Sen. Warren Reacts To GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer | MSNBC 1

Sen. Warren Reacts To GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer | MSNBC


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joined Stephanie Ruhle to react live to Senate Republicans' $928 billion infrastructure counterproposal just released this morning. She also discusses her wealth tax proposal, hyper-partisanship in Congress, and the prospects of passing legislation creating a Jan. 6 commission in the Senate.

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Sen. Warren Reacts To GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer | MSNBC


    1. @Paul Crozer “So glad I had a opportunity to join the Teamsters Union.”

      The key work here is “opportunity”. You had the choice of joining a union, it it appears it worked out for you. Great! However, not everyone wishes to join a union.

      I also didn’t deny the existence of corporate greed. However, what exactly does that have to do with right-to-work laws?

    2. @Dexter Morgan OK, I voted for Bernie, so let’s start with that. Since taking office Biden has very much surprised me with how good he is. If we want UHC and the other items listed, flaming well turn out in huge numbers in 2022. And if you want to see a disappointment, look up Obama. He had the change to enact real change, and instead went all wishy washy with the Rs – it wasn’t until after 2 years in office that he finally realized the Rs were not going to compromise on anything, on anything, on anything. I was so angry with him at that point I stopped listening to him as I could not understand how such a seemingly intelligent man could allow himself to be played for a fool for 2 years.

      Biden at least knows what kind of people he is dealing with in the opposing party, and so far he has done a great job of getting things done. But if you honestly think putting Bernie in there would get you UHC, you must be joking. And I have voted for Bernie in two separate elections. I started voting in the 1970s, so I’ve seen a lot of chicanery and the Republican party slowly become the party of white supremacists and oligarchs. And yet the country clowns think that party is going to do something for them. They will not. But hug the flag and carry a cross, that they will do. While denying science, denying that endless tax cuts for the rich do not actually do anything beyond making the obscenely rich even more obscenely rich.

      Do I like the DNC? Not in the least. But Biden seems to understand he has one shot at keeping democracy alive in this country. And so far he seems to be doing the right things at the right time. We will have to wait and see what he does going forward.

    3. @Dexter Morgan OH, I happen to be British, and so have the NHS. And it is pretty dammed good.
      I’ll take it any day over the mess that is the US medical industrial complex.

    1. @Gail Brown its not new, age old situation The democrats are atheists who dont believe in rights, the republicans protect everyones right to self defense etc. Hence the civil war, because democrats didnt believe in human dignity and human rights. Still to this day many conspire against rights. I bet you’re guilty yourself

    2. @Mo ses As I indicated, there should be some reasonable limit set. I remember when there was no option for overdraft protection. You simply bounced the check, had to deal with the person you bounced it on, and pay a fee when it was returned. You can still go that route, as overdraft protection is optional. You know the easiest way to avoid overdraft protection charges? Don’t spend more than you have! I don’t mean to be callous, but we have bigger issues to deal with!

    3. @Carl Williams I thought it was all debit card stuff, I guess you still use checks? Do people still accept checks?

  1. child care has always been underated; from zero to five women do this work, generally out of the goodness of our collective hearts. There should be financial support for women who stay home to raise children. working class Men/other parent #2 do not earn “two people wages” any more. And if there is no second parent, which is so often the case, women need good support – NOT FOOD STAMPS, godalmighty.

  2. A confontation between Stephanie Ruhle and MTG might be interesting but would probably end without anyone learning anything, as MTG is at best an “empty barrel”, to use John Kelly’s words.

  3. lol the party of no and absolutely believes and is so confident they get the house and possibly the senate back in 2022. VOTE PEOPLE! get out there next year and vote heavy in the midterms.

    1. Also, right now call CONGRESS: 202-224-3121 (at least) and let them know your thoughts and solutions, please.

    2. Party of pro life won’t pay for wages of the very people taking care of children. More like pro birth and then you’re on your own, little baby!

    3. Let’s never forget, they are the party of Insurrection Day, and also blocking any investigation of that day. There is no reason to trust the TeaOP on any subject, whatsoever.

    1. @SaboTopHat The idea is to get corporations and the richest to actually Pay taxes, like the rest of us

    2. @David Eby So you see rampant capitalism as working for most people? The fact that 1% of people earn 99% of the income is just fine and dandy to you? They have you heart mind and sole you slave.

  4. These Republicans talk as if we we’re back in time by 30-40 years, trying to define what infrastructure is.

    1. @Paul Crozer Of course, that depends on whether the union actually achieves a wage increase or not. Not all high-paying states are without right-to-work laws, y’know.

    2. @Jeff You’re free to check for yourself. I hope you remember to factor in cost of living too!

    3. ​@Mr. James It Sure Does! … the New Biden Admin now has to clean up the horrific mess left by the Trump admin b4 things can change, and that takes time. NOTE: Trump golfed approx 300+ days while he was in office. Pretty hard for him to “meet objectives” when “working” on his golf game? (I use that term “working” loosely). Also, since most of the balance of that remaining time, he was “Tweeting” hate and watching Fox news!

    4. @Paul Ferrante Biden inherited a recovering economy. It wasn’t by any means great, but it certainly wasn’t the “mess” that was handed to other Presidents such as FDR and Obama.

      I also wasn’t trying to defend Trump not completing objectives. I simply said that he’s not the one currently occupying to Oval Office.

    1. @Cokkie Kraaijeveld
      She committed fraud.
      Move along racist European

    2. @Paul Crozer
      I dont care about your uncle trump
      Your aunt Warren stole many opportunities from Indigenous people and Women.

    3. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH She stole Nothing! Trump lost! So it’s Trump an his gullible followers who wants to steal the election! Crazy crackpot conservatives who tried to destroy Capitol hill!

    4. @Paul Crozer
      You, trump, and Warren are just illegal squatting Europeans.
      I could care less about your British politics

    1. @Anonymous User Ever herd of the agency she formed that got billions of dollars back from banks after the financial failure(under Dubya Bush)
      The Consumer Financial Protection Agency did Exactly that.
      Sorry you don’t keep up with reality or you would know that, but I guess you can’t….so
      Keep spouting your “Alternative Facts”?

    2. @Elbar Jones Hmmmm Fox News reported that too didnt know that, well I guess you are correct about how F UP you are and Warren the lying witch, even Bernie cat stand her

    1. The rich are the only ones who actually support the government. You just want them to support it more. You just can’t take peoples money because you want it. It ain’t yours.

    2. @Melanie Cotterell really? Jeff Bezos pays nothing in taxes. The rich exploit loopholes, put their money off shore, and buy politicians to give them tax cuts. If I had a tiny violin I’d play it for those poor, abused corporations.
      They don’t support the government and it’s time they pay their fair share.

    3. @Melanie Cotterell And 60% of the wealth in this country is inherited. 60% did nothing to earn it either, Melanie. But my guess is you just might be in that small group that might have to pay this tax, and the odds are you have what you have not due to hard work, but rather by a gamed system that wants to get rid of the middle class, wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Wants two classes, American Royalty ans a mass of peasants.

    4. @Tracy Rowe Absoltely correct. And mostly low income people have worked very hard to make Bezos rich. Which is why I do not use any of his systems, especially not Amazon.

  5. What about the single parents that are being losing their homes they can’t find child care they can’t find places to live because if they have a boy and a girl they have to have a three-bedroom apartment that’s out of their price range seriously

    1. Rent control is a badly needed measure, as made evident by the landlords who salivate at the deadline of the eviction moratorium

    2. Losing homes because they cannot afford child care? A niece of mine works in child care and she cannot afford a place to live. What about that?

  6. It’s so true, as a mother, my entire career has been unpredictable wages never stable my entire adult life cause there is nothing truly in place to allow us to maximize our true potential.
    Child care way to expensive, weird school open and closing times, the expectation that WE always have to drop our careers to care for the kids etc.
    you want a stronger economy? Help us to get the infrastructure we need to help us get to work, to college and be REAL contributors to this economy. We WANT THAT

  7. The fact that movie star and professional athletes make 50 million bucks a year and scientists that struggle to find a cure for cancer make .025% as a paycheck is an atrocity.

    1. @FickledPickle You’re not comparing “Apples to Apples”. Professional and Non-professional Sports, in general, bring in MILLIONS++ of $$$$$$ in revenue to big and smaller businesses. Scientists don’t. Think about it?

  8. Infrastructure bill should be 6T$. So much needs to be done in this country to get us into the 21st century and make the country safe again for everyone.

    1. When will the dems learn…that the counteroffer is b.s. its a lie…if you took that offer by the GOP right now word for word and had them vote..they would all vote no. Dems foolishly did this with the aca…and ended up with almost 200 amendments with zero repub votes.

    2. @Jeff all that money will go to wall street and political connected scammer.
      you don’t have the sense god gave a hog. dumber than a brick
      you actually think any of that money will got infrastructure?:
      I bet you believe Fauci, too.

    3. Safe again starts when those butt holes in the houses start treating people equal as God created us to be, and holding policeman accountable for this s*** they’re doing

  9. “Upon request” they waived partial fees and lessened the time of application. Elizabeth Warren knows.

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