everything McConnell has done to stop progress…I find it tough to have any empathy for him….he needs to retire also…
      Albatross that he is….

    2. I’m certain at some point we’ll be hearing how all of these people, here and there, are having problems in public. I can only imagine what it must be like having millions of people hating you so much. Lost homes…ouch.

    1. @Kalvin Celcius
      yep its crying time again one sociopath out the back door one sociopath at the front door

    2. @Matthew Alvarez-Mahoney
      I’m sorry, who is crying after Biden won the election and states certifying the election.

  1. Crocodile tears coming from a Turtle. No tears for the quarter million deaths he’s been presiding over, too busy looting the coffers for his corporate overlords.

    1. If it weren’t for lying & cheating, the Democrats would cease to exist.
      Trump won 2020 by a landslide.

    2. Do you believe in our unique Constitutional Republic? Or do you value Socialism, Marxism, Communism? Would you be willing to fight, AND DIE, for either? The election is so much bigger than just DJT vs. Biden. And the difference between Americans who support our President and those who have nothing but hate, is that the first is willing to die for our Constitutional Republic, and the latter are cowards who don’t even know what they believe in, let alone be willing to give up their lives defending it.

    1. Well said young Republicans working in Georgia lives are threatened over doing their jobs for voters and mitch is silent. He is what is wrong with America and he’s back. The same tribute will never be given for him.

    2. @Chris 159 Well, Trump kept telling Pelosi who she prays for. And there’s no end of Republicans crying foul about playing politics when Democrats want to take action after a mass shooting. So… apparently the right has already decided to dismiss displays of compassion from the opposition.

  2. He should choke up for the people who have lost family members to covid, people who have covid, with people and states who still need stimulus money

    1. My gf and 2 kids has covid 19 im waiting for the 2nd stimulus so i can send her it, her roommate stole her and her 2 kids 1st stimuluses

  3. He could put forth the energy to “choke up” a phony cry but he can’t help people across this country??

  4. Ooooh pleeeeease…..
    He’s only crying because he’s circling the drain, due to the Georgia run off vote fast approaching.

  5. I can’t listen to McConnell anymore, not after how he behave under Trump presidency.
    This guy has lost all credibility.

    1. @randy ruan ah, somebody needs a time out. Still mad cause Comrade Donnie lost bigly. President Biden win in a landslide! But let’s make sure. Let’s recount some votes again so Trumpy can lose again!

  6. Shed a tear for all Americans who have lost their lives even during this pandemic and throughout history who didn’t get a chance to live a full life

  7. It’s amazing how he Can’t show the same emotions for the Americans that have died from Covid and for the people who are suffering and cannot put food on the table for their family .

  8. Hard to pity a man who has been enabling Trump since the beginning, at the cost of democracy and the lives of so many COVID victims.

    1. He is a chicken choking chitty chitty bang bang .. He knows afte GA he is going home too .. watch this space .. my 18 yr old has not studied anything that claims the name Lamar Alexander.. wHO IS THIS AGAIN.. if he is not in the history books already and is over 70 yrs old . So Sad Too Bad.. BI DEN

  9. If only he could show this level of emotion and care for Americans struggling to feed their family. All he does is block pandemic stimulus funding.

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