Sen. Warren: Jeff Bezos Superyacht Gives ‘New Round Of Ammunition’ For Wealth Tax | All In | MSNBC

Sen. Warren: Jeff Bezos Superyacht Gives ‘New Round Of Ammunition’ For Wealth Tax | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. @Tessmage Tessera they pass it down to the customer you 🤡 he’s never paid taxes. Why? Because he can send it to another country. You’re stuck with the BILL. Like always. Watch your taxes go up because of this 🤡 BIDEN

  1. It’s time the super rich pays their fair share……seriously it’s just pocket change for them!! Need to close these loopholes that only applies to the rich!!

    1. Before physical books are burned read some history that seems to rhyme every 100 years or so.

    2. @Sawyer Scott How you made it is important. Slave owners back in the day “made” their money.

    3. @Chad 1) Democrats don’t own the Senate with enough margin to pass everything on a whim. 2) a bunch of Democrats and Republicans don’t even need to be bought, they are already rich before office, and vote to help themselves to tax cuts. Though Republicans are wealthier, not by enough to matter.

  2. Bezos’ proposed $500M super yacht’s price tag is equivalent to $130 for a $50,000/yr salaried person

    1. So he can definitely afford to pay 10-12 super yachts worth of money in income tax, then!

    2. The Young Turks took a slightly different opinion. That 1/2$B yacht and mini-yacht ..Ana and Cenk stated that to an employee’s average salary, compared to Bezos percentagewise, would cost us $25. But he won’t pay any tax. We pay more in taxes for purchases than this rich b**** who owns the Corp. Sickening. He made it all when the pandemic was taking control of our lives at our expense. Does anyone even like this guy? Besides his brokers?

    3. @Jane Davis TYT takes corporate cash. MSDNC is a corporate media network. Neither organization cares about Bezos’ yacht. Their talk is cheap

    4. @Jane Davis Be a little easier to unite if they didn’t believe the orange wasn’t the second coming.

  3. If Jamie Dimon wants full disclosure of how the government spends the taxes it takes in…..then Jamie Dimon should disclose how he spends the millions of dollars that he receives by stiffing his workers and avoiding paying his fair share.

    1. Ron, it is strange Jamie Dimon was not interested how the people were going to manage after the Trumps tax cuts for the rich?? We need to ask him why he was so unconcerned about his fellow countrymen and women.

  4. In a healthy, equitable society, the very rich would only be able to afford middling yachts while everyone else would be able to afford decent deck boats.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost “Have you ever once entertained the thought that what some entity claims to label itself isn’t accurate?” This got skipped over because the other person didn’t understand it, but I like the way you framed that. I usually assume when people say “I lived under communism; it was bad; don’t do it,” what they really mean is “I lived under a corrupt autocracy/oligarchy.”

    2. I’d be down with that. As long as the society I still have time with, is a well cared for and content people. All of us, not just a handful of garbage at the top.

    3. @CommaCam Yes. You … are a thoughtful person. Hide if you’re young. Seriously, I’m old and don’t give a crap.

    4. @pedjolinko no one earns 100 billion by their own hard work. No human is that productive. The people they control earn it. Control != Earn. There is a difference between rewarding hard work and being a robber barron. We have tried robber barron’s and they too fail miserably.

  5. R u kidding me!!! The rest of us pay taxes, we dont get to ask the government for an itemized list on what its spent on!!!! How entitled the rich think they are. Ridiculous!!! Arrogant beyond belief!!!

    1. @anon ymous Nobody is talking about communism. Thinking that this is communism is for low energy low IQ types

    2. @Beholder505 its how it starts…u push the buisness ppl around they fight back in various ways..the goverment takes control of said buisness and there u have it venezuela…mondern day version of socialism gone amok..the scary thing is they sort of won…the goverment ppl and the army are still rich and fed…everyone else got screwed/…its usually how it goes now..perfect formula to eat the so called rich…problem is usa evryone is armed so the violence wont b sporadic even tho venezuela is the murder capital of the wolrd they are moslty unarmed

    1. LOL, yeah a huge yacht tax!!! I wonder if Bezos’ big yacht is his way of subconsciously compensating for something– hummm???

  6. Looking at my college debt and the need for graduate school to make my degree relevant….it’s about $100k overall.

    1. What does the average person in your major make annually? Your pay is based on your knowledge, skill and ability.

    2. And yet the GOP blocks any bills that would reduce or eliminate that. The more educated people we have, the less uneducated people that follow the lies and fear mongering of Trump and the Party of Trump. It threatens them to see that they are losing power because people are becoming more “woke”.

    3. @Grateful Fredly Well, without the graduate degree I’d say 46k yearly but with the graduate degree, I could be making upwards to 86k. It does come with experience which is what internships are supposed to provide but I’ve found that most employers don’t care about the 2 months someone got you to do grunt work for them. Look up City Planner for a better salary idea for your area. In DC, I could make close to 100k but those jobs are few and far between and I’ll probably have to enter a battle royale for an interview. But some jobs like the ones I’m going for, they’re not something you can fall into. It’s years of work and dedication so you’d think that doing something for 6 years would at least I showed knowledge, passion, consistency, and reliability. I can design a park, I can handle signing off on a gazebo or whatever haha.

  7. I want to see a itemized list of how jaime diamon spends his money..that’s so rich of diamon to say.

    Better child care will bring up the level of education of our country for all people.

    1. Did anyone ask to see yours? Why should we care unless he is smuggling Catholics across the southern border. Thats all tax free income. If you can put 27 people in an SUV, think how many he could get in that boat.

    2. So will bringing up children of character, education does not equate to intelligence. You will need more than education to be able to lead.

  8. I love how grotesque it is to buy such an expensive boat now. It’s kind of a shame Bezos doesn’t look like Jabba the Hut to complete the picture

    1. And still all the voting restricted take that 40,000 vehicle and go idle in a food line. Be responsible for yourself, don’t rely on government. This place is great! Don’t be blinded by the hate.

    2. @Grateful Fredly 😆 Imagine being a simp for Bezos. That would make you the little laughing gremlin that sat by Jabba’s feet.

  9. You are 100%correct. Here in the United States, it is a paradise for the billionaires. They should pay their fair share!

  10. There was a time when high quality hospitals offered in house child care by teachers with advanced degrees. The issue was that only highly paid professionals could afford this. But the children who attended were just amazing, and their parents were happy.

  11. I have known people who became wealthy. With the exception of one, they all became greedier the wealthier they became.

  12. A friend of mine, a doctor, decades ago was bragging about how, after earning 150,000 that year only had to pay about $50 in taxes…legally…because of the associates financial ‘management’ company.

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