Sen. Warren: Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt Is ‘Matter Of Economic Justice’ 1

Sen. Warren: Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt Is ‘Matter Of Economic Justice’


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is among one of the Senators urging President Joe Biden to extend the pause on federal student loan payments and interest past the September 30 deadline and to forgive up to $50,000 per borrower in federal student debt through executive action. Warren said canceling debt is a “matter of economic justice.”  » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sen. Warren: Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt Is ‘Matter Of Economic Justice’


  1. Well, we’re still waiting for our politicans to do something besides TALKING ABOUT IT. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. @Kern Albert, maybe you don’t understand. I am an engineer with student debt. My debt is very insignificant compared to my salary and I can afford to pay it off, but why would I? I haven’t had to make a payment since covid began. So I’ve been putting my money into my 5,000 sqft. house remodel. I’ve paid off other debts, but I would be a fool to pay on my student loans.

      Eradicating student debt doesn’t mean the CEO won’t be filling his pockets. The CEO will still get his money regardless. This policy would take my debt that I can easily afford and push it off on people making far less money than I. Then those people, including the plumber, will have to pay the CEO for a debt that I signed up for and that I can afford.

      But I mean, I don’t care to spend the plumber’s money. I want to put up some solid bronze statues around my house. I guess I just feel a little guilty is all.

    2. If you have debt instead of waiting for the government to do something for you do something about it yourself

    3. @Harry Potter What if your debt is due to the actions of the government, should they then not have a role in rectifying that wrong?

    4. @Harry Potter If the government says you need a piece of paper to practice medicine, and they do, then yes, they did force me to go to college!

  2. Not everybody can get what they want. Good, don’t give Wallstreet or banks any money. They get enough.

    1. @dreamervanroom I got some news for all you fools. EVERYTHING is “backed up” by an insolvent government and a central bank that creates “money” out of thin air.

    2. @Jee Ess I got some news for all you fools. EVERYTHING is “backed up” by an insolvent government and a central bank that creates “money” out of thin air.

    3. @Alison Serrano I got some news for all you fools. EVERYTHING is “backed up” by an insolvent government and a central bank that creates “money” out of thin air.

  3. Landlords need the money to keep from being foreclosed on or bankrupted while renters are trying to get paid up. Isn’t that money coming?

    1. @Jeff Jernstedt no. Covid is nothing but cover to bail out the financial system. The FED has been pumping cheap money into the economy. It’s being used to gamble with.

    2. @tktimber Covid is being used to create fear and push the Wokers social agenda, simple as that. It is also used a a distraction from Biden’s Plantation, his border crisis, 40% increase in gasoline prices and 5.4% inflation rate and the abject failure of his Vice President.

    3. @Jeff Jernstedt I know fools like you believe politicians actually determine outcomes. Not the Fed. I’m sure you believe the bone spur commando can solve all the problems by acting like a petulant 3 year old demanding the Fed does exactly what it is doing now that Biden is the puppet instead of him.
      Oh wait. He already did that and failed miserably…….

  4. I wish student loans were forgiven during remote learning.

    It was such a waste of money & kinda sickening that colleges didn’t reduce tuition at all.

    1. @Nick Romo If you have a college education and cant find a job in this market, you really need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what is wrong with me!

    2. I mean, I dropped out of my Master’s program. It was always supposed to be remote, but doing a remote program while working remotely didn’t work for me.

    3. Asia student 👩‍🎓 pay 💰 every cent.But mostly best and the best we sent. To learn the cultural and Technology brings back to developing world 🌍 and own country. But US government say the Chinese students not accept. We SEA parents also the children 👶 also pay 💰 every cent.

    4. Strange times. I can advocate for a policy that will force a plumber to pay my student loans at gun point even though I make nearly three times his salary, and I would be considered noble for doing so.

  5. McCarthy … having a bad dream !!!! McCarthy’s vision for the American people and America is 05/10 not 20/20 . He does not deserve that gavel , that gavel does not at all deserve him !!!!

    1. R .. Have you heard about Mike Lindell’s symposium? Aug 10th/ 11th/ 12th? It’s invitation only. He put up $5 million to anyone who could prove his electronic data of 2020 election is false! Didn’t hear of this great story! Probably blocked by deep state controlled media !

  6. This is an idea worth talking about.. and afterwards move on..these decisions are made by children and adults most entire generation was encouraging another go to college.. everyone.. don’t explore anything but a secondary education.. suddenly.. not so suddenly there is a diploma glut.. years worth.. adjust the system from knowledge of our collective mistakes.. being a mechanic,a carpenter, plumber, gardener.. cutting hair..all admirable jobs that we should have valued before making a diploma from a University as the best way.. the guarantee of a successful and stable future.. this problem is bigger than current student debt holders

    1. @Mary Purcell *I think you meant ‘their loan back just’.
      I think it’s best if you can spell before you argue your point on failures in education. Or maybe not.

    2. You _really_ need to take an online course in grammar. Even though I agree with a lot of what you say it’s embarrassing that you’re talking about education when being so woefully uneducated.

    3. All of those jobs you mentioned take training and money for it right?
      Education should be accessible to everyone who wants knowledge. Whatever that might be.

    1. As long as Joe Manchin prevents any real change from happening, that Gavel’s McCarthy’s next year, & Corporate Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.
      Of Course, they’ll still blame it on the Progressive wing.
      Can’t let the Donor Class get upset.

      1.7 👍 139 👎says it all !!

    3. @Kelly Empson kelly— President Potato and his VP, chosen because of her skin color, are abject failures.
      Did you adopt 300 of Biden’s border crisis illegals yet? Your vote helped bring them here.

  7. Can we hear about the Manchin and his daughter issue. The 34 million she made and her daddy defends. The GOP Fox News and Exxon ownership of Manchin and Sinema. Sinema taking vacation

    1. Fox is owned by Disney a place you would not expect a return any google results when types next to pedophile raid or child peon but there are results.

    2. @Piccalilli Pit yada yada yada , biden is wonderful and orange man bad , we’veall heard the cultist nonsense before . not one word of your phone book sized post was anywhere near accurate or factual…

    3. @tony blackmon – are you sure you tagged the right person? cos I posted 3 lines. I mean I dont expect you to be familiar with reading a book, but 3 lines is a phone book???

  8. We should have that infrastructure money sent directly to the citizens and the community and then start putting our alternative energy sources in place. Solar, wind, wave energy.

    1. Nah, another 250 million to Palestine like the stimulus package? During pride month? How many homosexuals have been arrested thanks to all that money, from us. How bout that Solyndra deal with the former president. Hope my ventilator is not solar powered under the single pay system.

    2. tktimber
      Yeah, I will. I’ve been learning a lot from watching the zeitgeist moving on documentaries. I’ve learned so much this year and I evolve. But when I get some time I am going to watch it!

  9. So the underlying problem is schools’ greed. If you don’t fix the root of the problem, you’re just kicking the can down the road. Tuition costs will keep going up, and taxpayers will keep having to pay to cancel student debt.

    1. @maria schultz : Many Democrats talk about lowing tuition rates. That’s one of the big things they’ve been talking about for years.

    2. @maria schultz : Probably because she wasn’t asked. Free tuition for community college is on the Democratic agenda. You can look that up if you don’t believe me.

    3. @Trumpocalypse , FREE means the Government pays for it and the CC still sets the price, which will go up. If you want the price of ANYTHING to go up, subsidize it. You’re not very bright are you?

    4. No, underlying problem is that lowlifes take on debts they never plan to honor or pay back. Nobody is forcing you to go to an expensive college.

  10. Just wait for the divisive opposition to student loan payments – “what about this ? What about that ? Let X pay for it, let Y pay for it”, remarks made by people who don’t want to see any segment of the population be anything but miserable. Who wallow in envy and anger anytime they hear about someone else getting something, anywhere.

  11. I swear to you, if this had been a military funding package, all these warmonger senators would have voted 100-0 by now

  12. The infrastructure package needs to include High-Speed rail to connect to all regions ~~ clean energy. The 🇺🇸 USA is the only major industrialized “Nation” that doesn’t have High-Speed rail. The technology has been there for a long time to do this. Voting reforms are needed as well. Passing both infrastructure and voting reforms bills simultaneously and they should not be prioritized, both are critical elements.

    1. Great idea. Won’t happen. You need airplanes to invade other nations. Trains can’t transport troops.

  13. “There a lot of details to work out” – and that is where the devil is! So, the Devil will make sure it does not pass!

  14. 45* increased the debt by 8 trillion, including trillions in welfare for the rich, but repubs scream about how we can’t afford to invest in the people.

    1. lol you forget that 4 trillion of that was covid , actually 1.2 billion went to covid the rest went to democrats specisl projects , you see , the democrats had to get 3 times as much as the smerican people needed to fight covid , before they would agree to anything. trump was forced to
      go along to get any help to Americans. you know the projects like half a billion for the kennedy center . thats right democrsts gave almost as much to the kennedy center as they did to fight covid . the kennedy center tjen laid off their staff and donated most of that money to the dnc . its called money laundering if citizens do that …

  15. Former overpaid (probably collecting a pension) professor who is a HUGE part of the problem blames others….Hilarious

  16. The bill is about 3 ft high none of them would have had time to read it,yet they voted for it,very strange.

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