Sen. Warnock: Voting Rights Is Bigger Than The Filibuster | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Warnock: Voting Rights Is Bigger Than The Filibuster | Morning Joe | MSNBC


In his first speech in the Senate, Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., criticized Republican efforts to enact voting restrictions in states across the country. Sen. Warnock joins Morning Joe to discuss the fight for voting rights and why he says those voting rights are bigger than the legislative filibuster. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Sen. Warnock: Voting Rights Is Bigger Than The Filibuster | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Furbel Lallams of which you have no proof, you will tell us to wait and see, and your best source is a guy that told you this news during a cigarette break outside of a Denny’s. Yeah, we are holding our breath.

      Just give up on The ReButtLicans, GQP, and T-bag party. They want to keep you poor and stupid, and seem to be doing a more than adequate job in their goals.

    2. No, it’s America’s embarrassment alone. No other country is like this and the hypocrisy is astounding.

    3. @Tung Aa: Unconsciously you described the whole problem in american democracy, namely that there are only two options: Red & Blue. Why aren’t there other options like Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet or Black? Down with majority voting!!!

  1. Our ability to vote is a constitutional right, we are guaranteed the right to vote as stated in the constitution and every American should be absolutely outraged by the 250+ bills across the country attempting to disenfranchise voters. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

    Also Rep Warnock’s speech was extremely moving, I think his experience being a pastor helped to form his ability to convey his passion so you can feel it.

    1. Senator Tim Scott represents my state sense 2013 and is one of the finest members of government and has my total respect, witch is few and far between. You no victim quit acting like.

    2. @Buddy Roe JR nobody’s claiming victim hood, that’s something white people say when they don’t want to acknowledge the history of this country. I’m a decedent of slaves with my name, my culture, my religion, everything about my poeple here in this country has been erased buy white slave owners, But we still here. So yeah I think I’m qualified to speak on these matters.

    3. @Buddy Roe JR uhm, my mayor is white, and male. You can’t say every mayor, judge, and police chief are black when they aren’t. Also, did you sleep through Obama’s presidency where McConnell blocked everything he and congress tried to do for 4 years?

    4. @Meri Lizzie preach Lizzie, Obama couldn’t get anything done, the health care act only got passed because of the democratic majority in congress the first 2 years of his administration. And his executive orders can only go so far, and easily over turned by a newly elected republican president.

    1. you barely won the last election and that’s debatable…We will just kick back and watch Ole Joe ruin it for you in 2022..Assuming he doesn’t start a war with Russia in the meantime…

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog 8 million isn’t that small q-tard. I’ll also remind you that the electoral victory was 306 to 232, the same margin your fat baby bragged about for four years. Except fat orange never won the popular vote for anything.

      Are you part of a group responsible for an attempted insurrection (which you also lost) at the Capitol? Keep it up, and you’ll be joining your shaman in no time.

    3. @johnny rhodes But, don’t you know that Trump (the sore loser that he is) claims that he won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote back in 2016? If we were to listen to Trump we would all be paying for the loans that the defaulted on when he was having hotels built. People like ‘wolfdog think that they can project everything on liberals.

  2. A view from Canada. Every winter we spend a lot of time in the great State of Georgia. Love the coastal area. It’s great to see 2 quality Senators elected, who will work hard for the average Georgian.

    1. @Petey NY I take it that the courts ruling against Trump’s claims of fraud is a lie too? What about the tapes where Trump is trying to fraudulently get the election overturned by asking Georgia officials to cheat and find him thousands of votes that were not there?

    2. @Richard Batchelder Why is it that the only votes that were cast by someone voting twice or more were cast by Trump supporters? Oh, and why did this same thing happen in 2016 as well? Let me know If you would like some links to pages showing the attempted fraud on Trump’s behalf.

    3. @Richard Batchelder There are enough problems in the world. You don’t have to make them up.

  3. What the republicans are doing with voting laws is nothing short of democracy terrorism , the Dems must do whatever it takes to put an end to this . How much lower can the gop go ? , is there a limit to their beyond insane behavior ?

    1. @iwinzeazy You’re just feeding a troll. Better to just report it for racism and make it respawn.

    2. @alex johnson It’s crazy to see how the GOP successfully manipulated so many people, but then again evangelic Christians are still a pretty big thing which requires someone to have even lower critical thinking skills for them to believe in it.

  4. Voting rights should never be challenged and made more difficult or taken away . The RepubliCONs are BAD for all Americans .

    1. Correct premise, but wrong conclusion Richard Thomas. “Voting rights” he speaks of are born from the Nee Georgia Project, which is being investigated criminally, and are just Tammany Hall and Chicago tactics to win.

    2. @David Goldman There is no need for you to announce that you are a sissy and a troll . Now go back to mommy to be nursed . Have a good day !

  5. New GOP voter suppression laws throughout the country are aimed directly at Democratic voters. If need be, eliminating the filibuster is a no-brainer. Otherwise Democrats have NO chance of winning future elections.

  6. Let’s not go back to Jim Crow. End the filibuster now. Pass the voting rights bill. HR1 and the Lewis Bill need to be passed.

    1. The filibuster won’t end as long as there is a 50-50 split like there is now. As McConnell pointed out, if the filibuster is gone, the Dems would still need a quorum of 51 senators to conduct business and THE VICE PRESIDENT DOESN’T COUNT. So Republicans could just not show up and the senate would grind to a halt. Therefore, the filibuster will stay in place at least until the midterms next year.

  7. Like the Senator said. Why should we protect the rights of the minority in the Senate as they want to violate the rights of minorities around the country?

    1. Yes, I concur! I honestly believe that the Lord saw fit for PRESIDENT JB to lose all of his earlier runs for President because he knew that we’d truly need him now.

  8. Sen. Warnock is going to be a powerful voice in the Senate. I hope they get this voting rights bill passed, because the future of our country may very well depend on it.

    1. @Michael Scott It is in the Constitution that every Legal American is protected from Racism. So you following the Hypocrisy of the Media is pathetic. And again every Legal American CITIZEN has the right to Vote. What you aren’t comprehending is that these far left Democrats are only trying to acquire power. It has nothing to do with the people. At All.

    2. @Aaron Wilson . When systemic racism exists in agriculture, housing, the court system, the prison system, college system and voting laws too. Laws in America do not prevent all racism. You haven’t even bothered to look into voter suppression, racist or non-racist so why are you trying to argue with people on here?.

  9. Claire’s question is priceless!! Americans need to stop dark money flowing into the pockets of many legislators, in particular from those who are trying hard to sustain racism, mysogenism, homophobism in their own interest. That’s how they can purify their system, educate masses, reinstate fairness, justice and bring back trust towards politicians! Else that society remains vulnerable and their policies will have knock on effect on other innocent societies around the world!

  10. Sen. Warnock’s powerful speech on the moral imperative for protecting Voters’ Rights, was eloquent, thoughtful, and inspirational. It was a breath of fresh air to hear a well-reasoned speech for once, being debated from the Senate floor; not merely sound bites, truncated for self-aggrandizement in incessant campaigns, or as propaganda perpetuated by partisan hack-run media. He must be supported and RE-elected in 2024.

    1. Actually, he’s up for reelection in 2022. Yep. Unfortunately, Johnny Isakson retired 3 years after winning reelection, then Kelly Loeffler served a year after being appointed to the seat by Governor Kemp. She then tried to win the remaining two years, but was beaten out by Warnock. Per GA law Kemp could not appoint her for Isakson’s full term. So unfortunately Warnock has to run again in 2022. Another reason the Repugs here are derp into voter suppression – they want this seat back at all costs.


    1. @mike briganti Funny in a not so funny way, eh. It was ridiculous. The MSM and big tech had their marching orders in place to obfuscate and suppress any truths to the contrary of their narratives.

    2. The New Georgia Project. Using Tammany Hall and Chicago tactics for voting is not “voting rights”.

  11. God bless you Senator Warnock. I am proud of your election and your standing up for voting rights!

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