Sen. Murphy Calls For Ceasefire In Middle East 1

Sen. Murphy Calls For Ceasefire In Middle East


Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., has joined a list of Senators calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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    1. The Abraham Accords normalized relations between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain. These treaties are evidence of the Trump Administration’s commitment to peace in the region. I’m guessing here, but I’d have to say Palestine was never considered because they are largely under the control of Hamas, an international terrorist organization.

    2. @Peter Bills Palestinians were not considered because America has always backed Israel no matter what wrongs they commit against the Palestinians. Trump blocked all funding to the Palestinians thereby making the situation even worse. Trump was definitely not an instrument of peace. Unfortunately the Biden administration isn’t doing any better on the issue. I like most of what Biden has been doing since he became President but his unwillingness to speak out against Israel is a major failure in my opinion.

  1. The Senator was better than this joke Joe asking ridiculous questions. Oh why can’t the victim stop itself being victimised? Madness!

  2. How does the narrative always start with hamas, let’s start from the start not half way through

    1. He wants a cease fire but also Hamas unprovoked rocket launching at Isreal,once again Isreal is the victim,so none of the Isreali oppression and Palistinians lives that’s a living nitemare is a thing to one of these people which make me want to gag,not one of them are unbiased…

  3. Shiiiiddd All this shooting and murders happening in the US, its not far fetched to say these images could be coming from us pretty soon

  4. The US not signing on to the UN cease-fire resolution tells a story as does the US not being a signatory of the International Criminal Courts.

  5. I just heard New Hampshire starting a voting audit looking for that fraud that we all know is there

    1. Yes…frauds are starting an audit to try and scam voters that there was voter fraud…which their wasn’t…
      It is Fraudit 2.0

    2. @Move on Over that was pretty funny wasn’t it. Joke’s over (meaning Donnie ain’t President any more(.

  6. A nation who has no remorse evicting people from their homes, killing women and children but always cries victim.

  7. Forgive me America, but just drop this hot potato in the Middle East. My departed Dad said to me to lock all these countries into a room together, shut the door, and let THEM settle. Don’t let them OUT until there is agreement between THEM and THEM ALONE! I still believe him to this day. TY Dad. I miss you.

  8. It is holocaust happening in Gaza caused by Israel. Kid and women are not terrorists. Please show some humanity and get this war stopped. I m happy that there are some good people left who can understand the pain of humanity

  9. Israel and Palestine would do well to remember that the natural end to an eye for an eye is a world full of blind people.

  10. Joe, you’re a despicable human being, the instigator is clear as a day in this one sided, brutal killing, but you must be on the wrong side all the time! You must have no freken conscience, and it’s hard to imagine how you sleep at night!

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