Senate Advances Infrastructure Bill, Key Part Of Biden Agenda 1

Senate Advances Infrastructure Bill, Key Part Of Biden Agenda


The Senate has voted to advanced a bipartisan infrastructure bill clearing a big hurdle for the Biden White House's agenda. Lisa Lerer of The New York Times joins to discuss.
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    1. @Gar Heard I told you which comment when I said they lied. Biden said he had a plan for covid, LIE. He said he wasn’t against franking, LIE. The border, LIE. Even CNN started calling him out on a few lies about the election bills! Literally every single Democrat is the same as you just said about those people. Sound like you’re a hypocrite as well.

    2. @Gar Heard Tell you what. We’ve all got Google. Just type in, “Democrats lies”. And watch what pops up. You clowns still spout debunked trash and call it truth.

    3. @Anthony Ellis Âû
      It’s a start. Bipartisanship isn’t perfect, but it’s part of the system we have. The alternative is to stay deadlocked & accomplish nothing like Trump spent 4 years doing. The bill addresses a ton of needed work.

    1. @bung holeo You have a very one dimensional view. What if Epstein was going to give up more prominent people to avoid life in prison? Don’t you see the implications of this? We already know the lists of many prominent world leaders etc people who visited his island. This is why it matters.

    1. @Strange Roamer fraudit. The only thing fraudulent about it is everything the democrats did to give biden more votes. I.E the fraudulent mail-in ballots, dead people voting, and the double counted votes for Biden, Trump votes out in canals, or lost on the road, improper chains of custody on a lot of ballots…should I go on? That’s not even getting into the confession made by TIME magazine speaking about how they stole the election, with the help of Big Business who turned on Trump, big Tech censoring conservative channels, Government all wanting him and his accomplishments off the face of the Earth, and slander/libel against Trump both as president and after, and that’s not even mentioning how they consistently attacked him with civil cases which all failed for lack of evidence (something democrats and liberals fail to provide, ever), attacked people who associated with Trump, as well as raiding their homes under a clear violation of 4th Amendment right. I could go on and on but your tiny brain may have already exploded after fraudulent mail-in ballots and dead people voting 😂

    2. @Guided Meditation its part of the 10 steps of genocide brother. We are on step 8, where murders, looting, and trial massacres are abundant.

    3. @Norbert Amberg to add to that, the current lie was that he drove a truck and back in 1973 he only rode in it and flew back home on a plane. His whole administration are lying swamp dwellers, and once in the swamp always in the swamp.

  1. They vote if they will vote ? WHAT ! Waste of money and time, I wish I had all the money they waste in one day I could retire and live like king like they do…

  2. Dear Gop …Democrats are playing you like a flute..government spend $$ on infrastructure anyway…they are waiting to ram the big spending plan with the 50 plus one vote

  3. Love how it didn’t cover what was actually in the bill. How it will affect Americans. All that mattered was that it was a huge win for Biden.

    Who is paying for it?

    I want facts. I don’t need news on “victories”

    1. @james swinth (Rs) NEVER put forth a bill for the lower/middle class. The Biden administration will NOT tax anyone with an income less than $400, 000. Stop with the FAUX lies.

    2. @Winfield Scott Hancock If one should look up the words liars and deniers, you’ll see pictures of trump and his supporters. Also: Hypocrites, cowards, incompetents, domestic terrorists, etc.

    3. @GreenKrickett they don’t look anything up and then claim that no one told them anything. Then they go on Facebook and believe everything

    4. @Oliver Erz Yup I can’t even tell you the number of times they have stated something as proof, yet when asked for said proof they can’t give you any.

      When are they going to learn — no proof it means you are LYING.

    5. ​@Gar Heard I’m sorry that you’re such a simple minded individual that you’re incapable of seeing the truth or at the very least admitting the truth and having to try and lie your way out of it, but from year one to the start of the pandemic it was only 3T, far less than your heros obammy and birdbrain did in their first 3 years in office, in fact they raised our national debt by 4.7T in their first 4 much less the extra 3.5T in the 2nd 4.

      As for year 4 of Trump, NO you don’t get to blame him for that, unless you’re blind or totally stupid you know exactly who to blame for the skyrocketing debt the last year, it wasn’t R’s and Trump who shut down the economy and arrested anyone that tried working when they commanded them not to, it wasn’t us who held the country hostage for giving relief funds because republicans wouldn’t approve funding for pakistani gender studies. No, the massive 5T$ in increased debt for 2020 is completely 100% ALL ON THE DEMOCRATS and their poor decisions that have destroyed this country. So yea smart mouth, research and weep because I just made you look like a liar or a uneducated fool. You pick which.

    1. Let’s play the guessing game. Bot, far right nut job, far left nut job, or troll. My guess here is far right nut job.

    2. @Purplemamba

      “aNoThEr FaR rIgHt NuT jOb”

      So sorry that people hate your benefactors but you’re just out here justifying people’s mistrust.

  4. I don’t trust either side they are all self motivated, now that I mention it I don’t trust you or any other media to tell me the truth either.

    1. You may no trust either side, but the Democrats always get the little guy something, where Republicans just get for the 1%. Hard to name something the GOP has gotten us lately that has improved our daily lives.

    2. @Carb Larson give the little guy something by putting more on the backs of people with jobs who pay for these supposedly free programs.

    1. That’s not how government spending works. Basic economics at hand here. Also public safety, people die due to bad infrastructure.

    2. @Purplemamba yeah I always asked my econ teachers about inflation and greed and they couldnt dumb it down for me so i dont correlate it economics and greed including inflation

    3. @Luis Villa Well the thing is every time democrats try and pass important spending bill inflation becomes a big issue all of a sudden. Trump increased our debt by trillion due to his bills. Yet no issue with inflation for him. Inflation doesn’t just start going up when we pass spending bills, especially bills that have a way to pay for them. Such as increasing taxes on corporations and the top earners.

  5. With the Southern border open and unlimited spending, the authotitarians have won. Now put your mask back on!

  6. Oh look. They gonna gimme back .05% what I paid them after my cost of living went up 25%. What a deal!

  7. Divide and conquering , Americans paying illegal income tax they hope one day we don’t collectively unite.

    1. Say What?? Biden wants to tax the 1%, the wealthy and their profitable corporations, You do know that all lot of them pay no taxes at all, right? The divide and conquer thing is the Nazi propaganda that Trump learned from Mien Kampf, his heroes book about how to turn a democracy into a fascist state. So knock off the misinformation and feigned ignorance, okay?

    2. @Fool for the Citydon’t know what coporations pay but I paid 20k in taxes. No laws says income tax must be paid were all lied to. Divide and conquer is obvious Lol come make me stop

    3. @JP Valentine You aren’t making any sense, bubba. Time to take a break, because you aren’t processing.

    4. @Fool for the City You truly don’t have a clue. Quit while you’re behind. You just described the Dems of the past 70+ years. And, America is not, and has never been, a democracy; thank God.

  8. Love the thumb nail trying to make Biden not look like a dementia patient.

  9. Joe drove 18 wheelers back in the day? He said it… must be true… GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IN SOY FACE!!!!

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