Sen. Michael Bennet: Cutting Child Poverty Is The ‘Number One Priority’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Sen. Michael Bennet: Cutting Child Poverty Is The ‘Number One Priority’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Ahead of President Biden’s address to Congress, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle speaks to Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., about his fight to permanently eradicate child poverty in the U.S., efforts to raise the minimum wage, and whether Biden’s plan to tax the wealthy can work.

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Sen. Michael Bennet: Cutting Child Poverty Is The ‘Number One Priority’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Theres so many zeros behind the amount of these stimuluses that actually go to people it will break the zero key on the accountants keyboards.

    1. @Insignificant360 ​ “It’s not delivery, it’s District Attorney for the SDNY Audrey Strauss!”


      John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    1. @Suze I kinda agree. Back long ago we had technical training high schools that aided kids in job-ready skills. Money right outta school gets kids motivated.

    2. @Suze -there’s more poverty in rural areas, the6 have less education, and they easily fall for the republican scams who make them poorer. Maybe u should do ur research and learn about that which u think u know so much about. In addition, the last 2 yrs of high school and first 2 yrs of college aren’t the same. College is more advanced. Unless a kid is in advanced college credit classes in high school, most kids aren’t ready to skip the last 2yrs of high school and they need that education bc the first 2 yrs of college builds upon them. Did u attend high school and college? If u think they r the same, that gives the impression that u haven’t. Also, look up how many college educated ppl and businesses move to the rural countries vs the cities. No one needs a college degree to learn farming. Most rural counties don’t have many college educated ppl nor customers which is why most businesses, especially large businesses which require many college educated ppl and a large customer base to survive, put their businesses in the cities vs the rural counties.

    3. @Josef Jerbils I’m SAYING community college (trade school) OR college prep which would be advanced math or whatever required to become an accountant or lawyer or indian chief.

    4. @Jane Doe Didn’t I say community college OR COLLEGE PREP ???? You missed my point entirely. Not everyone wants to go to college but everyone needs a skill to get a job and take care of themselves. Coasting thru high school before starting that process is a waste of their time and our tax dollars. I don’t know why you’re rambling on about cities vs rural, big business vs small…job opportunities vs not…. Your sentence structure makes you sound like you did not go to college so don’t ASSume anything about me. I’ve been to college, worked for big businesses and small, owned my own business and lived in a variety of cities so I’m not stupid or ignorant. My point is that kids need to prepare for adult life whether they need to move to another city or be a farmer. Whichever they prefer, instead of coddling them thru the last 2 yrs of high school, they should learn a trade or take higher level classes to focus on preparing for college.

    1. Yes, they certainly do. They also think no one has noticed that Biden continues to be hidin’. Oh sure, they’re going to prop him up on a stick tonight and wheel him out for a speech full of empty platitudes. Then they’ll wheel him back and MSDNC will talk ad nauseum about how wonderful Biden is. Then we won’t see Biden again for weeks while MSDNC milks tonight’s footage and images to pretend Biden is actually active

    1. Can’t even get $15 minimum wage. This is all just hot air from the Dems to make people think they’re actually doing something.

  2. The Church of Baby Cheesus would rather have us go back to the Industrial Revolution where underaged children operated Mangler grade industrial machinery for pennies on the hour. Remember how Gingrich said child labor laws were “Truly Stupid” and tried to have schools employ student labor?

    1. @Josef Jerbils When did you suddenly become a Maoist? He sure didn’t believe in child support and welfare!

  3. What are the odds the people who are blaming the poor and saying they shouldn’t breed also oppose contraception and abortion except for Abstinence Only?

  4. I know this isn’t right, but I imagined what the Onion would have done with this story.. “we need to do something about the child unemployment rate!”

  5. I’m really sick of the wealthy who want to say low wage workers who lost their jobs r simply choosing to stay on unemployment bc they might be earning a little more. I never hear all the socialism for the rich and corporations incentivizes the wealthy, most of whom didn’t work prior to the pandemic nor after. It’s the wealthy we need to be focused on. The low wage workers aren’t vacationing on their many yachts, attending social events for the roch only, buying anything and everything they want w/a security knowing they have so much $ they don’t have to work or worry about anything for the rest of their lives. Most ppl want purpose in their lives. To think they would rather be unemployed getting a relatively small amount of unemployment, having no healthcare or paying cobra out of that unemployment until Biden’s last Covid bill, knowing the additional unemployment is only temporary, worrying every day knowing they r just one big expense away from disaster, etc. Shame on u Stephanie and every wealthy person who thinks the way u do about low wage workers. W/out exploiting the M&L class labor, none of u at the top would be wealthy. We produce the majority of the gdp, we pay the highest % of taxes, we r the big hearted ppl who help others and volunteer in addition to working, we r the ones disproportionately affected by climate change and the toxins the slacker wealthy ppl/corporations dump in our neighborhoods, we r the ones who r being cheated out a fair wage, we r the ones who have to take out large student loans so that companies can use the skills we paid for plus interest, we r the classes who have been defunded since 1980 to make the wealthy and corporations richer, etc. The wealthy and corporations will pay their fair share of taxes or they’ll find themselves being chased by mobs w/pitchforks in their hands. They will find that when they make our lives he**, there’s a whole lot more of us to make their lives he** in return. The wealthy and corporations can start pulling their own weight, start paying their labor fairly, start paying their fair share of taxes on a progressive tax table, stop resisting healthcare for all, taxpayer funded day care-college and adequate taxpayer funded elder care, or they can move to another a country.

  6. Stephanie,you do make us smarter.We love ya.We have all put our alarms and now I gotta go,Biden is speaking.

  7. I love watching you doggedly hold feet to the fire so I am sad to post something irrelevant and trivial. But, that’s a gorgeous dress.

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