Sen. Warner: 'I Don't Think We Should Have Gone Out Of Session On Friday.' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Sen. Warner: ‘I Don’t Think We Should Have Gone Out Of Session On Friday.’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) joins Andrea Mitchell to give an update on plans for the Senate to pass an emergency coronavirus relief package. He calls the outbreak a "national emergency" and says that "congress needs to be here" to pass that relief, after Mitch McConnell let Senators leave town Thursday night. Aired on 03/16/2020.
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Sen. Warner: 'I Don't Think We Should Have Gone Out Of Session On Friday.' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Before you go bail out those companies, think of ways to help with the middle class who have to work multiple jobs to be able to make their mortgage payments, car payments etc…. That’s more urgent!

    1. @Jay Stone And what did those companies do with the money? They bought back their own shares which is a boon for shareholders. If you think any corporation cares about you you’re nuts. If it doesn’t make them money, they ain’t doing it. They only need you to help them make money. There is certainly nothing wrong with work but you put that smae money into the hands of people and what do they do? They spend it on things they need/want. That drives the economic engine not enriching shareholders.

    2. @Falcon Quest I’m not going to argue your point.
      How many mega employers can we stand to loose in your opinion?

    3. @lee they don’t care about them because thats who pays the taxes . 100million workers vs 1000 big business … big business is catered to but most jobs are in small business … makes no sense . The average joe has to work to survive .

  2. They gave billions to the market yesterday that vanished into thin air.they have no problem giving trillion dollar tax cuts for billionaires. But they have a hard time giving us back some of our tax dollars when we really need it!

    1. Stephen Urso It doesn’t matter who wins the Presidency. Y’all need to vote Republicans out of the senate. The real status quo is in the Senate. One man controls the agenda. It’s anti-democracy.

    2. @Don Williams That’s simply a lie. Perhaps…change your source of news and, geez, don’t believe ANYTHING that orange fool says! He lies every time his mouth moves.

    3. Pierre Blaise Let e answer that in your native tongue.. Baaaaaaa Baaaaa Baaa Ba Ba BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    1. They gave $500b to Wall Street in September, and have been doing QE of $60b a month since then too. That’s almost $2.5 trillion in 6 months spent and we still have a recession…

    2. Deficit budget this year was 1,2 trillions in end of 2019 U.S. got 23 trillion.
      End of 2020 will it according to budget be 24,2 trillions. Okay put a other 1,3 trillions then tRump have achieved biggest debt ever, and who will in the end pay for it.
      Mexico? No I don’t think so. 1% ? No I don’t think so.
      You and me ? Yes you got it right.

    1. Juliette Gooden-Millis Voting Blue for Amy McGrath —- younger, intelligent, fresh ideas and not a criminal.

  3. By their own hands, in November, Republicans in Congress, will be voted out of existence, from the White House, to the senate, for years to come.

    No trolling, no personal opinion will change that. Voters will be the final word.

    1. @Richard Swenson every Republican President in 90 years crashed the economy, which lead to tax cuts for the rich and sell in parts of our country off to pay for those tax cuts. Don’t blame dems for the reliable Republican Recessions, blame republicans who try the same failed policy everytime they take power and still think that recessions are successful…

  4. Moscow Mitch is on the same plane with the piece of garbage in the WH. Neither one is qualified for the job they hold.

    1. @Don Williams Schiff, Pelosi, Watters and Schumer have proven to be intelligent & also have insight into the lives of real people living in the U.S. The Republicans, on the other hand, have proven that they are concerned about money…the stock market, tax breaks for the wealthy & corporations, and bailing out the industries that are failing. Not to mention all of the conspiracy theorists on the right calling this a hoax. The people with intelligence knew from the beginning this was serious. Also note, the democratic majority run House passed a bill immediately, while the Senate went home before doing anything.

    1. Jeff Webb Yes. And get rid of all the Dems. Isn’t funny how Pelosi tried to sneak in Abortion/Planned parenthood money in with Coronavirus.

    2. jeff…if we get to vote! i have a feeling all of this bad stuff is happening for a reason that only trump and mcconnell know!

    3. “A week is along time in politics!” Come November, voters will be thinking about the latest Rap singer or Kardashian.

  5. The payroll tax cut wasn’t about helping workers, it was about starving Medicare and Medicaid of public funds
    The gop has no soul, traitors except for a few people

    1. That’s exactly their play – they do it all the time – never vote Republican if you love America.

    2. Yup. That way they can say “Democrats want to raise your taxes.” It’s there only go to move.

  6. Yeah, so the tax payers money that trump gave to all of his friends in that bank meeting to loan to small businesses is being used to buy stocks at rock bottom prices.

  7. Like McConnell cares. Senators have the best insurance you can get on the tax payers dime. As long as he has that and support from his big money donors he’s all good. Do better Kentucky. Vote him out!

  8. Bailouts to big business is an unwise use of taxpayer funds. The big banks continued handing out bonuses to themselves with the money. They still foreclosed on millions of homes and fired thousands of workers. Moreover these businesses have been planning for a recession – they’re awash in cash they refused to reinvest from their tax cuts. They already have a rainy day fund.

    Give it directly to those most effected directly.

  9. I’m so tired of hearing about bail outs for big corporations while they are paying record salaries to top management and huge dividends to share holders. Why can’t they set aside some of their own earnings during the good times to tide them over during the bad times? I’m so sick of taxpayers contributing to their GREED!!!!

    1. They were supposed to keep much more money on hand with the Dodd-Frank rules Obama signed into law, guess which rules Trump gutted at the request of Mnuchin, Bannon, Cohn, and Ross who were all Wall Street Execs…

  10. The Republican party have abdicated there responsibly to the American citizens. Shame on them.

  11. My daughter is a server in food industry. Her restaurant just closed for the next 2weeks. A tax break is not going to pay her rent. Call your senators and DEMAND they pass the House bill! Please

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