Sen. Peters: Further Investigations Into January 6 Are 'Essential' 1

Sen. Peters: Further Investigations Into January 6 Are ‘Essential’


Homeland Security Committee Chair, Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., discusses the Senate report on the January 6 attack, Congress' inability to form a bipartisan commission and preparing Capitol police in the event of another attack.

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Sen. Peters: Further Investigations Into January 6 Are 'Essential'


    1. @Guy North unfortunately not by choice but a investigation even unilaterally will happen before there terms or even life of these 140+ traitors time will certainly tell

    2. @T_ Buddski; Yea, I agree and actually have full confidence in AG Garland, that it will all come together. Actually, I was pondering earlier wouldn’t it be awesome if they were working on major criminal investigation that involved drumpf, Barr, Epstein, Stone, Gaetz and all those seditious criminal cronies.

    1. @Guy North did you proofread that? I think it should read we need to have some responsible adults looking into this.

    2. My Opinion is that many Republicans were involved in the attack on the Capitol and that some of our Republicans lead a tour of the Capitol the day before the attack. That’s why they voted down the investigation. I believe that we are just beginning to know the intent of the Republican party. They want to take down our Democracy!

    3. @lindy loo 22 Another key point is when GQP leaders and trump’s family members met at the trump DC hotel the night before the attempted coup. When MTG came out she said (paraphrasing), “don’t worry, we have a plan for 1-6 and everything will be ok.”

    4. Yep it’s time we hold them accountable. Especially all the democrats who supported the blm and antifa terrorist

    1. @kingintyellow lol democrats let left wing terrorist riot and attack the court house and ice facilities in Portland many times. Also democrats in seattle and Minneapolis let left wing terrorist take over public land

  1. About 140 republican congressmen implicitly supported the insurrection by voting against the electoral college results and impeachment for inciting the Jan 6th insurrection despite agreeing at the time that it was unforgivable. Of course the traitors wouldn’t vote in favor of an investigation into themselves.

    1. Democrat traitors implicitly supported over 12 months of insurrection, terrorism and treason in cities all across the country. Billions of dollars in damage, dozens of lives lost, businesses destroyed forever, etc.

    2. @A T crying again. You don’t even watch the videos. You run straight to the comment section. tHe dEmoCrATs.

    3. @Carrie See I won’t allow the lion’s share of the focus to be on Jan 6. We won’t sweep the last year and half under the rug. We’ll do no such thing.

  2. How about members of congress giving tours right before the insurrection? If that happened it needs to be looked into.

    1. @A T No princess, you’re wholly incorrect. It was an insurrection by every possible definition. You’ve failed at words, you’ve failed at life.

  3. There was more than enough intelligence information. The failure was that Trump zombie slaves in positions of leadership in law enforcement and homeland security disregarded that intelligence and traitorously refused to act upon it. Those responsible (irresponsible) need to be fired, if not prosecuted.

    1. The Flynn brothers, particularly Charles, delayed deployment of nearby Nat’l Guard for over 3 hours. They were probably talking with Trump during the riot. Charles Flynn got promoted to full general, a few weeks before Jan 6th.

  4. Republican Senators participation will only go as far as their leader and the leader of the Republican Party Trump allows them to.

    1. They should try them for treason and bring back the death penalty for treason. No need to waste tax dollars on traitors.

  5. Of course the Republicans are going to oppose any commission to investigate the capital hill insurrection !
    Because it reflects and embarraces their party and leader ( trump ) !
    Had it been the opposite with the same happening under a democrat president,
    the Republicans would be clamoring in support of a committee investigation and accountability for the attempted insurrection !

  6. And, and you need to make sure that every one of the individuals that went into the capital that day are either jailed or executed! Or, let them get away with trying to overthrow the elected government of the people.

  7. All this criminals that violated the capital hill should go to jail, as well as the former dictator Trump

  8. It would have been a lot easier for republicans to deny involvement if their nimrods hadn’t smiled for the cameras.

  9. The Church of Baby Cheesus blames BLM and Antifa but blocks the commission that would prove them right.

    1. Exactly!! The Republicans were behind the insurrection if not directly helping the terrorists, like MTG and Boebert, they were there in spirit. The pushed and fomented the Big Lie and many still refuse to admit the defeat of their Dear Leader.
      They know that an investigation will expose their treason.

  10. Who planted the bombs at DNC and RNC HQ’s? Why were “panic buttons” disconnected? Who built the gallows?

    1. And why was the gallow allowed to be built? Was the truck bringing in all the parts to build the gallow not noticed? And why wasn’t it stopped? Boggles the mind. Until you see that the people on the inside were supporting the people on the outside

  11. no matter your political stripe, we all heard the threats on social media…..we keep hearing them today.

  12. Can’t be “bipartisan” with insurrectionists and their supporters, both inside and outside of government. Those days are long gone, the right only cares about covering up their blatant “mistake” while preparing to swoop in and steal future elections

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