Senate Democrats Are ‘Leaning On The Shoulders’ of Texas Democrats When It Comes To Voting Rights 1

Senate Democrats Are ‘Leaning On The Shoulders’ of Texas Democrats When It Comes To Voting Rights


President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton and former Congresswoman Donna Edwards on the lack of action by Senate Democrats on voting rights» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Senate Democrats Are ‘Leaning On The Shoulders’ of Texas Democrats When It Comes To Voting Rights


    1. @Trumpocalypse let’s not forget that Joe Biden used to be very openly racist even on television, and he wrote the 1995 crime bill that launched America into this state of systemic crisis in the first place, why Democrats who are over emotional at times yet seemingly good hearted put there own palpatine into office eludes me.

    2. @Redacted FALSE. THE POLICE WROTE THE 94 CRIME BILL. Do you remember the early 90s? I do. It was a time of great music and rampant gang violence. America did not know how to tackle the drive bys and gang warfare. Biden has said publicly he deeply regrets that bill and has stated and its been verified that the crime bill was written by TOM SCOTTO, the Police union President.

    3. @Hdjdj Dhjdjdue A few years ago I volunteered to teach English to newly arrived immigrants. I have helped people just like you. As you transitioned from broken English to grammatically correct standard English your outlook on life will significantly improve and so will your job prospects.

    1. There’s no red sea. It’s a red puddle that has been used to irrigate tiny straw-sized streams throughout the land. (If you’re confused, look up gerrymandering.)

    2. @World Where is the Blue again? Oh, No where, thats right. Enjoy while the Red Majority defends any and all parts of the USA that they can.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 Explain ROBERT BYRD THEN???? Obama and Biden and Clintons all at his funeral. Kkk member 9f the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

    2. @UCYxz3KCVT8sSSpWRbvdKmAg no party change. Show me 5 Racist democrats who changed party. Ill wait cause there were none

    1. @Maddis Stone A filibuster is a political procedure where one or more members of parliament or congress debate over a proposed piece of legislation

      IF THERE IS NO WAY TO DEBATE THE LEGISLATION IT WOULD MAKE THINGS WORSE it would possibly make it easier for the Left to pass their laws that are Destroying the USA there has to be Debate.

    1. @Timmy Truth
      2016: “Trump is your President whether you like it or not”
      2020: “Joe Biden is your President whether you like it or not”
      2024: “Kamala Harris is your President whether you like it or not”

    2. I am also proud of the Texas Democrats! They are dedicated and have proved they will use their knowledge on how to continue to provide voting rights to all Texans!

    3. @TJ A Are you joking? Zero voting rights are taken or limited. The Texas Democrats violated the Texas Constitution. They will be arrested for breaking the law. What voting laws were taken or could be taken? Also, who can’t vote? One example would be appreciated. I will wait.

    4. My son Rudy guellani is going to run for president 2024 wow wizzz wow folks please vote pink not blue not red only pink 2024…


    1. @Mr. Hankey the Talking Poo The Democrats do not and did not control the 5 Republican states that lost to Biden and found no evidence of cheating. You are a sad product of fake news, try listening to mainstream media.

    2. @Me Too Productions 😂🤣 so your saying Biden won all of the 5 Republican states? What are the odds of that? White supremacy is fake news buddy?

    3. there is no proof of voter fraud all lies you just cant get over the fact that donald was removed from office looser

    4. @slimboy Walton That’s the point about mail in voting. Its hard to find proof when you give every single person a mail in ballot. You don’t know whose filling them out. Maybe a kid, an illegal, or dead person. lol. All they have to do is drop it into a drop box and not get caught. Are you trusting every single person to be honest especially criminals and thugs like George Floyd and Jacob Blake? lol

    5. wheres the proof? enough said thats why trump try to over turn it , if there were proof why is’nt he in office , and each new audit they do BIDEN WINS AGAIN !!!

  2. Well, Rev, if you want to mobilize the masses in 2021, then you need to learn how to dominate social media. Organize marches too, but don’t ignore social media. The other side certainly isn’t.

    1. @J M M Yes and then they spin that into further proof that the establishment is out to get them. What we need to do is overwhelm and dominate them.

    2. Cam, you right, we must win at any cost!
      The border must stay open and all those new illegal blue voters with the covid must be able to vote.
      We must bus and fly them to every corner of our great nation!
      Blue Wave!!!


  4. As a 21-year resident of West Virginia, I would like to apologize for Manchin.
    Please keep in mind, our unofficial state motto is “Hold muh beer, I wanna try sumpin'”
    Unfortunately, he holds the office until early January, 2025. I don’t know if there are enough parietal lobes active to get him removed here, but hope springs eternal.

    1. I’m sending you my blessings, and my prayers go out to you and the people that think like you.
      Stay strong, and have faith, the good thing about manchin is he’s been exposed.
      You know what your states EVIL looks like, God bless the sane people of W Virginia.
      We’ll pray for the insane.

    2. It would help if his voters protested against him and put on the heat. He say’s he’s standing for his voters, I believe that to be a lie. His voters are democrats and these corrupt new voting laws are aimed at democrats.

    3. Manchin only scored a relatively small victory in 2018. I’m pretty sure West Virginia is just gonna go full republican and get rid of Manchin in 2024.

    4. @Brandon C. That explains why he is partying with republicans on his boat and voting with them. I still say if Democrats in his state/district loudly protest him, there will be media coverage, which he can’t hide behind. It will also help the next democrat who may challenge him and the voting rights are there for the democratic voters. He’s enjoying the dark money also.

    5. I live in Kevin McCarthys district..the Reddest part of “blue” California, so I can’t blame good folks for their place of residence ✌️

  5. “If you won’t fight for me, then fight for yourself because we’re all drowning in the same ocean,” argues Rev. Al Sharpton.

    1. It’s very much a sinking ship where only half the passengers are bailing water and plugging holes in the hull.
      The rest are yelling ” fake water” and drilling more holes

  6. The trolls are awfully quiet today. Usually they’re out and about, especially when it’s a video about voting rights.

    1. One day Trump awoke to a terrible stench, and became concerned that the weasel that lived atop his head may have died. So he went to the doctor, and when he walked in, the doctor immediately exclaimed, _”Sweet sassy molassy, where did you get the pig?”_ Trump explained, _”But Doctor, it isn’t a pig, it’s a weasel.”_ The doctor replied, _”I was talking to the weasel.”_

    2. @your name *_On behalf of Barack Obama, George Soros, and all the deep state liberals who stole this election for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beelzebub, I am authorized to inform all you butthurt MAGA crybabies that next we are coming to steal your household pets, appliances, possum rifles and pickup trucks. After that we will be stealing your cha-cha heels, wigs and zaftig foundation garments. Thank you for your cooperation._*

    3. @jones One day Democrats woke up and gas prices were almost 5 bucks a gallon, crime was legal and their freedoms gone.

      But the Democrats replied “we love our free stuff and America will finally fall”

    4. @jones Looks like your replies were copied and paste lol. Biden won’t last this whole term for sure especially his dementia and his juvenile 50 year old son, Hunter

  7. When the average income Texas Republican voter realizes his party is just for the rich……….he’ll vote Democratic or Libertarian for help. The Republican voter suppression doctrine will backfire.

  8. Texas Republicans met their match in Texas Dems who are beating them in their own game. I wish all Dems had this kind of fight to the blatant attack on the democratic system in the country by the Republicans

    1. @Hdjdj Dhjdjdue Robert Byrd was really repentant on his earlier racism, in 2005 he said “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.” Guy defiantly had some faults and I disagree strongly with his political positions, but given how he voted on issues related to racism later in life (specifically the law creating Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and the support of NAACP (he was one of only 17 senators in 2003 who had a 100% rating from them), I like to think he should be given at least some good will.

    2. @Hdjdj Dhjdjdue not so fast. The kkk was formed by republiQans that called themselves Democrats.They left the Democratic party because of the civil rights act. Once again, republiQans called themselves Democrats but it’s in your DNA. republiQans of today would not support Lincoln. However, it is curious that the kkk supports the right. Explain that one.

    3. @lester Tubog if you believe in…
      Are you trying to say that you don’t believe in unicorns? Because that’s just silly

  9. What is stopping us from breaking apart the Voting Rights bill into its components and forcing cloture votes on each of those? Let’s see which Republicans want to go on record opposing gerrymander reform, simplified registration, or easy and secure voting access for every eligible citizen. Start out with voter ID laws so they’re forced to start with a yes. Then they will be locked in or they’ll look like hypocrites in 2022. Come on, show some guts, Democrats!

  10. I agree the Democrats in Congress and the Senate should be fighting back much harder against all of this voter suppression BS that the Republicans have been pulling in every state currently dominated by Republicans.

  11. This is a prime time for any democrat to get recognition for rising to the cause where are they. Big thank you to Ossoff for not being afraid or just lax in his efforts.

  12. Yes it’s business as usual here in Texas. King Abbott wasting more taxpayers dollars by throwing a temper tantrum.

    1. 🎶 *_”The stars at night, are big and bright.”_* 🎶
      _(clap clap clap clap)_
      🎶 Unlike the GOP in Texas. 🎶

    1. 🎶 *_”The stars at night, are big and bright.”_* 🎶
      _(clap clap clap clap)_
      🎶 Unlike the GOP in Texas. 🎶

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