Sen. Warren: Biden Could Cancel $50k Of Student Loan Debt With ‘Stroke Of A Pen’ | All In | MSNBC 1

Sen. Warren: Biden Could Cancel $50k Of Student Loan Debt With ‘Stroke Of A Pen’ | All In | MSNBC


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Chris Hayes discuss the economic and social importance of canceling student loan debt: “President Biden could cancel $50,000 worth of student loan debt basically with the stroke of a pen.” Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Sen. Warren: Biden Could Cancel $50k Of Student Loan Debt With ‘Stroke Of A Pen’ | All In | MSNBC


  1. I have an associates plus some and I owe 32,000$, nothing fancy. This would change my families world as I have become disabled.

    1. @Yancey Sanders 👈 obviously a racist cheating Joe and “only way to DC was on my knees” disgusting Harris Fan! YOU …STFU

    1. @Jeff Libby I am fine, I just want my doctor be a doctor because he/she is good at his job, not because his mommy and daddy had money to make him/her a doctor. Education should be free, that way you get the best people doing the best job they can.
      And us ‘stupid’ twice in a sentence makes you look, well, stupid

    2. @Ral Deform I suppose when you buy a home we should pay that off also, after all we would not want you to be homeless, then let’s buy you a nice car after all we would not want you to ride a bus. Pay your own loans .

    3. @Ral Deform How do you explain free. Nothing is free someone is paying. In this case it’s the taxpayer, how do you think the government gets the money.

  2. They also need to restructure the student loan interest to function like a mortgage loan after students graduate NOT credit card debt forever adding to the cost of the education at a rate more than we can pay. It’s the compounded interest that is killing us.

    1. Your stupidity is killing you …..
      If you took a degree on a field that you could get a job you could pay your bills ….

  3. Why is higher learning so expensive that I can’t get my head around this , makes no sence. This is the key to the problem what are you going to do about his.

    1. Everyone complains our country is severely acking in education but they refuse to make it easier for more people to go to college. Sad.

    1. 👈 obviously a racist, cheating Joe and “only way to DC was on my knees” racist Harris Fan. What a loser! Pay your own debt

  4. These loans are toxic and need to go immediately. They are modern day slavery and are an injustice to the working class. Thank you for helping in the battle that has gone on for far too long.

  5. The craziness is the illegal immigrants allowed to come over and Biden requesting $1.5 trillion dollars to “resettle them”. That is the amount to cancel all student loan debt. 🤔

    1. Yup, Trump did it too last year early in covid. Republicans said we don’t have enough to cancel student debt and then they pumped 1.5 trillion into the stock markets that went up in flames like 3 days later.

  6. I didn’t go to college because I was scared to take on more debt than I could handle. I worked hard my whole life for less money and now you want me to pay for other people’s bad choices. Give everyone $50,000 or no one, that is the only fair way to do it.

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