Senate Applauds Officer Eugene Goodman, Will Award Him Congressional Gold Medal | MSNBC 1

Senate Applauds Officer Eugene Goodman, Will Award Him Congressional Gold Medal | MSNBC


The Senate has passed legislation by unanimous consent to award Officer Eugene Goodman the Congressional Gold Medal. Aired on 02/12/2021.
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Senate Applauds Officer Eugene Goodman, Will Award Him Congressional Gold Medal | MSNBC


    1. @Arminius Maximus LOL!!! Yeah, I’ve already been there and pointed out their hypocrisy, they just laugh and sing….. and name-call mindlessly….. you know; standard fair for these people….

    2. @Arminius Maximus LOL!! Yep! Definitely not the brightest bulbs on the tree but the best blind followers. Lenin had a term for people like them. People he held disdain for but found useful. What was it again?

    1. @Earl the Pearl They think they’re going to take power, but they don’t realize that once wts become a minority, they STILL will be less than wts. They can thank sanger and the DNC for strategically and heavily funding and placing plned parnthood ‘clinics’ in strategic innercity locations……
      The DNC may be shameless patronizers, but they aren’t totally crazy…..

    2. @Callie Whoa… I double check my statement just now… since when I added the Alllivematter thingy?.After all,I just wanted that certain cop to be acknowledged too for his contribution of the Capitol’s defense…I couldn’t care less about the matters this and that!.Why so sensitive?.Sorry for asking,did you be in a trouble with cops for once in your life and somehow you didn’t satisfied because the cops was correct all along and they did not sided with you?.BTW..I respect the decision if the medal is awarded only for the Capitol’s police.It was these congressman’s decision..not mine….

    1. @Werona Pinochia Is this English class? And that is your real name or something to show all the other intellectuals how smart you and they think they are let’s try kindness in place or ruthlessness.

    1. @Tracye Hansen you people all use the same line .. You don’t know who we are. Lmao. We judge you by your actions. Your actions everyday show who you are . That’s a ridiculous statement. If a guy murdered ten people wouldn’t he be a murderer. So it would be stupid for him to say you don’t know that im a murderer.

    2. @Arminius Maximus When have they not and to whom? You don’t know me so don’t assume that you do.. You have no idea what I think or don’t..

    3. @Jane Day Hold on.. So you just contradicted yourself and made yourself out to be a hypocrite.. You just told @NebTheWeb that you aren’t a Trump supporter and what makes them think that them you turned around and said you know everyone else and everything about them.. You’re pitiful Read what you said.. Wow!!

    4. @ღSwnsasyღ _ well they don’t matter to liberals …. Blm antifa.
      Clearly two organizations who hate cops ….
      Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon ring any bells ?

  1. It’s funny they’ll show respect to this guy that saved their lives but tomorrow the let Trump off the hook tomorrow

    1. @Fender 89 the majority of republicans are fantastic loving people. I really only hear hate coming from dems that I know.

    2. @Bruno Moreira same reason the dem’s new in advanced when they pre-planned the trouble, and yet did nothing to stop it !.

  2. I Salute Officer Eugene Goodman
    and all the others not seen who all stood, bleed and died
    for the Constitution and Democracy.

    1. @Chauncey W Hey. How many were shut in Chicago last weekend? How many do you think will get shut this weekend? Time’s ticking away, enjoy every minute you have left……

    2. @Crfor Freedom Okay being that you just misspelled shot twice in the same comment, means that maybe you should focus on your education and not the comment section . Seriously, twice though??

    1. @Bob Loblaw Sure I can and by the way that officer was reportedly assainated by the Boogaloo boys.
      Get your sh*t straight before you start what about bs.

    2. @Nadia Silvershine I’m saddened that these police officers committed suicide but their deaths are still not clear and why they did it. Maybe they were afraid of something or were connected to the mobs

    3. I doubted officer Sicknick will rest in peace when the perpetrators are still roaming free and on “bonding vacations”

    1. @Maria Herrera You should really look into the timeline of when democrats passed the second Covid relief bill. Mitch McConnell blocked the Senate from even considering it for at least 4 months, and when they finally did, republicans fought tooth and nail to minimize the amount sent to families in need. Do not attempt to equate the deeds of the Democrats with the shameful neglect of the Republican party.

    2. @R D maria I could agree more with you the Republicans senate don’t care for the poor. Especially Mitchell mcconnell, Lindsey Ted Cruz they are the worth.

  3. Yeah, now after they clap, they’ll be sticking their middle fingers out to the police, when they acquit the man that caused all this. It’s just despicable.

  4. I find myself agreeing with Mitch McConnell for once: “In the face of lawlessness, the officers of the US Capitol lived out the fullest sense of their oaths.” Those words should haunt any GOP senator willing to let Trump off the hook for this.

    1. We need to say exactly this to our own US Senators ASAP, and ask our friends and families to do the same. We must raise the Voice of the People to relentless levels. We must call our Senators, regardless of party or position, to insist that they vote to convict. Main Congressional switchboard 202-204-3121. Voice mails/messages are the fastest, most dependable way to be certain we are heard. E mails often go into spam, and are never seen.

    2. In the face of a handful of peaceful protesters, the officers of the US Capitol betrayed their oaths – as pigs generally do.

      Nothing about McConnell’s lies is haunting. . . except for the stupidity.

    3. @Reverend Draco Did u just say peaceful protesters in Capitol?! I literally read that 3x to see if I read it right. Even kids knows that what happens in Capitol was wrong. It was a terrorist attack. It’s scary to live in the US knowing dumbasses and Trump supporters actually exist.

  5. One thing will come out of this trial: the garbage in the senate will be filtered and exposed to the American people for future elections.

    1. @leifcatt that’s why here in California we have record homeless because of those bad republicans. Oh wait, this state is run entirely by the Democrats.

      Cling to your tribe. You’ll get priced out of your homes just like so many Californians have.

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