Sen. Stabenow: Biden’s Proposal Is Bipartisan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Stabenow: Biden's Proposal Is Bipartisan | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. This is a stupid problem to complain about. It isnt going to hurt the economy for a small number of wealthy people to get a check by accident. And if they gt it they will invest, spend or pay off the debt the same as anyone so its getting used how it should. They dont need it, other folks need it more. I agree. But How much are we really talking about saving here and is saving that comparatively small portion of a $1,700,000,000 package really worth the risk of not getting money to people that need it?

  2. Republican logic.
    Tax cuts for the rich will trickle down to the poor.
    Stimulus checks for the poor to buy food & pay rent won’t trickle up to the rich.
    They’re terrible liars.

    1. @Margaret Nicol thats correct Margaret. Which begs the question of why its ok for Trump to justify giving the top 1% $1.9 trillion in tax cuts as apparently it’ll trickle down but if the Democrats give the other 99% of Americans $1.9 trillion during a pandemic to stimulate the economy Republicans fight it. Apparently trickle down economics only works if you give the wealthy money and wealth can’t trickle up?

    2. @warpedjaffas1 He had the very best justification for doing it. It trickled straight into his pockets and those of his kids/cronies. What more could you ask for?
      I still don’t understand why the Israeli Army got around $2 million PPP though!!! (last time).

    3. @Margaret Nicol actually Trump’s tax cuts would work if he stipulated that any savings must be spent on expanding businesses but as usual it didn’t & company CEO’s just bought stock in their own companies & increased their wealth even more without expanding business, which would mean more jobs etc etc.

    4. @warpedjaffas1 Sure. Like big corporations/companies claiming PPP then firing half their workforce after they get it and keeping the money.

  3. But I’m not hearing that he’s not going to give PPP money.
    They are talking about giving stimulus money to lower middle class and poor.
    Just because a couple made $150000 in 2019 doesn’t mean that covid didn’t effect their income last year.
    Millions of people in the $150000 per couple range and lower lost either one or both jobs in 2020 yet stimulus money is still based on 2019 income tax filing.
    They also need stimulus money to get closer to right.
    They also voted for Joe Biden and in my case John Ossoff
    and Raphael Warnock.
    Don’t give in to the freaking Republicans and screw the middle class.
    The rich like Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue didn’t lose anything but jobs that they didn’t need anyway.
    Quit giving free money to the rich.
    They laughed all the way to the bank.

    1. What would you know about the middle class particularly the wink and the nod to harsh shutdowns, life is so much better in Texas and Florida that still believe in freedom, and virus threat was dominated by family gatherings and living conditions and why not pushing zinc and vitamin d and green tea in nursing homes to try to bring closer to first class

    2. I was raised middle class and have always worked for a living.
      I’ve been blessed that I haven’t caught Covid 19.
      Unless I have caught it but was asymptomatic.
      I load up on vitamins and drink green tea and take melatonin every night.
      But I also wear a mask, social distance, use hand sanitizer and pray to Almighty God.

    3. Last time PPP was given to the Israeli army. Can anyone explain that to me??? How much did Palestine get – you know, the ones with no food and meds!!!

      ”According to data released by the Small Business Administration, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) received a Paycheck Protection Program loan between $2 and $5 million in April.

      The FIDF was established in 1981 and provides well being for IDF soldiers, veterans, and their family members. The group’s website declares that they are “the single organization authorized to represent the IDF across the United States and Panama.”

      Among other programs, the FIDF allows individuals to “Adopt a Battalion” and provide it with support:

      “For those on the frontlines, there are a few premier battalions that carry with them a rich heritage of dangerous combat and incredible heroism. Through FIDF’s Adopt a Battalion program, supporters have the opportunity to directly support these premier battalions. Adopt a Battalion offers soldiers support for all of their immediate needs, providing qualifying IDF combat battalions the opportunity to unwind from their difficult training and responsibilities. They are able to enjoy activities such as holiday ceremonies and events, recreational activities, and special days of fun and leisure with their fellow soldiers.“

      Last September, the FIDF raised over $37 million at its annual gala dinner in New York City. “The heroes of the IDF serve and protect the State of Israel, its people and Jews around the world,” Rabbi Peter Weintraub told the event’s audience, “During this very special evening, our community was able to come together to pay tribute and show the brave IDF soldiers our profound appreciation and thanks for their sacrifices. We stand together with these young Jewish heroes – our heroes – and declare: While their job is to look after Israel, ours is to look after them.”

  4. I got a $900 stimulus check last time around. My girlfriend got $1000. We didn’t need them. We donated the money to ” Feeding America “.

    1. It’s a free country. The money served the purpose intended – it was spent on people who did need it! Well done.

    2. I don’t mind you getting a check if you don’t need it. What I mind is businesses getting big checks and then laying off employees or never giving full time employment.

    3. What is funny is that the Republicans decry funding policy positions through tax dollars because those policy positions can be actually funded through donations to private entities yet they will state this money isn’t targeted (much like their tax cuts are not) and as such, we cannot do it. The growth rates did not pay for those tax cuts so it is exactly the same circumstance yet the analysis changes because of the goal.

  5. For some reason Republicans refuse to “unify” with Democrats on approving the Rescue Stimulus package including state and local aid for their own home states. Perhaps the Governors of their states can help persuade these Republican Senators to pass the stimulus or to ask them to explain why they think their home states do not need assistance.

    1. No good leaving it up to them. Every person in those states needs to contact the politicians and demand (a) an answer and (b) their money! They want your votes – not the governors!

    2. Since the red states hate democracy, let’s give theur vaccine to the blue states and withhold their rescue dollars since they think Biden isn’t the president. Let them wait for the GOP to help them out !!

  6. People are so worried about 10% of Americans getting checks they don’t need that they’d rather hold off on 90% of Americans getting checks they DO need

    1. I challenge the 90 percent figure as still too high. The bigger issue is why million of folks gave a wink and a nod to lockdowns that essentially easily met “The cure can’t be worse than the disease” and I sure enjoy in my state my choice to go to restaurant or gym or church etc.., my risk assessment

    2. @Sam Harris
      The problem with individual risk assessment is that the people who aren’t very good at it, are endangering the entire community. Public health does sometimes require regulation.

    3. @Sam Harris – The US with 4% of the world’s population have 25% of the world’s Covid cases. It seem no country needed the lockdown more.

    4. Funny, the GOP doesn’t want to $1400 to hard working Americans in the fear some people don’t need it but have no problem giving trilkions in tax cuts to the people whi need nothing but a new yacht.

  7. “The republican package was insufficient and way too small.”
    No wonder their voters always feel the need to over compensate with guns and empty tough talk. 🤔😅😂

    1. Exactly. Nobody cares about bipartisanship… except the career politicians who keep trying to appease their donors.

  8. OK, bipartisan is important BUT it’s not the Dems who should be on their knees now. Biden promised the stimulus $$$ immediately No mention of a means test. If you’re gonna target it, do it but don’t nickle & dime the previously employed working people! Get checks to people while they have an address to receive them!

  9. How do we stop it ? The rich need to stop being so greedy. The government needs to stop making loopholes for them so they pay their fair share in taxes like is regular people.

    1. @Rich Williams you do know the rich pay for taxes based on the income they get just like us regular folks also pay

    2. @Jennifer Sanchez yes, but they pay both a higher percentage and a greater amount. The poorest 20% of the US makes 3% of all the income, but only pays 2% of all taxes. The richest 1% makes 20% of all the income, and pays 25% of all the taxes. While you make have an issue with the top 1% making 20% of all the income, to state that they don’t pay their fair share of taxes is simply ignorant.

  10. It’s such a stark contrast…Republican politicians fight so hard to give the super wealthy and corporate America a big tax cut and all kinds of policy change…but, when it comes to helping an average Republican voter or American, all of sudden, it’s hands off and it’s individual’s problem approach. They fight so hard not to help at all…How can any one still vote for GOPs?

  11. Unity and bipartisanship isn’t about uniting political parties that have no interest in coming together. It’s about working toward the common goal that is in everyone’s best interest, and addressing issues important to all without making things political. The politicians can keep complaining about their petty little power games.

  12. Why are je wish su prem acists, like this old bo ot, allowed to con trol every nat ion? Would is rael allow Whi te fo lk some seats at their center of power?
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