Sen. Padilla: ‘We Need To Act Boldly. We Need To Act Urgently’ On Relief | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. I like how conservatives are screaming about being censored while doing so on the top cable news station. 🙄😅

    1. @E B NOT!!!!! Democrats do believe in budgets. The big difference between Democrats and Republicans is the Dems worry about the American people and the Reps worry about huge corporations. If this were another tax break for the rich. The Republicans would be saying why only $1.9 Billion, why not 3?

    2. @E B just take away that ridiculous 3 trillion dollar millionaire tax cuts and use that money for the stimulus package. Unless you think millionaires and billionaires need more tax breaks.

    3. It’s coming out of their donor’s pockets. How do you think we’ll ultimately pay for all of this COVID relief..? By raising taxes on the wealthy… that’s how. The Dems want money from the same donors… so by convincing Republicans to go along with it, they’ll avoid a future scenario where the fat cats only donate to the GOP. It’s just another corrupt mess.

    4. @Big Mike yes they do need more tax breaks on income, as does everyone else . Which you can get around income taxes by increasing your net worth. There’s a difference. Trying to tax the rich is futile and counter productive to intervention. The government rarely does anything better than the people themselves. Aka “private businesses”. The competitiveness is an issue fed by government policy most likely for personal gain. Don’t blame your business man blame your government.

    1. don’t worry, you’ll wait another 8 months for any kind of stimulus. just ask Botox Nancy who delayed it because of her TDS.

    1. They don’t care. Yet Biden is opening border. And haven’t even done his job yet. Trump signed it. Not Biden. Yet look how long it too for 600.00 yet 45% not sure of how many… Haven’t even received either.. This is a total joke.. They should put on a clown suite.. That’s the show their acting fast on.

    2. @Dee mac the Democrats are saying yes and the republicans are saying no for the COVID relief.
      And you have the nerve to criticize President Joe Biden

  1. Yeah how much crap is going to be in it, how much of our money are you gonna give to stupid crap, I’m willing to bet a lot

    1. Hmmm, you are correct. We’ve witnessed the blatantly bold and urgent actions of at least one of those turtles; a former Senate leader, perhaps?

  2. Joe Biden needs to stand his ground against these miserable republicans. If a Wall St bank needed a bailout they would throw money at them.

  3. Thank you Senator Padilla but why aren’t they doing it??? why isn’t it done sir??
    PLEASE we can’t wait.!!!!

    1. They’re dragging their feet – they passed the vehicle to push it through, now they need to get the bill in there. They DO NOT need bipartisanship to push this through.

    2. Yes the urgency is there however these laws take time to write. Thousands and Thousands of pages need to be written before it comes to the floor. They are working as quick as they can I assure you.

  4. I hope you have an amazing 2021,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon,

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  5. Andrea Mitchell is SO awkward in these interviews. Stumbling and stuttering and getting her words stepped on and stepping on others’ words. Great reporter, not a great anchor.

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