Sen. Van Hollen Says His Amendment To Resolve The Witness Debate Was Rejected Yesterday | MSNBC

Sen. Van Hollen Says His Amendment To Resolve The Witness Debate Was Rejected Yesterday | MSNBC 1


    1. Seemingly they don’t care, or are counting on the next outrageous mangling of ethical norms to wipe their present malfeasance from the minds of the public.

  1. i hope their positions are worth trump. they have turned their backs on this country, us, & the constitution. shame on every damned one of them not putting us first.

    1. i guess we mean nothing to them. we will remember that come election time for the next decade. we will not forget.

  2. The GOP are not going to survive a “post-trump” reality.
    They have nothing left to their existence without his cult to vote for them.
    Reality, truth, and consequences, will destroy their party… Mercilessly.

    1. @berdboy Yes little boy – psychiatrists will be ready and waiting to potty train you backward ferals. Problem is, your broke arses won’t be able to afford them. So enjoy your syphilitic rashes – no one is more deserving than the MAGAts party constituents.

  3. You can have no doubt it’s a cover up when the republicans won’t even let the most senior member of the Supreme Court decide on which subpoenaed documents and witnesses should appear for a fair trial. And he was republican appointed….

  4. Sham, shame, cover-up, show trial & kangaroo court without any witness’s or documents provided. Did we expect anything different from the Repugnant RepubliKKKlans?

    1. o but the house impeachment was so bi partisan and fair it is just politics to gain advantage just like clinton

  5. This is who they are, the filth of man. They are dismantling our Democracy, to hand it back to the 1% owners. You have no power to stop them, they control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. They will do all they want, for their Idol god drumpf will fulfill his destiny. It’s called the Last Days and they are the Gentiles.

    1. wow you must be on some strong medication calm down buttercup like the song say the sun will come up tomorrow tomorrow-have you done anything nice for someone, it will make you feel better about yourself

  6. Remove the clown from office !sleep will come get your shyte together and get the witness on board and let’s see the actual words from the phone call to the bullied Ukraine president.

  7. This criminal senate will violate the oath of office avoiding justice! A felony president sits the White House! Enjoy!

  8. Imagine being a fair and impartial Supreme Court Judge and having to participate in this farce. If I were Roberts I’d recuse myself and appoint Brett Kavanaugh as a replacement… at least HIS character fits the setting…

  9. Well I have to say the GOP did one thing for me today. They help me to decide who I’m NOT going to vote for which is the republican party who is now dead to me.

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