Sen. Murkowski Slams GOP For Blocking January 6 Commission | MSNBC 1

Sen. Murkowski Slams GOP For Blocking January 6 Commission | MSNBC


Leigh Ann Caldwell describes how Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of three GOP senators expected to support the House's Jan. 6 commission bill, blasted her fellow Republicans for blocking the bill to reporters, unknowingly in front of Officer Goodwin, the Capitol police officer widely regarded as the hero of the riot.

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Sen. Murkowski Slams GOP For Blocking January 6 Commission | MSNBC


  1. There are some Republicans voting against this because they were involved with the insurrection. They’re protecting themselves.

    1. @Hermann Goring Grow up, Trump is the reason that he is in the position he’s in, if it wasn’t for his illegal behavior, he wouldn’t have to face anyone in the legal system, stop blaming others for his behavior.

    2. @P1 Smith The legal system is one big happy family dominated by Jewish persuasion. Stop and recognize the force that is supporting the Democratic party. Bloomberg, Waltons, Disney, Suckerberg, Holywood, Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein, Sanders, etc.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra yeah, I think it got lost in translation there eddy. Let’s here an old proverb from your motherland, I’m sure it’ll be relatable. “When the moon splits, the wolf will drink the milk from the dam and the crops will rejoice in tears of the kraken” translation…have a great day, or whatever. Numbnuts

    4. @Michael Cappuccio I am out of money and meth; are you wealthy? A night is coming and I am going to loot the white supremacists. Also, I and my BLM comrades like to burn property of the rich. Where do you live, by the way, maybe you are close? BLM!!!

  2. Every time someone compared the insurrection to a normal “Tourist” day at the Capital, a video of the event should be shown immediately after.

    1. You mean when you visit a place and take a tour you don’t break windows, punch a security guard, and take a dump on the floor? Give me a break.

    2. I visited DC on a beautiful sunny day with an American friend, making my long-awaited visit to the Lincoln Memorial & enjoying my view of the Whitehouse, we didn’t get to the Capitol. That WAS a normal tourist day & exactly how I hope it will be again when I eventually make a return visit with family.

  3. “Trumpism is a series of nationalistic strategies designed to exploit the gullibility of millions of poorly-educated and willfully ignorant people so that a few rich, wealthy elitist can attain power and then keep it indefinitely, becoming even richer. In short fascism..”

    1. @P1 SmithEveryone will not live, only the people of color. Like in the South Africa, when the white almost are done. Are you white? So, you are not weIcome.

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra Your English hasn’t improved since your “Pelosi’s working table” comment.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra Wow, your English is extraordinary but sadly you’re failing to make any sense at all now.

    1. She is a traitor.
      Where is the 2020-2021 commission? We dont need a Jan 6 commission. What we need is a commission to investigate who organized and financed the violent left wing riots of 2020-21. They burned gov buildings and business, killed 24 people and set up a socialist autonomous zone in Seattle.

    1. @grandma k. everyone is saying that and I get it. However if anyone at this point is still looking at Republicans and saying to themselves yeah these leaders are good for this country are obviously as evil and traitorist as these lawmakers.

    2. A half of the USA are Trump supporters and these senators are their heroes. Nobody will be voted out.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra Nonsense. Not even 1/3 of Americans are t**** supporters, and the ones who are are literally going against American values. We will not allow a neo-confederate authoritarian regime to thrive.

    4. @Aedammair Ornóra Congatulations you finally managed to write a comment in real English, except the “A half of the USA” bit. It’s not wrong but no English speaker uses the language like that but this was definitely your best effort yet. Keep trying.

    1. @Clark Allison I feel like you didn’t absorb even half of what I said. Americans were affected, same as Germans, Aussies, Canadians, all of South America, the entire continent of Asia, every country in Europe and Africa. You demanding that America take the lead instead of the international agency we (as part of the UN) put in place to be responsible for several nations is so narrow-sighted.

      It’d be like the dumb jock, who spent all day denying the existence of a gas leak that made everyone in the whole school sick, suddenly insisting that he’s in charge of finding the source and that everyone should answer to him because he too “was affected”. If you were in that school would you follow the jock?

    2. @Milton Bradley I do understand what you said. I I know you did not understand what I said. The WHO covered up for the Chinese. Why would you want to rely on the WHO? The other Countries can do their own investigation, or rely on the WHO. What did you think of Biden’s COVID plan?

    3. @Shanna Sweger Didn’t Biden call Trump a racist for investigating the Wuhan lab? Biden also canceled Trump’s investigation.

    1. Unfortunately it has always been a cesspool, only this version of it seems to be the most anti-American/poorly informed in history.

    2. If you had any education on the subject, you’d know that this is how it’s been for 200 years. The Founders understood it, that is why they restricted voting, created a Senate appointed by state legislatures, etc. Wake up.

  4. When logic and common sense do not apply. Reps are pleading the 5th. Period. Just prove their involvement in the insurrection.

    1. There are currently investigations by the FBI and DOJ. McConnell can’t stop those investigations, what is revealed, and possible indictments.

    2. @Golden Shine there is that but if there was a commission they would have broader powers to seek the truth.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra Oh no they stole Pelosi’s virginity on her working table that must have been so sadly for her? And why would Trump pee in her face?

    4. @Aedammair Ornóra I’m sure Doug does know where Honduras is but how does knowledge of geography have to do with whether he’s a racist or not. Although your being from Honduras does explain your extraordinary lack of understanding how the English language works.

  5. So, you still have two political ideologies in power, one who wants the truth and the other wants to hide the truth

    1. @Walking after Whiskey
      Is that why democrats and the media are fighting tooth and nail to stop audits that people have a right to do?

    2. @Technicolor YaYa
      Democrats change for the need. When they need to act like fascist they do so, then when they need to morph into socialism they do that. Democrats are chameleons, in 2008 they were saying we need a border wall and voted for it, but didn’t fund it. Then in 2017 border walls were evil.

  6. Well, their effort to play Jan.6th down to a normal tourist visit shows clearly enough that it’s not in their interest to dig into who was behind the insurrection.

    1. Are you concerned that the Democrats in the House are not bringing up legislation to investigate the 2020 election fraud?


    3. @Scott Harrison Yes so much fraud, that’s why the Republican Party didn’t Challenge for “Voter Fraud” when they were in front of the Dozens of Federal Courts…Including the Supreme Court, which is why they likely didn’t take their challenges seriously.

  7. May I suggest they also approach Joe Manchin as well?

    He is nothing but a road block working for Republicans. He and Sinema need to be removed.

  8. Republicans: Let’s move on from Jan 6th, people died and others were injured but there’s nothing to see here.

    Also Republicans: Let’s not move on from Nov 3, we have to find that bamboo and those pesky chickens.

    1. Youre the kind of person who cares more about the 2 people who died at the capital, than the hundreds of shootings going on in big cities. If democrats were so confident on the election, than why be so worried about an audit? Sounds like you been drinking some of MadCows koolaid, trippin about that bamboo huh

    2. @Salty Sea Duck why shouldn’t Republicans want to get to the bottom of what led up to January 6? Are they scared of what it will show? As for as I know the audits are taking place or are going to take place.

  9. I hope the weak Willed Republicans find the courage to Vote For our Democracy verses short term political power.

  10. “Slams” then proceeds to toe the party line. Notify me when they actually put country over party.

    1. Are you concerned that the Democrats in the House are not bringing up legislation to investigate the 2020 election fraud?

    2. Republicans will never put country over party. It is simply not in their DNA. And to make matters worse, there is the giant orange baby in Florida who has this crazy hold over most of them. Imagine how history will judge all of this.

  11. Republicans: we don’t want our colleagues to get Incriminate with 01/06 Commission, who were involved in Insurrection.

  12. They’re lucky, most criminals don’t get the chance to vote down investigations into their crimes.

  13. Murkowski is done and will get primaried. A RINO shouldn’t represent a deep red state like Alaska.

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