1. South London Metal Detector We will be PATIENTLY waiting! Gee, help out your losers if you can. 🤔🤥

    2. Rod – what kind of minimum wage is CNN paying for such an idiotic response? I mean – I’m willing to sell my soul to dumb down my intellect. Where do I sign up? (snicker)

  1. Rick Scott is rich, really rich…he has been with Lev parnas in his meeting with trump…talk about corrupt!

    1. James Wood No one gave the Russians 20% of our uranium. Another debunked conspiracy theory. Moving along…..

    2. James Wood Hasn’t every Administration given huge amounts of cash to various Arab and Palestinian groups?

    3. B.J Cameron Not nearly as much debt as Trump has put us into with his tax cuts for the rich and corporations, and his stupid budget proposals. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.

    4. 27 Pinstripes Boy are you pathetic. You consider yourself a Democrat, but you’d like to deny the existence of a rather large and active portion of our party: the Progressive left. Why? Are you afraid Sen. Warren will re-regulate Wall Street? Are you worried that some progressive might actually take action on enforcing our anti-trust laws? Progressive Democrats intend to act to help strengthen our working class, which in turn strengthens the base of our economy. The guys playing games with money, the stock market jockeys, do not strengthen hen our economy. In fact, many of their machinations weaken the confidence level of certain groups of investors (and rightly so). Why are you so pessimistic, when the platform of Social Democracy plays to our strengths?

    5. @Andrew_Owens there is only 100 percent of a total 20 percent is 1/5th of 100 percent. To get 2000 percent it would be I had a dollar and you had 2,000 dollars now if the total is a dollar and I gave you 20 cents .I would now have 80 cents

  2. That awkward moment when you’ve created a potential personal conflict of interest in order to complain about someone *else’s* conflict of interest…..

  3. Isn’t this the “pot calling the kettle…” one of the biggest healthcare crooks on the planet, how fast people forget! 💥

    1. If you or me had done what Scott did we would be in jail for life, the trumptard,s love a crook. You can,t fix stupid

    2. @Realistic Views I might understand but you don’t speak English. Or write it. And a pile-up of question marks… three or four is all the question mark is good for. And even that, only on rare occasions. Same thing with capital letters. My, how upset you must be going by the text of your comment. Good for you, stay that way Ponyboy. Don’t ever change.

    1. We haven’t had a fair election since 2000. Florida corruption makes D.C. corruption look quaint. I think we are number 1 for that it’s a banana republic in all it’s glory.

  4. The only corruption is the Criminal in Chief and his cronnies. Most of the American people know this, the rest of them God help us all.

    1. Kathleen Elsibay If after 3yrs of of failed attempts to undo an election, they still can’t convict him of anything – you might want to consider that someone has been selling you BS. Just a thought!

  5. Rick Scott, the king of corruption, anyone remember ”
    Rick Scott ‘oversaw the largest Medicare fraud’ in U.S. history …

  6. “Enemies of the heir beware!” So Turnip is a natural Slytherin. I agree. And Schiff would be a Gryffindor.

  7. Isn’t this the “pot calling the kettle…” one of the biggest healthcare crooks on the planet, how fast people forget! 💥

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