Sen. Van Hollen Responds To Manchin Concern About $3.5T Budget Deal Price 1

Sen. Van Hollen Responds To Manchin Concern About $3.5T Budget Deal Price


Sen. Chris Van Hollen answers Sen. Joe Manchin’s concerns about the size of the $3.5 trillion budget proposal by explaining who is benefitting from it—and who is paying for it. 
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  1. Remember January 6th.Trump must be held accountable. I’d like to thank the subscribers. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers

    1. The only GQP to vote for it, do not face primaries nor elections before 2026.

      Never Forget 1/6
      All the GQP who voted for this, are also terrorists, traitors, oath breakers.

    1. @Gary Campbell Voting is a Constitutionally protected right. So yes, it’s up to the FEDERAL government to ensure that EVERY America can vote freely and securely and it’s up to the STATE governments to implement federal policy in a way that works best for their state.

      Try reading the Constitution.

    2. @Gary Campbell Voting rights have BECOME an issues cause States want to support partisan attacks on them out of selfish interests, yes.
      That makes it the responsibility of the federal government to guarantee EQUAL rights for all Americans, so that not 45% of the population (the red hostages) are left in a rights desert!

  2. Of course they don’t want voting rights, because that means black and brown-skinned ppl will have a choice

    1. Yeah voting rights where Democrats want to let millions of illegals vote. Pelosi has literally said she doesn’t believe someone should be a citizen to be able to vote. It’s not about voting rights, it’s about them staying in power

    2. Actually it is worse than that. It means states with GOP legislature & state treasurers can call for new electors if they do not cast votes to the GOP candidate even if a Dem candidate has the majority votes to win.

  3. Sen. Joe Manchin is a sleeper republican within the Democratic Party,… it is unfathomable for anyone to accept his position for not removing the filibuster. He is accommodating the republicans party at the expense of the African American voting rights… therefore, he is not a true democrat; his stance is in direct opposition of democracy.

    1. ​@Gary Campbell Romney is a vestige of days long passed when the center right and right leaning independents still had a voice in the GOP. Now the GOP is little more than the political arm of the extreme right.

    2. errick payton “… a sleeper Republican …” AND a Element and Residue of Mitch McConnell’s GERRYMANDERING.

    1. How do you expect them to find time to spend all their millions in kickbacks if they don’t take some time off? Be reasonable.

    2. If there was a vote pending for raising the salaries for Congress, there’s nothing that would be MORE important to them

  4. It’s phycoloogical use of turn around. Or Yes Sr. Your right the Republicans are playing games with our democracy. Like you said, what good is all of this if we loose democracy!!! (Right) NOTHING!!!!! GET RID OF THE PILABUSTER. ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    1. interesting how you weren’t calling for the removal of the filibuster back in 2017 when Democrats were in the minority.

    2. @Florida Man When the right starts a comment with _”Interesting how…”_ or similar, it flags it is misleading at best. *The GOP initiatives with little public support is hardly comparable to using the nuclear option on bills with well over 60% public support.* The GOP hasn’t even come close to a majority favoring the 2017 tax cut.

    3. @S C tell me what was misleading about what I said. Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times during Trumps 4 years and all of the sudden we must get rid of the filibuster?

    4. @Florida Man Reread, I already did say how it was misleading. *The right’s poor comprehension frequently leaves them unable to understand what they observe and read (delusional).*

    1. Wrong. He’s the only Democrat with a spine who won’t be pushed around by his radical party. Manchin is a true Democrat.

    2. @Thomas Head 3rd trimester abortions, defunding the police, increasing the number of SC justices , closing the jails is pretty radical.

    1. Indeed, if he cannot act like a Democrat, maybe the Caucus should put a gun to his chest and demand either he steps in line or he’ll have to run as Republican against other cut throat Publicans in his next reelection. It’s easier to find a Romney or other almost moderate Republican to vote for a democratic bill than to get this insincere fence sitter to stand up for his nominal Party!

  5. West Virginia is the most least desirable state to live in the country and the most depressed. Wonder why???

    1. When you keep electing ilk like the Chin of West Virginia, is there any wonder? This guy- with all the flexing he does – doesn’t even use his ‘ deciding vote’ to make backroom deals to improve that state and bring it into the 21st century. That’s on the people who live there- just like the citizens of Kentucky- who obvious like in West Virginia like pain as they keep inflicting the Turtle Man & Rand Paul onto the rest of the country. When people in this country put feet to ground & decide to make ” We The People” actually mean something, that’s when things get done in terms of improving the lives of families in this country. Look at Georgia- in a January run off, the people of the state gave the rest of the country 2 prime examples of members of Congress doing the work that actually benefits those who reside in their state. Now, it’s still a reflection of the country that in that easy run off decision between 2 great candidates vs 2 Covid Stock Market crooks, the crooks still got over 4 million combine votes. So even in showing itself to be an example of change, parts of Georgia still represent that mindset in this country in those who will continue to vote against their own interest- as long as you have those running for office who echo the same dog whistles as some voters beliefs.

  6. Republicans always vote against seniors, they don’t have to worry about receiving Social Security or Medicare, which I add, we paid for through decades of working, neither of these programs are cutting it right now. Get rid of the filibuster and Citizens United.

    1. Donna, they do always vote against seniors and their needs….the people who worked and raised children….yet, Republicans prey on frightening seniors at election time. It’s disgusting. Stay safe!

    2. But these clowns on social security still vote for these repubs. If they are a fool let them be a fool. I don’t feel sorry for them

  7. We wouldn’t need a infrastructure bill if corporations stoped being bailed out and the top one percent paid taxes.

    1. @Florida Man smoke a sausage: The richest Americans are hiding more than 20 percent of their earnings from the Internal Revenue Service, according to a comprehensive new estimate of tax evasion, with the top 1 percent of earners accounting for more than a third of all unpaid federal taxes.

    2. @Stephen Dunn -That person boasts about being a “Florida Man.” Misinformation is the state flower and COVID is their mascot.

    3. @Stephen Dunn Instead of paying tax on share sales there using loan vehicles to pay between 1 – 3 % dollar

      There’s all sorts of ways they avoid taxation I was thinking how about churches loose their tax free status mixing God and politics doesn’t sound very charitable

    1. Manchin and Sinema are bought and paid for by outside forces to create chaos and block the democratic agenda! They are wolves in sheep’s clothing! (Republicans pretending to be Democrats)

  8. If there’s one thing to risk overspending, isn’t our crumbling infrastructure maybe one of things?
    I mean that $1.3 trillion corporate tax break didn’t seem to phase any republicans.

    1. I didn’t see any of the corporate shills that got that tax break in 2017 working on our crumbling infrastructure with it either.

      I saw a few yachts they bought with it for their own personal use though.

    2. To quote Judge Judy: “Don’t Pee on my head and tell me its Rain.” Or Translation: “The Trickle Down Theory”.

    3. @Ann Owens and their voters fall for it ALLLLLLLL THHE TIME!!! Especially in the South…like yall can’t see it’s not only the federal government(Republican) but your state(republican) and city(republican) official’s who are holding y’all back…from things like improved school, improved social services, water quality, improved health care etc etc…

    4. Good thinking, Ro G.

      This short-term view is unfortunately common, not only in politics but also in private business. Whenever short term results are favored over short term disadvantages with long term overall benefits, the short term results (with long term overall disadvantages) are tempting to politicians (who want to be reelected in the short term) and business leaders (whose salaries often have a component linked to short term success).
      Tragically, even private citizens often think short term, e.g. buying a product that costs 20% less but will only last half the time than a good product, resulting in an overall higher spending.
      The latter case is probably a result of poor education (how to manage your money should be taught in schools), so is the case with politicians. If voters had better political and overall education (and, let’s be honest, were less selfish), they’d consider long term outcomes of a party’s work over short term (personal) benefits.
      (In the cases of business leaders, it’s the system that drives them to focus on short term results rather than long term benefits, to their personal gain but the detriment of stakeholders.)

      As you imply, maintaining infrastructure in time is less costly than replacing infrastructure that has already crumbled. (It’s also much safer. You’ll want to repair that bridge before it collapses and potentially kills people.)
      I wish that more people understood these basic ideas but too many fall for simplistic populist rhetoric.

    5. @Ran Kat republikkkans only get concerned with money if they aren’t getting any of it but when it’s time to invest in the country they have a problem maybe the republikkkan party should have their taxes put under a microscope they all made millions off trump being in office notice how trump’s useless children are spending millions buying property after being booted out of Washington.

  9. They should not get anymore vacation time than we the people get which is usually 7-14 days a year while working 40+ hours a week and then they definitely should not be allowed to leave when they have gotten barely anything down. This is why we got Trump because of the gridlock created by not getting anything done that benefits all Americans from poor to middle class on up and the only people that seem to be getting anything done is from big corporations and the super rich!

  10. I am imagining the positive changes that this bill could bring: JOBS for construction workers, JOBS for road builders, cars and homes purchased, restaurants and local businesses doing better, more tax revenue for localities, new schools, bridges, sewer and water systems and the renewal of small and medium sized cities and towns. A healthy, sustainable bottom up economy instead of the top-down mess left by 40 years of misguided, low-taxed corporate oligarchy posing as fake religious Neo-Conservatism.

    1. The problem is they’re targeting minority voters b/c that’s how the last two democratic presidents have been elected. Black women voters is what flipped GA which is why they’re targeting Fulton County, home of Atlanta. These pieces of crotch fuzz are trying to ensure they never lose again. They’ve been gerrymandering for years to hang on to Texas and Florida…

    2. @Donna Hardy That is spot on Donna. It’s pathetic that instead of embracing diversity, talent and fresh perspectives, they panic. Their racism is based on ignorance and fear. Because of this, we’ll miss our chance to unite. BTW, crotch-fuzz? I love it!

    3. that is patently false………but keep imagining. anything short of bringing manufacturing jobs back to america will fail, we will only have more debt, and more illegals to support. socialism is overtaking us, and the work ethic is almost gone,along with the seniors that BUILT america………..CHINA SMILES

  11. Joe “Do Anything For A Buck” Manchin is bought and paid for. This guy represents one of the poorest states in the Nation and is worth millions. He just finished orchestrating a 30 million golden parachute for his daughter from a company that just left his own state high and dry. Do you think he cares about the Country as a whole???

    1. Teddy if he bought a 30 millions dollar gold parachute that means he is as hen peck at home as he is in congress.hevis one sad human being

    2. I hate that Mfer Fox News just gave him millions. He and Sinema were paid by the Fascist MAGA party formerly known as GOP to block everything. Our planet is burning and they prik owns a coal burning plant and they were both paid for by Exxon. PELOSI is protecting them and Schumer is letting them run the senate. They should both LOSE their committees which would take their power and essentially their millions. They will conform real quick to the Dems plan

    1. Only when the GOP is in the minority do they care about that. They were strangely silent on that issue when they were the majority.

    2. Simply put all things being equal it would not be justified.

      However things are not equal.
      Federally the G.O.P. as a minority prevents the Senate from passing anything that sets standards to voting rights.

      While passing laws at the state level to inhibit and tailor voting laws to their base.

      Essentially overriding the power of the government at the federal level.

  12. Manchin’s only concern with the infrastructure bill is that more of that money is not earmarked for his own pockets.

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