Sen. Murphy: U.S. Embargo In Cuba Empowers The Regime There | MSNBC 1

Sen. Murphy: U.S. Embargo In Cuba Empowers The Regime There | MSNBC


Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., weighs in on recent events in both Cuba and Haiti, saying a standing U.S. embargo in the region has not worked.

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Sen. Murphy: U.S. Embargo In Cuba Empowers The Regime There | MSNBC


  1. The embargo helps only the Florida Cuban old timers’ egos who can’t see another way to bring democracy to Cuba. Why is Cuba treated differently from communist Vietnam, Russia & China?

    1. I think you already answered your question…”Florida Cuban old timers’ egos”;
      The next question should be…
      Why we allow them to have so much power over our foreign policy?

  2. Embargoes and sanctions are acts of war. The US has no legitimate position on this until our immoral acts are ceased v

  3. Why does it seem like so many people have not figured out that embargos have nothing to do with what kind of government a country has, it has to do with compliance to demands made by the United States. Over the years, the U.S. has brought to power and gladly supported many dictators around the world. But, if the leadership of any given country falls out of favor with United States, that country gets embargos placed on them, or worse. Prime example: Saddam Hussein.

    1. The US is presently occupying several countries across the world. And in the process, they have killed millions of men, women and children. When is anyone in the west will call the US to account for its brutality?

    1. @Ralph Sims They do not. The people there DO NOT WANT THAT. We also already tried it, multiple times. It never quite worked out the way we thought it would. In fact, our puppet leader is why Cuba ended up with Fidel in the first place, so maybe, don’t? Just stop trying to tell other countries how to live. Their people can handle this without us.

    2. @PS Wright like I said already as well………tell that to the protestors that were arrested and are now missing. Your mental gymnastics are strong

  4. So WHY then through successive administration’s does the embargo stay in force? Look no further than the DOS and several vote bribed career politicians.

    1. I suspect Scott up there doesn’t realize over half the world is socialist, including the Republic of Ireland

    2. @Michael Johnson Cuba trades with the whole world… you have no clue what you’re talking about at all! You’re a bunch of idiots lmao

    3. Communism is simply the enslavement of an entire population to its government. Show me a real world example to disprove that

    4. @Nunya Business They have Trump era restrictions that cripple them, the protestors are a mix of revolutionary and anti-government protestors, but only a few reactionary types (like Florida cubans) actually vocally assign this as an ideological battle versus communism , the rest don’t

    5. @Nunya Business You don’t know what communism is and assign it to Stalinism, there hasn’t been a true communist state in the world yet, since it is a classless state that comes after capitalism. That doesn’t mean communism isn’t the direction we should be heading, China is a functioning pragmatic/socialist state, most developed capitalist countries are literally changing out parts of their economic system for socialist policies with great effect. The alternative is staying with capitalism as it is, which is already going off the rails. The disparity in the US is only mitigated ironically by socialistic policies, it is on it’s way to becoming a neo feudal state with literal trillionaires.

  5. The embargo keeps the Cuban government away from buying guns and tanks to repress stop don’t remove the embargo or a massacre will start and the US would have the blame for removing the embargo and not hearing the demands even inside Cuba they are asking for military intervention usually the ones inside are against a intervention but now they agree that there needs to be something in Cuba right now to stop the government

    1. The USA doesn’t have the standing to tell another country not to buy guns. Especially when our ex-president courted the majority of the totalitarian country’s. Note that he condemned Cuba because most of the Cubans here voted for him.

    2. Who’s saying we should sell weapons to the government ??? Who ???
      Doesn’t a government have a right to weapons, anyway ?

  6. Why should we put our men and women, our sons and daughters in danger to fight another man’s war. Let the Cubans shed the blood. Fight for your country fight for your family fight for your blood. Why should we do the fighting for you. America first. For all the Cubans protesting, you say you love your country you say you will fight for your country but you are here whining and complaining instead of taking action. Take a boat and be on your way and fight for your freedom.

    1. There were many Cuba exiles that shed their blood for America, Gloria Estefan’s father a Cuban exile became a US Army officer and commanded an infantry battalion in Vietnam. He died from cancer related to Agent Orange exposure. Jacinto Acebal was a highly decorated enlisted man also a Cuban exile.

    2. We don’t want the army to intervine why are u talking nonsense get your facts straight we just want them to let us go to cuba with weapons

    3. @Aramis Gonzalez -Would you & your Cuban buddies be dual citizens or invading foreigners. Seriously.

    1. We all want freedom…for ourselves…not the scary guy down the street.
      But that’s not the way it works…
      Freedom comes first to the wealthy to evict you.

    2. Not really. They are asking for more freedom, and more food, and all the same stuff our people are in the streets asking for. Oh, and !!!!!!!

  7. The US embargo does not empower the communists. Europe and the rest of the world does not have an embargo. The economic woes in Cuba are Cuban communist party policies and graft.

    1. Being ignorant is shameful in an age when information is at your finger tips. If the embargo has not contributed to the difficulties the people of Cuba face, then simply lift the embargo and the Cuban government would have no excuse. The US is the most corrupt government in the world, but the ignorance of its population is staggering.

    2. MarcusDarkstar Why should anyone support communists? Thats the point of embargos. We dont need to trade with losers. We are not beholden to them.

    3. @JESUSISGODALLMIGHTY You do… and so does the rest of the modern world.

    4. Allan Lewis You can come to the US and start a business from nothing and have it on the shelves in every store nationwide and world wide. Can you do that in Cuba? We are a free nation. Who cares about our Government. They are on a leash. Not the other way around. .

    5. @JESUSISGODALLMIGHTY Um, no, you can’t in Cuba because… THEY ARE UNDER EMBARGO BY US. Do you even know what “embargo” means?

    1. So what? Funny how you call it a “regime” when it’s someone you don’t like, and a government when it’s someone you do. Look, they are the legit government of that country. Like it or not, it’s their government. If their people want it out, they’ll put it out, like they put out the one we backed back in the day. Would it be hard? Yes. But they could. Thing is, most of the Cuban people don’t want it completely overthrown. They just want changes, just like WE want changes here. The people who broke into congress thought the rest of us would support them, right? But they were wrong! Because, like Cuba, most of us like our country and our government, we just want it held to higher standards and to be more reactive to us. Would ending the embargo empower the government? Maybe. It might also give courage to people to push for more change. Thing is you can’t possibly know, and it’s not really our right to insist they have the government WE want them to have, or we’ll prevent them from doing business anywhere in the world. Really, what we’re doing is illegal. It’s just, we’re the hyper power, and no one can stop us.

    2. @PS Wright I’m sorry but Cuba hasn’t had a fair and free election in 60 years……..the utopia you live in does not exist.

    3. @PS Wright oh and tell “if their people want it out, they’ll put it out” to the protestors that were arrested and are now missing.

    4. @PS Wright the rich and ruling class Cubans of course don’t want their gravy train to end but go and ask the same question to the vast majority that lives in poverty

  8. In Cuba, renting a car, sleeping in a hotel, diving or buying in a store has one thing in common: the companies that provide these services belong to the Grupo Empresarial Empresarial S.A. (GAESA) led by the Revolutionary Armed Forces. cuban people (small businesses) have always been allowed to trade with the U.S. Problem is the cuban gov. takes any profits.

    1. It’s called taxes…
      For free medical care, to prevent homelessness, feed the hungry, etc.
      Even Miami zealots have to pay taxes…to bomb other countries.

  9. Tio bernie….whats your comment on cubans

    Tio bernie : Cuban…you mean my friend Mark Cuban……I dont know any other cubans in the world

  10. America is not in a position to speak on democracy given that at this moment, like so many in its history, half of the country is attempting to prevent some of its citizens from engaging in the electoral process.

    1. Any measure to make voting safer and more secure is NOT preventing people from voting. You think not having an ID at all and just mailing out ballots without any verification sounds like it can’t be abused?? We’re attempting to prevent people from voting by making them provide a free ID like they do in literally EVERY SINGLE EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY???

      You can’t drive, get on a plane, buy cigarettes or beer without an ID. ALMOST EVERY LIVING AMERICAN has an ID

      You are all so racist. That lie about minorities not having IDs is absurd and demeaning and RACIST

      You guys are so manipulated and uninformed… The voting laws in Biden’s home state are more strict than the laws these states are passing. I live in a country full of Idiots that don’t know what’s going on

  11. If we spent as much time on healthcare, infrastructure, and education as we do cowering in fear of immigrants we’d be so much better off.

  12. Cubans are protesting over food, medicine and hygiene products. The Obama administration had eased embargo sanctions on travel and sending money to family members in Cuba. Marco Rubio and Trump not only rolled those Obama changes back, but added more embargo restrictions on travel, parcel gifts ( usually medicine and hygiene products ) and money transfers to Cuba in October 2020. This is not about freedom, but about the republican party using the Cuban- American people for their own political gain.

    1. It is illegal to own dollars in Cuba, when you send money to a family member the government changes it into pesos and keeps the dollars, so you are actually helping the comunist dictartorship that uses the population as hostages

  13. I admire the Senators optimism, but how will they make sure they keep their word. I mean they could agree to free and fair elections but we can’t even have them here.
    How will we insure a democratic elections are held in some third world Country and should we try when we can’t do it here.

    1. Maybe we won’t, and can’t. It’s not our country. I don’t understand why people think we have a right to “enforce” anything in their country. This has always bothered me. They aren’t threatening us.

  14. There is no embargo, Cuba has free trade with Russian, China and Europe, most turists that used to go to Cuba were european until COVID destroyed the turist industry, the real problem is that Cuba is ruled by a communist dictartorship that destroyed the economy and that has never worked and the only way to help the cuban people is by helping them achive freedom

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