Sen. Van Hollen: Senators Who Vote Against Witnesses Should ‘Issue Statement Like Alexander’ | MSNBC

Sen. Van Hollen: Senators Who Vote Against Witnesses Should 'Issue Statement Like Alexander' | MSNBC 1


    1. @Frankie Shaw And Ghislaine Maxwell was never arrested and we don’t even know where she’s at. {probably Mar a Lago) the wing next to Ivana’s

  1. Roberts can make all the decisions he wants, the Senate will override him, so, so what. Not a real trial, not a real acquittal either. Guilty as sin.

  2. The uncomfortable – but, now quite obvious – truth of the matter is that we have been living under a fascist, oligarchic, kleptocratic dictatorship for over three years now with one of the most stupid people on the planet as our first dictator! It’s time that we accept that fact and move on to consider what we should do to regain what we have already lost! Impeachment was a civilized approach to removing corrupt elected officials that is now defunct. It’s time to take up the pitchforks and torches, start gathering the feathers, heating the tar, and sharpening the guillotines to remind the corrupt in our government that there are other ways they can be removed from office!

    1. It would be a shame for the people to be pushed to that consequence, but the blood would be on McConnell’s hands as well as Trump’s tiny hands and many others.

  3. It is jaw-dropping to see just how much contempt republicans have for the American people, and our Constitution. Time and time again, republicans have not hesitated to spit in the faces of the American people. The majority of Americans were against their massive tax cut for corporations and the most wealthy, and republicans simply flipped us off, and passed it anyway. For years now, the majority of Americans have said they want common sense gun laws passed to protect their kids, and republicans simply flipped us off, and refused to do anything. 75% of Americans said they want witnesses and evidence introduced in this impeachment trial, and once again, republicans gave the American people the middle finger and said  “you should know by now, that we don’t care what you want.”

    Once again, the time has come, that we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, put an end to the republican party. And it is long overdue. Our republic and democracy as we know it,  has never been in more peril than it is right now. In 2020, we must vote out Trump, and as many republicans as possible. The survival of our democracy depends on it.

    1. @jim thomas Another trump imitator. Clinton and Obama didn’t need vulgar temper tantrums the way trumpers do.

    1. @Martin Kay You’re a babbling child. Is it any wonder you clowns lost 2016 and you’re going to lose 2020 too? Sorry you’re still butt hurt and crying over 2016 but some of us actually like a good economy and low unemployment and don’t really care if quid pro Joe is upset over his corruption being exposed. 🙂

    2. @Dog Fart What does your babble have to do with the subject at hand? Right nothing is it any wonder you lost 2016 and are on track to lose 2020? I mean what do you have? Quid pro Joe, the old communist, Mr stop and frisk. You’re doomed.:)

    1. @Mo Fuggar Exactly right! I get so tired of hearing people gripe about the children “ripped from the hands of their parents” why is it people do not stop to think that Americans that go to jail right here do not get to keep their children either, so lame!

    2. None of you know the real reason why those parents bring (bring, not drag) their children. Their stories about the violence and terror they suffer from the maras would freeze your blood and the ones about the inaction and corruption of their governments would make it boil. Be brave human beings and talk to them before you demonize them with your ignorance.

  4. Why doesn`t John Bolton go on TV now to explain the relevant passages concerning Ukraine before the Senate vote?

    1. If he puts it up on live TV it would be considered hearsay because it was not examined in the trial what so ever. It would do him nothing but stir the pot and get him more book sales.

  5. My family will pass watching the Super Bowl this year for the most part. If we have to have Trump and politics in it no longer will be watchable.

    1. Well then they could have at least put some cheerleaders up there for entertainment purposes. It is circus anyway…

  6. Makes sense, there’s no need for witnesses because the house managers have proven Trump’s guilt. Otherwise, the senators have to allow John Bolton to testify.

  7. The Republicans have made their decision long ago to acquit the criminal-in-chief regardless of whether or not the house managers met their burden of proof. This is cowardice and corruption to the core.

  8. So now (or soon) Trump can announce for the good of the Republic, the good of democracy and well being of the USA…..
    Public elections will no longer be held and will be suspended indefinitely.
    The democratic party will be disbanded and anyone that descents that new executive order will be arrested and detained indefinitely.
    That any news organization or any entertainment organization that objects to this new policy will be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely. Any person caught speaking negatively about president trump through social media or through any public forum will be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely.
    Furthermore, president trump will control who is able to be a part of government.
    The government will exist henceforth with the purpose of giving praise to president trump(hourly) along with raising money for his new dictatorship fund. Henceforth American citizens will have to summit dna tests in order to prove they are at least 80% Caucasian and those that are not can choose to stay in the country and do jobs that will be considered beneath those that make the 80% Caucasian dna cut… .and then…SMH!!!

    It really is amazing how a actual criminal can blatantly destroy our very system of democracy right before our eyes and the people we sent to Congress can turn a blind eye to all of trump’s crimes and to what he did to this country right in front of out faces and in which they did absolutely nothing to keep it from happening. Doesn’t matter that up to 81% of this country want witnesses. ..want a fair trial and the Republican party is turning their backs on the country.
    I tell you what….the first part of my post was insanely facetious…..however it very well may be the only way that the Republican party will not be wiped out in the next election/elections.
    I don’t think they thought this through at least with a more long term lens.

  9. A corrupt government that needs removal is handled by revolutions. Felony president protected by a criminal senate!!

  10. The 53 Senator co-conspirators need to be held accountable. This trial was rigged from the start; truly a travesty of justice.

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