Sen. Rubio Wants To Know If MLB Head Will Give Up Augusta Membership | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Rubio Wants To Know If MLB Head Will Give Up Augusta Membership | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Make it easier not harder to vote for legitimate voters. Look the Trump party have to try ever trick in the book to reduce voting, it’s not as if they can rely on policies!

    1. @Furry Bear drop boxes are easily manipulated, and if you actually think China Joe actually got 80 million “legal” votes then your not very bright.
      And personally i thing Trump needed to go.. no because he was a bad POTUS, because the establishment was so blinded by their hate for 1 man that he could no longer be effective.
      However he will be reelected in 24 just based off how the liberals are destroying everything they touch..

    2. @Corn Pop No they are not…you are a liar! It would take some serious equipment to get into those boxes! Unless your referring to boxes in Trump reality no the real world. America has more hate for Trump than love, that’s why hes a lame duck! What’s your evidence because Trump said it..your pathetic. No more coke for you alo g with the 30 others things Trump wants you to boycott..obey your lame duck master and get back down your rabbit hole you fool, gullible fool!

    3. @Corn Pop but the timing was racist!!!After trump and the GOP didn’t get the outcome they wanted,they changed the rules!!!!GTFOH!!!😠😠😠

    4. @James Anastasia …..who changed the rules just before elections and blamed it on the plandemic…ooh, the demonrats

  2. I just love how Marco Rubio can call out this executives hypocrisy, but for 4 years straight refused to call out Donald Trump’s hypocrisy! Marco Rubio is the hypocrite in this scenario!

    1. @LoboKhan1 Well before Wuhan Don.. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC said Wuhan/Chinese. You sucked that up like a well, I don’t need to tell you. Then Trump says it, some whiney little B**&H complained, wait, I think I know who it was, Khan you believe the nerve?

    2. Which hypocrisy concerning Donald Trump are you referring to? Could you please be a little more vague in your statements?


    4. @Wisconsin Man My cousin, who is special needs with down syndrome, voted for Trump. WHAT is your point calling out those you disagree with “special needs”?

    1. @Brak Dayton I’m referencing these rabid far left extremely partisan,, and extremely illogical democrats.

    2. @Walt Likker lmao you’re a tool. How do they get government benefits without an ID. You sir are the type of liberals Malcom x warned about. You believe blacks are inferior.and incapable. And it shows in your bias.

    3. @George Kent I said it ISN’T a zero sum game, and again ask what are trading? What do you stand to lose? And what do u do to stop that loss? This is all BS rhetoric, if you WANT to take a financial loss for something to believe in? Boycott big oil, big pharma, food companies that use high fructose corn syrup, companies that use slave/child labor, companies that torture and experiment on animals, and on and on,…… but u won’t,.. because this is all BS virtue signaling nonsense, now what do YOU stand to lose? Your voting rights? Wrong…, your turn George,…..I’ll wait.

    4. @Danny R Like Biden saying that urban minorities don’t know how to access the internet, I’m white and had a flip phone up until about 3yrs ago. LoL Who’s fault is that? Must be the State!

    5. @Lady K M sorry its easier to vote than getting on a plane, or getting a job with A ID , my parents taught me it’s a privilege to vote and I taught my kids the same weather I agree or disagree. I voted ten national elections NEVER had a problem. My mom passed away in December but voted app. Ballot in Nov NEVER had a problem. My opinion is the mass mail in is a fauld I receive 2 ballots this last election, if you take voting seriously and a privilege than you should not worry about ID . In my opinion if you think it as voter suppression you are not that bright or have a political agenda

    1. @Harold Moore No I live in L.A. and know many Drug addicts and Zombies that believe the election was not rig. Just like you believing the hype and I am from Honduras.. and if your white pleas stop with the I had a “Racist Grandpa” effect.. are you Black?

  3. I would assume workers and small businesses in Denver are happy about this, so the “it hurts regular people” complaint isn’t well thought out.

    1. @grannypantsification it says right on Colorado SOS web sight, must have ID to vote at polls and first time mail in must include a copy of ID with ballot. The exact thing that is being called racist in Georgia.

    2. Colorado has sticker voting laws than georgia. Atlanta is 51% black and Denver is 9% black. Do the math

    3. @Polar Opposite how ignorant can you be? Do you just take Fox News’ word for it or did you actually do some research before making such an uneducated statement? If Colorado’s voting laws are more restrictive, why has there never been an uproar about it? Both major political parties have NO QUARREL with Colorado’s voting laws.

    4. @George Kent those ones probably sign agreements without reading the small print. They’ll read the first few sentences of Colorado’s voting laws and automatically think they are experts on the law.

    5. @Practice What You Preach there hasn’t been an uproar because the law hasn’t been changed. I see no problem with Colorado’s laws as I see no problem with Georgia’s new laws. Georgia’s new law is actually less restrictive than pre covid laws. Also I did research, colorado states right on their website ID is required at the polls and a copy of ID is required to be sent in with your ballot if voting the first time by mail. Required ID is one of things be called racist in Georgia.

  4. Lil Marco is mad his party can’t rig and steal elections through Voter Suppression. 😆 People of color don’t need lil marco to speak up for us we cherish our right to vote just like his party cherishes MAGA!

    1. @Gideon Sauceda There goes your WHATABOUTISM..Nobody in the Democrat party believes in open borders but you’re gullibile and they(ring wing) preys on you and your fears.
      How can they be lazy but taking American jobs, and they do things that Americans don’t want or to lazy to do

    2. @N W Republicans know in Minority neighborhoods it’s limited polling places and always broken machines so it causes long lines.

      Now the Republicans want to cut days and hours,so who that benefit and how does that protect elections?

    3. @PIPE DOWN When the Mexicans in Los Angeles worry about the Flood of immigrants….. Start to worry my friend….. good luck “Black” folks cause we know who the LAzy ones are… are you “white privilege” or are you a “victim and BLACK” cause I used to be a “Mexican” til now I am called “LATINOX” I have powers now.

    1. You miss with GOLF, you miss with trump. Not a good idea. Trump could care less about baseball. Georgia, and any other state miss with Golf, Democrats will
      walk in, in 2022. Trump will have MAGA boycott republicans in all down ballot
      primaries and races. ‘Great Job Marco.’

  5. Oh, has “Little Marco” ( Trumps description) found his voice, pity he couldn’t have found it to resist the Trump bullying.

    1. @Bout It
      Almost every klan/white power/nationalist member supported Don the Con.

      You can deny it 24/7, but you can’t erase that.

    2. @Bout It You are hiding behind a nickname, responding to someone who isn’t. STFU, you snivelling coward.

    1. He does have a tendancy to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on……………………😂

    2. @Thomas Sanders I think his suit is red trying to appear purple.
      “Communist China “? Close your eyes and you think you’re hearing Hannity or Carlson.
      I came for the headline. I usually avoid Morning Joe because he rarely allows his guests or costars to finish a thought, and he seems to change his position on things based on current trends.
      He strikes me as a misogynistic know it’s all….but maybe he’s just not that self aware.

    3. @Chris Broussard Is White I think your name tells us everything we need to know about you. You are irrelevant. Go away.

  6. Im shocked i did not know little marco can speak cause when his daddy was in office he never said a word for 4 years

  7. Clearly, with McConnell and Rubio on board, we can pass a law that repeals Citizens United? *crickets*

  8. Rubio MUST attend to the business of his Constituents. The hypocrisy is on those worrying about things going on in another State when things in their own State is crumbling.

  9. These GQP clowns are best at lying, crookery and of course hypocrisy – turtle mitch set the bar so high, though, lil marco will never be able to clear it! Turtle mitch told corporations to stay out of politics! Of all people, turtle mitch! 🤣

    1. It’s almost like Moscow Mitch doesn’t understand that corporations are people, too. And you can’t expect to keep people out of politics, right?🙄

    2. If you think voter id is racist towards black people it means YOU THINK BLACK PEOPLE ARE TOO DUMB TO GET AN ID IN 2021

  10. When corporations finally attempt to do the right thing, they get slammed by Morning Joe. It doesn’t happen that often, let them alone.

    1. @omik redarhcs having id is not the only voting issue with the bill. Everything is not just fine nitwit

    2. I live in Colorado… Our voting laws are more restrictive then those in Georgia… I guess the local Dems who control our state are a bunch of racists… Hilarious that they moved the event here… And that people like Beta Dave are big fans of “corporations doing the right thing”… HAH…

    3. Not sure how this is the right thing. The laws aren’t racist and don’t restrict voting rights.

  11. Florida currently has a big enough sewage problem to deal with, Rubio running his mouth just adds to their problems.

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