1. @Brandon w Unlike in a court trial, in an impeachment process there is no requirement to even consider evidence much less to have it influence your decision.

      Senators are not emotional. They do what they are payed for, either the money or the political capital, which in most cases is the same thing.

  1. Complete and utter shame on all those that voted nay. This was a farce. Enjoy your frigging vacations knowing you spit in the face of democracy.

  2. I’d say unbelievable, except that these sorry excuses for “law” members value their own political careers over the Constitution. It’s a sad day for America.

    1. If the house managers had not been so incompetent then they might have got a result as Trumps support was wavering. Fortunately for Trump they performed like a bunch of amateurs. In a real court they would have been held in contempt for doctoring evidence and possibly even struck off. They didnt even know what they had entered into evidence during summing up. What a shambles.

    2. It’s only sad for any of the 7 pubs that are looking for re-election, pooh pooh, ain’t happenin’. Trump, yes, but we are not tired of winning.

    1. @hunter blane The 25th Amendment isn’t impeachment, but it is a way to remove a President who has gone mad and who poses a danger to the country. Apparently, Mike Pence didn’t believe that was the case with President Trump.

      Don’t worry about Trump ever becoming President again. If he did run again, and by some miracle won the popular vote (which would be a miracle, considering how politically damaged he is), do you actually think the electoral college would vote for him, after everything that has happened? That the Senate would actually count electoral votes for him and allow him to be President? No, of course not.

      There was no January exception. Trump is never going to be President again. He’s out of office, the issue is moot, and there wasn’t any reason to hold this trial.

    2. @Tom Collins The fact that your saying the trial is mute is exactly my point. There’s no consequence for the 25th amendment. If you can’t hold a trial for someone who’s out of office then that person is essentially immune from impeachment in January.
      Let me put it this way. You work at a restaurant but tell your boss youre quitting in two weeks. If, a week later, you vandalize the restaurant, you can’t just go “well I’ll be gone by next week anyway and all the paperwork that goes along with firing me takes more then a week, so there’s really no point in firing me.” That’s not how it works.
      What the acquittal basically says is, if a president already has one foot out the door, they can do what they want. It’s not completely about Trump, it’s about setting a standard for future presidents.

    1. @AJ I cannot rob a bank and then say “I can’t be convicted because I don’t believe in the law.” Similarly McConnell may believe about the Constitution whatever he wants, but the Senate voted for the impeachment to be constitutional. After that McConell was bound to accept that the impeachment was constitutional. End of story. I see a pattern here in ignoring the Constitution. Obama was entitled to a nomination hearing for a Supreme Court seat. McConell denied it.

    2. And after being the cause of the reason the impeachment trial did not begin before the dictator left office.

    3. That’s just what Cowards do .see Mr President i covered for. for you so now you don’t have to let the Cat out the BAG !!!!!!

    1. @LadyJoolree no it wasn’t. Where are the forensics report on signature verification and tabulation data from election night?

    2. TDS is incredible, Trumps lawyer proved the Democrats manipulated twitter screenshots and footage yet you’re still here crying.
      From the UK, you far leftists are a joke.

    3. With all the fabricated evidence dems have presented? Sure, go ahead, for once I would like to actually see someone going to jail for tampering with evidence.

    1. but biden, pelosi and schumer are gonna bring rep’s & dem’s together, don’t worry… in 2024 maga will be back, reloaded… enjoy

  3. Let’s be honest, we all know he’s guilty, but did any one actually believe a Senate of corrupt republicans would hold a billionaire politician accountable?

    1. Is he broke or a billionaire? I guess it all depends on the situation? Kind of how they always claimed Trump exagerated his crowd sizes until the January 6th crowd.

    2. If your case was that concrete it would have been unanimous.
      You were never going to get trump because he has done NOTHING WRONG

  4. Today the GOP erased the “G” so the “OP” remains. My hope is that the people of the USA may remember this Day for the polls and elections to come.

    1. It’s not the GOP anymore, it’s the TQP party. Welcome to the Fourth Reich born right here in the good ole USA.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy It seems that you have an important position in the government of the UK as you speak for the people of the UK. May I’ll feel honoured because you commented my comment?

  5. The Trump lawyers could have basically just been like : “we don’t give an f our client is gucci” and it wouldn’t have changed anything

    1. I could have worked as Trumps’s lawyer and he would have still been acquitted. The impeachment process is now an absolute farce.

    2. @Dustin V so if they were shouting “Dustin sent us” you’d be responsible for it, even thought you never told them to storm the Capitol ? Come on he told them to go to the capital and peacefully protest, but they didn’t. Get real

    3. @J Ramirez 😳🧐🤔 didn’t he say “march to the capitol.. and you never never take your country back with weakness, you have to show strength” I mean I can go on because evidence is spread around the world visually. From distance shores we’ve been watching 👀. Everyone knows trump incited the violence on the capitol..l but it’s ok though do what y’all Americans do best
      🇺🇸 🙈🙉🙊 🇺🇸

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 Trump was acquitted after he tried to incite sedition, what can you possibly think that Biden or Pelosi did that would even come near to that?

    2. My thoughts and prayers for you America. You have issues. If you can’t even hold those that threatened your democracy accountable, then your “democracy” is just living on borrowed time until the next despot wannabe trashes your constitution again.

    1. @Ronaldo61 we in the wrong news channel this msnbc bro they been fed lies by the media. When this becomes history future generations will make joke about how dumb people were and how much they were lied

  6. I dont envy their future, begging for trump’s scraps from now on. This ain’t something they can later say oops I now realize I was wrong.

    1. @Big Jim Slade Calling us out for what you are guilty of is straight out of your hero’s only bible Mein Kamph.

  7. GOP have never defended the power of the People’s vote. Their recent training exercise will be used again but by a more competent Candidate. Voter suppression is who they are.

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