Sen. Warren Previews Upcoming Infrastructure Vote, Talks Tax Plan 1

Sen. Warren Previews Upcoming Infrastructure Vote, Talks Tax Plan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joined Stephanie Ruhle for a wide-ranging interview just hours ahead of the bipartisan infrastructure package vote. She discusses what comes next for Democrats' $3.5 trillion human infrastructure proposal, her new corporate tax plan, and whether government spending and inflation could cost her party the midterms. "These are the right things to do for our nation and we have underinvested for a long, long time," she says.

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Sen. Warren Previews Upcoming Infrastructure Vote, Talks Tax Plan


    1. @Karl Todd no different that the other side of the same corporate bird, left wing/right wing, still same old dodo bird.

  1. “Anything less than supporting a corporate evangelical dictatorship makes you 100% Communist.”


  2. I’m so scared that taxes are gonna go through the roof. Inflation is already bad now imagine after this. With this bill in the last 8 months we spent almost 7 trillion. And there’s another 2 trillion dollar bill after this.

    1. @Isaac inkout okay, so i feel like you dont actually want to have a discussion and would rather find ways to belittle or disregard my view points (fun fact im actually latinx living in the inner city, and i base my ideologies off of the many books ive read on various socio-economic philosophies).

      With that said, with stronger social safety nets (either universal basic income, or systems in place to ensure that poverty isnt a threat for anyone), higher taxes should provide you with more peace when you sleep at night.

      And another thing, no one has been talking about drastically raising taxes for the working class. Its the people who hoard wealth who should be taxed more (or at all for that matter).

      But like i said, i feel like you dont actually want to have a discussion, so ill just leave it here. I hope you have a great day 🙂

    2. @William Payne beanie sanders is rich af. Bernie Sanders is way too contradicting for me. For him being a socialist he uses capitalism to his full benefit. All I’ll be seeing is rich people fight with other rich people , and that’s kinda normal. It’s people like u that us Latinos need to fight against. Your a very contradicting person to bring up Bernie Sanders.

    3. @b LatinX isn’t real. That’s just a new liberal tool to divid us brown people. Most if not all agree that LatinX isn’t real. And again your a socialist and most Latinos will agree that socialism has never worked. Not saying capitalism is the best option either but I prefer it cause people can thrive here on the “choices” they make. I’ll never be a socialist . Some ideas may sound nice but all of it is not. U white washed Latinos are so narcissistic thinking that raising taxes and the cost of living really helps. Really out of touch with life. LatinX is fake af and more the 95 % will agree. Try to create a minority in a minority when we’re all eating the same sh!t sandwich.

    4. @b by the way Carl Marx was a prolific racist that hated Mexicans and others. He’s no better then the founding fathers . Actually there in the same scale of racism if u look at it from a liberal view.

    5. @Isaac inkout tube search — the dunning Kruger effect —— medicare and social security good or bad? Guess what those are products of Democratic socialism —- fools like you don’t know that

    1. @David Eby they don’t need subsidies. Oil companies get tons of money from regular people then jack up the price of gas and artificially drive up prices by holding back their supplies. But I guess we’re the fools and you’re an expert economist.

  3. I love Elizabeth Warren, but 7%, I am considered poor, family makes less than $14,000 annually, and we are responsible for 12% in federal income taxes.

  4. If the candidates remind the public who did not vote for the things that benefited from that and who put the structure in place for them to benefit the campaign should go great

  5. Less than truthful useful idiots, the master Fauci, yes, the little red book yes, how helpful, saving us from ourselves.

  6. No matter what happens corporations will always recoup their losses on the backs of consumers. They could make 50 billion a year in profits and it’s never enough. Corporate greed won’t allow them to ever be fair or treat their customers and employees like human beings. As long as we always try and increase profits exponentially, the American public will get screwed. Like we always do and the rich will always get richer.

  7. And average people still fall in trap believing that it is good for them to pay taxes while earning a minimum wage and that for profit companies and rich get away paying little or no taxes.

  8. If they don’t pay tax then they can’t use roads and bridges. And they can’t use the emergency services and the army won’t protect them in case of insurrection. End of.

  9. It’s so sad women/mothers have to work to support their kids. My mom didn’t, and we had 8 kids. My stepdad was a blue collar worker. My mom was good with numbers. Her mom was a book keeper. My mom did go to work at 15 to help her mother, a single parent at 15, when her dad died.
    Was hired as a teller in Bank of America on Market St. in SF.
    AFTER she got the 8 kids out of the house she began ‘working’ teaching other people’s kids how to play piano out of her home. She told me once, never go into business for yourself, the irs will screw you. She died a millionaire, the gov. took half. Like they worked for any of it.

  10. Start taxing all churches and these so called Christians ministers that live in multi million dollar mansions and own big jet planes

  11. MORE WOMEN IN THE SENATE, PLEASE. She makes sense, she is kind and pleasant, and she has solutions. MORE WOMEN can get MORE DONE.

  12. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are “people.” American people pay taxes, so that means the corporate “people” need to pay taxes likewise.

    1. Rly smart to make them “people”.. Can people reestablish themselves to get rid of any responsibility?
      Can a cooperation go to prison?
      Look at the opiod crisis.. Perdue is guilty, but all in charge are innocent..
      Makes no sense

  13. Should be every dollar over 1 million, if you need more than 1 million a year to live you’re absolutely terrible with money.

  14. 4:35 WOW
    Republican talking point.. Disguisting

    Media never asks that questions when it’s about millions for corporations, tax cuts for billionaires or endless war..but helping people not to die from hunger? Oh no, got to look for deficit

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