Sen. Tim Kaine Responds To New Details About Jan. 6th Capitol Riot 1

Sen. Tim Kaine Responds To New Details About Jan. 6th Capitol Riot


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) speaks about the reconciliation infrastructure bill and responds to new details about the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.
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    1. @Allex G One guy dropped a 15 pound fire extinguisher from the top of a 60 foot scaffold onto Officer Sicknick’s head.

      You know what, you guys ramble on and on about BLM. For whatever reason you were truly traumatized by the reaction to George Floyd’s death. I shouldn’t make fun of your PTSD.

    2. @PhilLesh69 the guy died of natural causes in a hospital. Try again. A simlle google search will tell you that.

    3. @Allex G She was a trained soldier, advancing through a broken window at outnumbered defenders. She was ACTIVELY involved in an insurrection, despite her oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. She became the domestic enemy. I hope they strip her of her military pension posthumously.

    1. @William H Music 2021 you really like seeing working people suffer so the filthy rich can buy more stocks? I guess you probably admire the history of slavery as well?

    2. @William H Music 2021 *…do you know how to use words/text? I mean other than denigrating the LGBTQ+ community thru your vile comments? You generally do the aforementioned AND post links to juvenile videos only. Does your toxicity serve you well in your daily life? Must really be painful to be you.*

  1. There goes Moscow Mitch yap yap yap .. This can help the American people and invest in America !! Wtf

    1. Exactly and he had the nerve to complain about things being jammed down throats! How about his neck waddle pouch? Too many jokes.

  2. McConnell, so predictable, yet so willing to sacrifice everyone who is not filthy rich. Get out of the way, old man.

    1. Ali Durand the uneducated! Rep project dumbing down of America is complete! Rep Defunding education for decades paid off in spades!

    2. @Drew Benz: I didn’t say I was rich. But If I were, wouldn’t that give me MORE free time to make comments?

  3. Go America Go! Time to get a move on. Every American, not just the rich and the powerful, deserves a better USA

    1. @Robyn Hickey – no, you are not, what?
      America is the best place in the world by a long shot!! Why do 6 billion people on this planet want to be here or they want their governments to be like here?

    2. @Scott Harrison Well if you hadn’t already lost credibility, you sure have now. You are just not worth any more of my time. Oh by the way, people do not live in the planet, they live on it.

    3. @JB – you are so full of crap! LOL.
      You said something stupid and now you want to run away.

      You are too ignorant to know that our LEGAL immigration has been over a million legal immigrants a year for the last 40 years and close to that since the 1830s! YES! The 19th Century! Illegal immigration will hit 2 million by the end of this year alone!

  4. Where is the Republican plan to repair infrastructure? WHERE ? ANSWER: THERE IS NO REPUBLICAN PLAN JUST LIKE HEALTH CARE. Plenty of health care repeal, NO REPLACE !!!

    1. oh but didn’t you hear? healthcare is HARD…. who knew? except for every single industrialized nation on the planet.

    2. @rapunzel eh? well it can’t be that hard since the rest of us have it and the U.S. is the only country that doesn’t

    3. @Reason In MI a dam that was privately owned burst for lack of maintenance by the owning company and caused millions of dollars in damages down stream. If GOP wants private ownership of infrastructure , they’d better hold the companies responsible to upkeep.

    1. The thing is, is that he gained that wealth of 35M while in office; it wasn’t from his salary either.

  5. Nobody gave McConnell a mandate to be the unofficial dictator of the legislative branch but there you have it, he is now in his 7 yr as Obstructionist and Chief.

    1. @Lizanne Whitlow EXACTLY !! Remember what he said after Obama was elected. “my goal is to see to it that he is a one term President”, Hey all you Kentucky folks, aren’t you glad this turd is “workin’ for you” ??? HAH, BS!!

  6. If Moscow Mitch was genuine about objecting to the bill he should stand by his principles and refuse the billions of blue state tax payer dollars earmarked for Kentucky.

    1. He’s a politician, and a Republican one. What are you doing talking about principles. This is about billions of dollars for him, oh and of course, Kentucky.

  7. the fact of the matter is, those 50 republican senators represent about %30 of the population

    1. And technically nearly half of their district didn’t vote for them, either. Except in the truly desolate midwest, they usually only win with 48 to 51% of the votes.

  8. I can only hear a whiny little M.McConnell cryinglike a second grader that’s what you get for focusing on your failed #45 instead of working for we the people you did this to yourself

    1. @Scott Harrison Military budget alone is $715 billion,
      about 1/5 of $3.5. LOTS of that goes overseas.
      Number of people in military, 1.3 million. People in US, 330 million,
      about 1/231. Lots of the $3.5 stays here. Just to get a clue.

    2. @Dunbar F – YES! The tax cut was a mandate!! The economy, jobs was a mandate. YES! That’s why the people voted for Trump!

    3. @David Wren NOPE! Democrats lost seats in the House and still don’t have a majority in the Senate.
      There is no mandate for socialism.

    4. @David Wren – Oh, and when you cheat to win, you still lose. Am I right? Just look at how much the Democrats are struggling!
      You’d just better get used to hearing that.

    5. @Scott Harrison Why am I even wasting time with you? You are obviously a troll. Dasvidaniya comrade.

    1. Yep. Hypocrite through and through. And on top of that calling democrats leftist. GOP fascist? The N word? Go figure. No sense of inclusion of everyone’s needs

    2. Yep makes you wonder if he thinks he god or something since he doesn’t need to follow sensible governing

    3. “A one party basis” is fascism and authoritarianism, McConnell… not socialism. LOL… what a tool.

  9. McConnell! Knows without suppressing the right to vote that he and his republican cronies will be sent to retirement in 2022. Don’t worry Mitch you have stole enough from the taxpayers to build yourself a nice turtle pond!

    1. @Scott Harrison Most people didn’t see either increased jobs or wages. But corporations bought back stock to increase the value of their stock with the tax cut. There is also the salary increases for corporate executives and added profits for the wealthy from dividends and investments. It seems as though you are just buying into the republicon party line.

    2. @Scott Harrison One day old and already 121 comments. It’s obvious you’re working troll. if not ,then you’re crazy

    3. @Scott Harrison The wealthy said they’d increase workers and raise wages. Then instead they bought back their own companies’ stocks instead. Liars!

  10. What’s wrong Mitch why don’t you accept the result of the election. You lost, get used to it.

    1. Liliane Belanger I have 1 guess!! He’s part of the…..First word Starts with a T ends with a P second word starts with a C ends with a T!! Just a guess tho

  11. Mitch is talking b.s. as usual, the Republican Party has practiced socialism for corporations and the rich for decades.

    1. Looking from the outside as a foreigner ,America will never ever be a socialist country .Would you call Australia or Germany or the UK a socialist state ? The right always try to bring up communism or socialism and have been doing it for decades and not just in the United States .

    2. They only promote socialism when it works for them… otherwise they are confusing it with fascism to “take down the Dems”. LOL

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