Sen. McConnell Speaks Out Against Trying To Overturn The Electoral College Results | MTP Daily 1

Sen. McConnell Speaks Out Against Trying To Overturn The Electoral College Results | MTP Daily


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) calls today’s vote to accept the results of the election “the most important vote I’ve ever cast.” He added, “If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side our democracy would enter a death spiral.” Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Sen. McConnell Speaks Out Against Trying To Overturn The Electoral College Results | MTP Daily


    1. @peachion2 So even CNN… that doesn’t outright lie, leaves things out. And Americans are not capable of filling in the blanks.

    2. @Ben Grimm who are you to decide what information Americans are capable of understanding?
      Freedom of the press. We do not have state controlled media, thank God.
      Everyone has the capability of seeking other resources if they choose to. Or seek no television if they choose. It isn’t perfect, but no one, including you should ever have any control over available information.
      We’ll leave that to North Korea. No one can prefer that.

    3. @Ben Grimm exactly how many Americans do you know? You cannot judge an entire populace by your own limited experience. How arrogant of you.

    4. @Akashes Klay and even they aren’t or weren’t brave enough to really stand against them, imo milquetoast at best.

    1. I couldn’t watch him justify why his fellow republicans are attempting to burn the house down, when he himself passed out the matches!

    2. Not to mention, his naked opposition to President Obama , or Breona Taylor’s prosecution of her killers!! He never mentioned her! never never had!! The truth is, the GOP wanted the orange shiv to rule, but they were afraid to take arms!!

    3. He’ll deny it. We all know, though. ITs all about how his “colleagues” handle him. I hope they handle him like the corpse he is – didn’t he put he prefers cremation in his will?

    1. @That Bish again YEP & HURRY & get “THOSE LOSERS” OUT OF THE PPL’S WH!
      SOME OF THEIR BELONG N JAIL, starting with THAT DUMB SOB, COWARD , djt, with that SAME REDON EVERY DAY, evening & night! YES SAID IT !

    2. @Sean Moore Reps had more states red than blue, blue had more votes in very specific key states with high electoral collage seat number in the range of 80-95 percent. I’ve hear Stalin brag about getting 88 percent. But 95? O-key. All the know measurements of a candidates success know of weighed in Trumps favor. To this day, everyone has simply gotten away with zero explanation of why the voting suddenly stopped, or why the machines were hooked illegally to the internet. Answering those questions would have had an impact on people, if answered properly and not “we evacuated a building due to a leaking toilet”.

    1. Garland must have an epiphany now, Republicans diverted his path to the true calling: to prosecute criminal Trump enterprise.

    1. Ok, if you want to ignore all the “but they did it too’ the double talk.
      Al Gore lost the closest election ever and it was a messy affair for several weeks, but he had the human decency to get up at the lectern and concede.

    2. No he’s not doing the right thing. The right thing to do is nullify all votes cast in Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Georgia. The election rules were changed by state officials. That is unconstitutional. Only the state legislature can change the voting rules. Therefore they are certifying illegal votes.

  1. “Protecting our constitional order requires respecing the limits of our own power”
    McConnell years too late

    1. We haven’t sent a probe out into space far enough to find how far past the limit of this solar system he’s passed.

  2. This feels like he’s talking to a room full of elementary school kids who misbehaved during an assembly

    1. Thats the emotional and logical level most these politicians seem to have dropped out of school around, and never grew. Someone smart gives a detailed report, they yawn and ignore him. Someone says a bunch of stupid gibberish, they applaud

  3. Trying to appear like a statesman to avoid potential prosecution for 4 years of misdeeds.
    A traitor speaks.

  4. Trying to do something good in a bad situation you escalated !!!!! SORRY MOSCOW BOY……not buying it !!

    1. All the old dinos need to go. They can’t even use internet explorer. They still watch black and white TV, have a smoking room, and a gentlemens hunting club. The “Good Old Boys” time is far done. I’m not seeing a single elder make a sane choice, not him OR Pelosi.

    1. Actually this vote here today is even more important than that vote, don’t be fooled into thinking this wouldn’t be the end of democracy


  5. You are witnessing Mitch realizing that the monster he helped create has finally come back to destroy him.

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