Sen. Murphy: Biden Had The Courage To Break With Military-Industrial Establishment 1

Sen. Murphy: Biden Had The Courage To Break With Military-Industrial Establishment

The Afghanistan evacuation shows President Biden is breaking with the ‘military-industrial establishment,’ Sen. Chris Murphy tells Joy Reid.
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    1. @rmpappy Why is this “exactly” what an atheist would say? Troll that joined YT 22 August 2021? How many sock puppet accounts do you have now troll??

    1. @Dan Ozmatlan I refuse to even TRY to be civil with these evil idiots after receiving multiple death threats five years ago when I had a Facebook account.

    2. @Steve Stifler no worries.. got your back. No balls troll threats hiding in the internet troll chat room . Lmmfao

    1. Whatever dude…keep dreaming thoughts of Trump prosecutions. Maybe click your heels together three times and start chanting…theres no place like jail for Trump!”. If they had something on Trump they would have brought it by now. C l I c k b a I t sells.

    2. @Raptango_NA I personally don’t think will go to jail (wealthy people are exempt from liability) but will loose a lot of his money
      If audits actually had evidence they already leaked some information

    3. @nobody loves losers it’s all political b.s. nothing will happen. At all. Except news cycles. Just like the last fifty times. Geesus people are dumb

    1. They haven’t forgotten, they just can no longer comprehend the reality and facts anymore, very much s mental health crisis

    2. @Ron Bacon Obama made a big mistake. But 5000 terrorist Trump let out of plus their leader is the biggest mistake in history.

    3. @Ron Bacon nobody is defending Obama. He passed the Buck, just like Trump and Bush. Try to keep up.

  1. We all know one thing, when you are president you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You can never please everybody.

    1. @Callie Smith people like Nancy ross will never listen ,they are so brainwashed they can’t Evan think for themselves anymore ,they believe everything msm tells them ,what they fail to understand that is only their opinion not fact,someday people like her might wake up and say ,what happened to my freedom ,by then it will be too late!

    2. @Callie Smith The FBI did say that. The rest of your diatribe is fiction. The Court had to overrule the dastardly Executive Orders by RonDeSantis, saying that they violated his authority. I don’t waste my money on tabloids. Abbott, the Governor of Texas put many people through a deep freeze ( except for Senate Ted Cruz who went to Cancun) because he hadn’t fixed the electrical grid in 10 years, even though it was recommended 10 years ago. Got to keep those kickbacks coming. There are no emergency rooms and ICU beds available because he didn’t believe in masks. People have been dying needlessly at an alarming rate throughout the red states in the south because they think wearing a mask infringes upon their freedom. They don’t realize they are infringing upon people by being too selfish to wear a mask. They won’t be able to exercise those freedoms if they are dead, nor will you if you are unvaccinated and maskless. Republicans have perverted the idea of freedom and now define it as fascism. If you truly want to lose your freedom, vote Republican. Fascism deprived es you of your freedom. You sound like an angry person. Don’t let your anger blind you to reality. If you are a cult member, you don’t know the truth. Good luck.

    3. @Nancy Ross tell me,what rights did Republicans take from you,were you censored by big tech for voicing your opinion? No that was conservatives,I’m waiting for your answer!

    1. Not Mr Bonespurs t Rump– he really, really wanted to enlist to go help the war effort in Vietnam back then, but his Daddy forcefully held him back from walking to the Army office

    1. @Winston Smith the person who showed dementia was Trump. Suddenly everything he bragged about he doesn’t even remember. But, anything on line is permanent no matter how many tweets and videos get deleted

    2. @Winston Smith Yeah right, troll that joined YT 9th August 2021, how’s the weather in St Petersburg today comrade? Yevgeny treating you well I take it?

  2. I second the comment below about the ones who want to get back in- feel free to get all your role playing gear together and join the Afghan resistance movement- they’re over there resisting right now!

  3. As of Wednesday, 83000 have been airlifted out. At least Biden didn’t stand there and through paper towels out to them.

    1. @P D Read the dozens of articles on it, full of quotes directly from military personnel that brought it to the orange traitor’s attention. Which he instantly turned around and lied about to protect his master Putin.

    2. 83000 is too many. You relocate the the ones that have visas, worked directly with our military and are in danger. You can’t relocate a whole country.

  4. Wait wut?! Did Trump’s Defense Dept hide from Biden the details of Trump’s surrender to the Taliban?

    1. Actually, yes. Remember when Trump refused to allow the Biden administration briefings prior to Trump’s leaving office? Trump did everything he could to sabotage President Biden.

    2. Is someone finally talking about this in the MSM? because I
      ve been screaming about it on every available platform, but haven’t heard a word about it from anyone. Not the NYT, WAPO, ,MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC. Have I missed something? If so, PLEASE tell me.

    3. @Elena Latici careful, the US government is censoring and shutting down accounts that spread facts while paying people to attack and spread lies. This is my 5th account in a few months because they keep shutting me down for attempting to educate sheep. Homeland security has also visited my home and threatened my freedom if I don’t cease and desist.These are very scary times and the corruption has reached an insane level

  5. “Sen. Murphy: Biden Had The Courage To Break With Military-Industrial Establishment” I hope that is true, and if it is, THAT’s the beginning of a fair and free world

    1. Linking a courageous decision to Joe Biden? It has never happened. I give up with you idiots rewriting history. Biden’s plan worked to perfection. I SLIGHT HICCUP, OTHERWISE PERFECT! Crawl back into the hole u came from!

    2. @MrSpencerport Not according to the other delusional deniers here. Murphy said Biden had the courage & fortitude make the right choice. Sen. Murphy, please report back to your psychiatric ward, they are desperately looking for you. The operation to detach your brain was a success.

    3. @astev52 Do you understand the magnitude of Biden’s actions? His non-plan disaster will have severely damaging effects for decades. Do you realize THERE WAS a way to do this properly?

  6. This WAR was never going to end well.
    President Biden is trying his best I think.
    He’s between a rock & a hard place.

    1. @Geo De Leon by attacking our troops and killing our soldiers issis claimed responsibility so there for they are trying to keep us there the Taliban wants us out so they don’t have to worry about us saving afghan lives while issis is trying to keep us there to fight against both sides does that make sense to you

    2. @raymond sutton They know we will not stay. They know Biden is not in a position to change his plan of withdrawal after weeks of him telling everyone, including our allies as well as the Taliban and all the civil instability here in the US that we are leaving and that he does not think a single thing went wrong in his decision to carry this out the way he did. Before Biden withdrew our troops, we had 2500 on the ground, we now have over 5000-6000. Not only that, we gave up every single military stronghold we had in Afghanistan so there would most definitely be a large conflict all over again in Afghanistan which again will probably will end up being Biden’s ticket out of the White House. (Not my position., I just think that’s how it will go down). ISIS is not trying to keep us in country (Assuming you accept the narrative that ISIS and the Taliban are not in cahoots) They are making sure we leave in disgrace by taking American lives as we evacuate. Think about it. Democrats have gone out of their way to defend the evacuation, Republicans have been relentless about it as well. Imagine if he did a 180 and decided to stay after everything.

    3. @Geo De Leon so basically they hit us on our way out because they know we will do nothing about it well we did bomb a building that they claim had terrorists in it but what did that really accomplish we still are going to let them hit us cause Biden has a plan and his plan was faulty from the beginning and from what I’ve heard we will get hit again and we will just let them do it cause Biden has a plan

    4. @raymond sutton we will Trump credit for letting 5000 terrorist and their leader out of prison. Thanks Trump. But Bush,Obama,Trump and Biden all made mistakes.

  7. “Except they can’t seem to decide between the usual warmongering and calling for the president’s resignation”. Literally they never solve, they’re useless at all but obstruction. Leading involves competent guidance not tantruming like a 2 year old without even understanding why, but no, WE DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD SAVE THE CHILDREN YET!

  8. There would be no Americans to evacuate if we didn’t make the mistake of going there in the first place.

    1. America should never have put troops on the ground in Afghanistan. It was all about money for those who supply the military. Any student of history would have known that democracy would never work there. Its a tribal society with a religious bent. America had and has the technology to sent Afghanistan back to the stone age . It was a stupid decesion a waste of American lives and money

  9. These members of the GQP make your head spin! They want to pull out, but send in more troops! Make up your minds.

  10. A 20 year war? Your TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!!! What a waste!!!!!!The only winners of a 20 year war are the Defense Contractors! They are laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  11. Those who want to send the US soldiers to Afghanistan, send your parents, spouses, and children to Afghanistan, not other people’s family members! Chicken hawks.

  12. There never is or will be a “winner” in War. Everyone looses. I am not willing to give up young lives for the War Industry. Joe Biden did what was long needed to be done. I am sure He has had his sleepless nights about it, and will continue to do what is right no matter what may come. God Bless. Germany

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