Sen. Warner: Everyone On The Senate Floor Yesterday Was Riveted | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @JJ Strumr I love the Clash and punk rock but I disagree with your political beliefs which is okay or should be ok

    2. @The Tweatles William, it should be OK. Not sure why you attacked an avatar. But no doubt we disagree on most things. If you were rational in what you posted we might actually have a conversation. But you love to incite and post just plain crap. I wonder what you get out of it? Cheap thrills?

    1. Article I Section 3 Clause 6 , “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or abstain and blame it on a process issue. Gives them cover, gets the job done. Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or abstain. Spread the plan if you agree

    2. @Coldwynn Frost You sick morons go on about these ancient gods and how you adore them and how all this nonsense of great they are, but the real love and continuity that we know in life is what we acquire, the knowledge and values and the coherent values we pass on.

  1. How is this NOT a personality cult? Also, how can we work to make supporting Trump so socially unacceptable that the GOP abandons him? What more can we do?

    1. My opinion is the only way you can make a republiCON do anything is go after the Rich doners hit them in the pocket book corporate money find out who’s giving money and cut them off at the source email them and everything else protest boycott so what if we got to go with out on some things we have been doing that for over a year we the people out number and not going to take the crap any more

    2. Lock him up. Send a clear message to trumplicans that they have been conned by a criminal. Otherwise they see that there are no consequences.

    3. @C B There is no new Republican Party. There’s Trump’s Patriot Party. That’s why the Grand Olde Party defectors are voting in lockstep to exonerate Trump and once lifetime GOP voters across the country are now jumping ship. The Republican Party is now defunct. The new party is Trump’s. The opposing syncophants now outnumber the traditional GOP. At least, that’s how they’re projected to vote.

    4. @Crystal Fultz Being from Arizona. I agree with you. I loved McCain he was ana amazing man and I am a Democrat that can say that proudly. I was appalled at Trumps treatment of him.

    5. Reasonable: That is the $64,000 question. Organize the people who are not like Trump’s core supporters, even some who voted for Trump for other reasons than they belong to his cult, just like Stacey Abrams did. Here is the Democratic percentage of the presidential vote in Georgia since 1984: 39.8%, 39.5%, 43.5%, 45.8%, 43%, 41.4%, 47%, 45.5%, 45.6%, 49.5% (and a narrow win). Increase the vote for Dems by 4% in five crucial states, and decrease it for Republicans by the same amount (that’s just one in 25 voters who have to change their vote), without any similar changes in the other direction in, say, NV and the obvious big 5 of MI, WI, PA, GA, and AZ, and Dems add FL, IA, NC, OH, TX. You know what the electoral vote count would be in that case? 438-100. That’s how you isolate Trump supporters and Trumpist politicians parroting his lies, and prove to them that they don’t represent the American people, something they now believe they do, at least the cult members believe it. That also means defeating Rubio, Grassley (or his replacement should he retire), Ron Johnson, and picking up the open seats in NC, PA, and OH next year. If Democrats manage to retain all their seats, they’d end up with a 56-44 Senate majority on January 3, 2023. Best case scenario, but why not try for it?

  2. A NOT GUILTY VOTE IS A VOTE FOR PUTIN ….KNOW IT…..VOTE BLUE IN 2022 AND LETS RID OUR NATION OF ANY WANNA -BE DICtators like Trump and those that will follow his Patterns.

    1. @Boba my partner and I have left the Republican Party.
      Vote every Republican out come 2020.
      Portman is leaving in 2022. WE WILL VOTE IN A DEMOCRAT


    3. @mike briganti and why would think Antifa has anything to do with these Tryump Terrorists??? they werent there….EVEN MOSCOW MITCH SAID SO…..OOPS FOR YOU ! Open mouth/ Insert Foot …. LMAO

    1. @just bystander Well, that’s nice. One doesn’t see such use of emoticons in mature individuals. You look very young. Perhaps you are using a dubious fake photo. How Democrat of you — a total phony. Are you all that way? Or, does it just seem so?

    2. @john emeigh lmao the phony is you and i am neither but maybe A republican like you would not see the difference anyway.

  3. Now that the Republican Party is really the Fascist Party of Trump, actual conservatives, such as the folks from The Lincoln Project, need to form their own party. At the very least, that would help prevent the “GOP” from further undermining democracy, truth, and sanity in America.

    1. @Matt Russillo It isn’t a perfect world and none of us are perfect. You are factually correct but your cyniism is myopic and self-indulgent nonsense. The Lincoln Project has done great work and shown great honor and patriotism. Let him that is perfect cast the first stone, big shot. Let them become the adversary of liberals. They are fighting to save the country, not destroy it. Get off your high horse and get real.

    2. @Wonder Wonderful You/re dreaming. There is no what you call “real” GOP. Trump put the final nails in its coffin. Honorable conservatives have left the GOP. What remains are fascist, traitors and criminals.

  4. Right! That’s why Hawley had his feet propped up and reading, rather than paying attention during the presentation. Or; many holding up the Antifa excuses.No; there was nothing that riveting to many of those Republicans that still want to give Trump exoneration.

  5. “All riveted”? Yeah. Right. Rand Paul was doodling. Most were playing on their phones. Not one Republican was actually paying attention. Today’s portion should have opened up with Schumer telling all in the room that they have two choices: To sit down, put phones and doodle pads away and pay attention to the case being made, or they can tender their resignations and leave.

    1. @EJ That is specifically banned by the rules of the Senate precisely because one party could use the cameras against the other party only, while making their own members look good.

    2. Yep they need a good old school marm or catholic nun teacher yo drill them on how to behave and rap their knuckles a few hard ones with a ruler! They are common thugs without enough brains to think about how their futures will really play out and without enough vertebrae amongst them all to make one spine.

    3. Need to clean house of useless GOP . . . But need care in not getting stuck with the crazy nuts who are apt to run. They don’t add much useful participation to making our lives better. No nut jobs allowed!

  6. The removal of Graham, Cruz, & Hawley is needed as well. These people are anti-Democracy and should not be allowed to ever hold office. This is a tragedy to say the least.

  7. Everyone was riveted except Josh Hawley who was seen feet up on a desk picking his nose and Leningrad Lindsey wasn’t paying attention!

    1. @Caz Katt Rafael Edward Cruz, born in Canada, son of a Cuban immigrant.
      Commonly referred to as “Ted Cruz”.

    2. That these Republican senators behave so disrespectfully beggars belief. They should be role models! A retired teacher, I would have read my “truculent” youngsters the riot act.Sadly, Trump personified and validated bad behaviour that too many now emulate enthusiastically–with impunity!

    3. Rand Paul was sleeping. Very mature group aren’t they? It’s insane that these are our representatives when there is no decorum of respect, behavior or manners.

  8. You can’t defend the indefencable- I watched the trial- whether he is impeached or not he did incite the crowd- for months and months- I knew when I heard him say when debating Biden-to the Proud Boys- Stand back and Stand by…….I actually felt chilled and knew I could never support him again

    1. How in the world did you EVER believe anything other?! It’s been OBVIOUS since the late ‘80s that he was nothing but a con-man. I’m glad you woke up, but how?

    2. From the northeast, I knew in the 80’s what a poser he was—I left the party shortly after his “election”. Still hardly believe anyone at all voted for the nutbar. To me, it played out much worse than I anticipated.

    1. @Lisa A You are so right Lisa. Call them write them – let them know that history will judge them and elections will be coming up. Peace.

    2. @Tanya Brown INDEED! I have reminded reps of that fact on a number of occasions. – Not necessary however in Washington state.

  9. People like Hawley and Cruz who have a personal interest in Trump being acquitted – to avoid their own culpability – should not be jurors.

    1. this is a really valid point – they’re patently prejudiced jurors. That’s the whole challenge with the impeachment process though: it blurs the line between justice and politics, particularly here, where those jurors are also witnesses. It makes you wonder if the mechanism for impeachment is truly fit for purpose tbh.

    2. A definite flaw in this type of trial. Many of the jurors have a personal, vested interest in the outcome of the trial.

  10. nobody should be surprised that most senate republicans are dismissing this impeachment trial when nearly all of them had a hand in the incitement

    1. Partner and I LEFT the Republican Party.

  11. Imagine not being offended by a President who incited a deadly attempted coup but being “offended” that someone was trying to hold him accountable for it. Only in the Republican Party.

    1. I can. Cowardice, fuelled by intense, _intense_ personal ambition and partisanship. That’s why those Republicans who voted against allowing the trial to proceed did so.

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