Sen. Murphy: Proposed Relief Bill 'Could Get Us Through What Could Be A Very Hard And Deadly Winter' 1

Sen. Murphy: Proposed Relief Bill ‘Could Get Us Through What Could Be A Very Hard And Deadly Winter’


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the proposal of a $908 billion COVID relief bill by a bipartisan group of senators as 14 million Americans could lose unemployment aid by the end of December. Sen. Murphy says, "This amount of money could get us through what could be a very hard and deadly winter. This isn't big enough to be able to get us to the point where the entire country is vaccinated. But it might be enough to make sure that millions of Americans don’t go hungry, don’t starve, don’t die out on the streets this winter when their jobless benefits expire and when protections for evictions expire.” Aired on 12/01/2020.
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Sen. Murphy: Proposed Relief Bill 'Could Get Us Through What Could Be A Very Hard And Deadly Winter'


  1. Good luck, Moscow Mitch is only interested in maintaining power, rigging America’s judicial system, and making deals with Russians that benefit his wife!

    1. Back to this account willamena? Ready to explain why those lawyers are telling the public the opposite of what they tell the judges? _”YOUR HONOR THIS IS NOT A FRAUD CASE, WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD, BUT WE THINK IT’S COMING”_ _”MEMBERS OF THE PRESS WE HAVE WIDESPREAD EVIDENCE OF FRAUD”_ and you believe them, BAHAHAHAHA

    2. The Republican is the one that rigged the voting system because the people are saying how mitch McConnell got back into the white house the votes needs to be checked

    3. @Betyy Giles I have a growing suspicion that you’re closers to the truth than most people suspect, _the reason repugnicants are so sure of voter fraud is because they committed it!_

  2. well republican voters love their republican party thats y they vote for them crooks so they dont need any help I guess

  3. Criminal and Trump enabler Billy Barr said in an interview that the doj has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, uh-oh _no pardon for him!!_

    1. Never trust billy barr he only did that interview as a cover for something the trump criminals are doing behind the scenes. Barr is way too much of a coward to cross his king! Biden won regardless of what the liar and chief or any of his spineless puppets says!

    1. .. and Canada. Modern countries around the world do all that or help with all of that. The US has been left behind the rest of the advanced industrial nations some time ago.

    2. @Peter Lorimer , lots of Americans never understand what socialism is about. They hate socialism which they never realize what the good things they got from tax payers’ ( the American working people) money are around them like public schools, public libraries, social security, Medicare, and many more.

    3. @Priscilla Robb What most of the rest of the industrial world has is not particularly Socialist. The US is generally so far to the right that everyone looks like a Socialist beside them. The UK is pretty conservative by European standards but they are more Socialist than Canada and radically more Socialist than the US. What the rest of the world has is a Socialist/Capitalist hybrid system. That is what modern nations do to keep their populations healthy and educated. You are being lied to and ripped off.

    4. @Peter Lorimer really? No country in this planet earth will survive without the tax payers money. Government needs tax payers to pay all their bills from military down to the public health centers. Here in USA that includes SS and Medicare , thanks to our FDR who was a big socialist and signed those into law. The bad socialism we have here are the sport stadiums. Why it is bad cuz we make the sport owners and players rich. They are making millions/ billions from tax payers stadiums. Do we get in in our stadium free to watch the game? NOPE. Yes, USA has socialist/ capitalist system or shall we say democratic socialist/capitalist. Without our SS my husband and I will work till we die. We are now in our late 70s and enjoying our retirement. I am doing volunteering in making small quilts for the vets and baby grace and sometimes work in the homeless clinic, sewing face masks for free to those who need them.

  4. Republicans don’t want to do anything except for themselves greedy greedy greedy they don’t care about Americans

    1. @Bryn Carlson and now there’s some white supremacist pastor who wants to provide all Republicans with the power to grab every single Democrat out of their home and execute them in a firing squad. I’ve heard of loose interpretation of laws but I think we know who should be arrested for inciting hate and violence

    2. There again not all of them
      We all need to go one by one
      It’s not to put everyone on one basket
      One bad apple take them out

    3. @Paitoon Khemapanon there is more than one bad apple in rep party . To name a few … Miss Lindsey … MiTch … Grassly … Gym Jordan … DJ Trump …

    1. @William H Music 2020 nothing wrong with homosexuals and you have no right to decide what a woman does with HER body. Reported for that disgusting remark.

    2. @William H Music 2020 the god I serve loves everybody, god created those same homosexuals that u r judging. God will one day judge u on those same things u r tryna judge others on. U ain’t god & have no place judging any1!! I bet u ain’t as perfect as u pretend 2 b an god will also judge u on that. Let those w/out sin cast the 1st stone. I’m a sinner myself an cannot & will not judge others, I am not god & it’s not my place. I will however love every person no matter their faults.

    3. It’s funny how the republicans try to claim Christianity like they’re Jesus’s bff when they refuse to pass a respectable bill to feed millions! Just laughable!

  5. Stop reinventing the wheel. The Heroes Act would work just fine.
    The Republicans just don’t want to stay in power, I guess.

    1. @T. R. Campbell No, I didn’t say it was cold where I lived. I was speaking to an attitude towards the situation of Americans who are in need of aid from our government.

    2. @Kathy Green I know she had a package that she submitted to the Senate and there were problems with it. A lot of the money was going to the Democrat corporation. By the way that was not my comment, it was one made by one of Bernie’s operatives when she was talking about the appointee for office of management and budget Director. A lot of pork was going to our mismanaged cities that cannot even control their crime problem. Was a lot of pork in her plan which was what the Republicans wanted to try to eliminate. Right now we need to get stimulus money to Americans who are out of work, those who are in the restaurant, bar, food service, entertainment, Transportation and other industries that have been devastated by the COVID-19 virus. We can take care of our mismanaged cities later.

    3. @T. R. Campbell No worries! It’s been a pleasure texting with you and understanding your thoughts and concerns.
      Have a wonderful evening!

    1. They certainly do not meet the definition of Christian according the The Christian Bible. They have no respect for that either!

  6. That’s smart just give some of the best weapons in the American arsenal to other terrorist. Good job trump keep up the good work.

    1. Shame on Mitch McConnell, he is so cold hearted, where is his empathy, this so serious and heartbreaking, only wish the tables were turned. He has that stupid smirk on his face. Greedy, greedy, greedy all of them.

  7. Why is it when Republicans propose a bill the amount of relief get’s lower and lower and the bill does not include a stimulus.

  8. Obviously the senator isn’t living on food banks. We need money in our pockets!!! Where are taxpayers in yr bill??????

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