Senate Appears Prepared To Move Forward On Bipartisan Deal 1

Senate Appears Prepared To Move Forward On Bipartisan Deal


After a months-long debate on infrastructure, it appears the Republican senators have reached a bipartisan deal with Democrats and the White House. The Senate could vote on the infrastructure package as early as tonight.
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    1. @Friskyisland78 I’m sure it has nothing to do with his business. I don’t see how a paving company can make any sort of money off an infrastructure bill.

    1. @Ral Deform I love the sound of that! They have gotten away with so much because the American people have not been privy to all the underhanded things they do. We need full transparency. We need a body of regular citizens overseeing them!

    2. These “vacations” are where they go home and meet with constituents in town hall meetings. If it were not for the time they spend at home, the only people they’d talk to would be other politicians and paid lobbyists. I’d rather they talked with the people they represent more, and lobbyists less.

    3. @Deborah Freedman That’s what they’re supposed to do. In Missouri, I tried to see My senator last time he was home. In fact, there was a protest about him. But he would not see us. When’s the last time you got to meet with your representative?

    4. @Deborah Freedman They can talk to they constituents when their constituents have time. Do you take a day of to go to a townhall meeting? No.
      They can do that on their weekends just like everybody else.

  1. I’ll believe it after it passes. If it doesn’t, WHEN are the Dems going to stop being so passive?

    1. @Dave Smith just go away, Russian. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say. We all know you run your accounts through shadow servers and vpns. Your time is running out. You won’t make a living doing this much longer. You only serve to harass, misinform and intimidate Americans.

  2. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. i got a random person’s election ballot. most people I know living in an apartment got a random ballot. I wonder how many people voted for someone else that moved out of state.

    2. @mopthermopther That makes no sense. Well, I suppose to brainless right wingers random completely unrelated conspiracy theories make sense… but then they’re stupid.

  3. Dems have a small majority in the House and apparent tie in the Senate. Next year’s elections are CRITICAL

    1. Last estimate I read the republicans will be down by about 40K votes in the reddest districts by midterms. Why do you think all the republican politicians and talking heads have flipped and are now for the vaccine? Some one did the math and wet themselves lol

    2. let’s be real… nobody liked Trump. They had to get him out, but that doesn’t mean they dislike the republican party. I see major wins for republicans in 2022.

    3. @Hunter just like orange loser’s pick lost in Texas? The behavior of the GOP has turned off decent Republicans and they’re leaving the party in Droves. No one wants to be the party of Insurrection except insurrectionists

  4. If it passes you know republicans got everything they wanted and democrats got 1/4 of what they wanted but by Gawd it’s bipartisan.

  5. Blah, blah, blah, let’s wait for the Rupublikkkans to invent an exuse to sabbotage everything.

  6. Get the bill through. Congress needs to pass it and then move on to the other bill. I am a former Republican and am with the Democrats now but don’t tie the two bills together. Get what you can NOW!

  7. Ooh. Just wondering… Did the testimony yesterday trigger a new found respect between the parties. This development does not follow the standard gop rules of engagement.

  8. If it passes, Biden will have gotten a deal within 6 months. Trump’s infrastructure week turned into 4 years.

  9. If the bill still has amnesty for illegal immigration, it wasn’t bipartisan, it was one side cowing down to the other side .
    Republicans lost their backbone when Trump left.

  10. Well hope they vote move forward and sign and checks can start rolling out to help the Americans in need today and following months till pandemic is over

  11. Get McConnell and all incompetent like him out in Election Day, we need people working foe the people not against them , cancel their vacations they don’t deserve it for giving Americans their backs

  12. I’ll take a Wait & See Approach, they have been saying they are close to a Deal the past 2 Months and still no Deal.

  13. Come on Dems – are you really counting on the GOP? You know they’ll vote against it no matter how much input they had. Haven’t you all learned that yet!!!!

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