Sen. Murphy Confident Biden Will Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan By 9/11 | All In | MSNBC 1

Sen. Murphy Confident Biden Will Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan By 9/11 | All In | MSNBC


“It’s happening because this president is committed to the policy in a personal way, but also because he faces an array of threats that require a reorientation,” says Sen. Chris Murphy on Biden announcing an end date for America’s longest war. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Sen. Murphy Confident Biden Will Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan By 9/11 | All In | MSNBC


  1. “The most present threats to the United States” are not abroad but within the GOP. We need to handle and treat domestic terrorism with whatever vaccine is necessary to finally progress in this country without fear.

  2. I can’t wait till tomorrow guys. I won’t get any sleep tonight. Do it tonight or it goes to BBC! I have to protect my family!

  3. Shouldn’t he consult the generals and defense contractors??! I’m sure in another 20-30 years, victory will be ours !!! USA!… USA!…. USA !…

    1. Here’s something to put in perspective, Alexander the Great took 17 years to conquer Egypt, the Levant, Persia, Central Asia, The Black Sea, then During his conquest of northern India he had to marry himself an Generals off to Afghanistan women so he could gain safe passage through their lands.

  4. Massive strategic failure by the Americans, Iraq an Afghanistan were suppose to be buffer state’s for the Americans to combat Iran. But those Persians proved far to resourceful for the Yankees.

    1. @Afi James Trump made a big splash in October by claiming to bring home the 1,000 special operations personnel embedded with the Kurds in northern Syria. In fact, in the end he sent 500 of them to guard the Syrian oil fields in Deir al-Zor and repositioned the rest in Iraq.
      So he didn’t actually bring any troops home, but has sent in 14,000 in the past half-year. There are some 60,000 US troops in the Greater Middle East, but their exact distribution is now hidden by the Pentagon.

  5. And mission accomplished… high fives all around right. Taliban is still there…… so not sure what victory you’re talking about.

  6. God is already coming to judge the living and the dead, there is no time left!The Antichrist is already coming, and the great tribulation for those who did not accept Jesus, the Son of God, whom He sent to save mankind through His sacrifice. People had enough time to accept this sacrifice and His teaching, to repent of their sins, and thus be cleansed through the holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ. There is not a single person without sin! God is long-suffering and has postponed Judgment. Many will be converted through the great tribulation, which is already underway,there are months, maybe days left, and many will not be saved, but before that, Jesus will take his Bride (the true Church-the chosen and faithful through the Rapture). Everything is described in the Revelation of John the Theologian “The Apocalypse

  7. Its Long over due.
    My question is this: what country are we going to war against now? Because the Warhawks in DC are gonna look for another war.

  8. Finally removing troops after killing thousands of innocent lives…
    well done, the TRUE HERO of Democracy and Human Rights

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