Sen. Menendez Advocates For Sanctions Against Putin And 'The Oligarchs Around Him' | Andrea Mitchell 1

Sen. Menendez Advocates For Sanctions Against Putin And ‘The Oligarchs Around Him’ | Andrea Mitchell


Senator Bob Mendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Biden administration's foreign policy towards Iran and Russia. "It has to be the international community that gets engaged and sends a clear message to Putin and to the oligarchs around him that there are real consequences, and at the end of the day you don't have access to our financial institutions," Sen. Mendez says. Aired on 02/05/2021.
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Sen. Menendez Advocates For Sanctions Against Putin And 'The Oligarchs Around Him' | Andrea Mitchell


    1. @Ryan lex WOW! Just because those names you listed doesn’t mean that they are oligarchs. They are very, very rich men for sure. But, if and only if the people stand up for their rights, I can guarantee you that the power to be would change in a heartbeat. America is still a democracy as far as I can remember. LOL

  1. yes allied ,never alone that middle east coalition Trump did before he left , NATO is being patched ,(no complete withdrawal)

  2. Republicans in Congress wanted a smaller stimulus, but then they want money spent on their special pojects.

    1. I’m on board with that.If tRump.and his partners in crime walk away from their crimes justice will no longer exist in the USA.stay safe.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith And that’s be why Hundreds of thousands demonstrated in the streets against be Putin.

    2. @Kalina Phan
      Only as long as he can stash the money he stole overseas. The US can seize those assets for return to the Russian people.

    3. @Ryan lex
      We could remove Assad at anytime and may still. Putin’s issues are completely different.

      People are dumping the Rubble and the Yen for dollars.

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