Senate Democrats 'Not There Yet' In Support For Eliminating The Filibuster | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Senate Democrats ‘Not There Yet’ In Support For Eliminating The Filibuster | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake reports on efforts in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster after Georgia enacts a restrictive voting rights law. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Senate Democrats 'Not There Yet' In Support For Eliminating The Filibuster | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Brenda Guzzo as opposed to Joe who’s letting covid positive illegals into our country during a pandemic.

    2. @Jerry Cole he is not letting any adults in
      He will not let sick hungry kids. Suffer like trump did. He showed a video of the kids playing in a Texas border site recent ly. This is seasonal every March, trump had 31percebt and biden has 28 percent only being in the passed 7 weeks.

  1. Watch them “not get there” for a full two years, lose their paltry majority to the Republicans in ’22, and due to voter restrictions passed by the GOP across the country, never take the majority again.

    1. @Bill Sbac They’ll have done nothing if they continue the current bickering. They evidently don’t have the votes to end the filibuster, and they just end up wasting time when trying to find ways to make it happen anyways.

      Although I do not advocate for ridding of the filibuster, what the Democrats should do is pass what they can in the meantime. Additionally, if some things require a compromise with the GOP, then they should try and go for it. This way, they’ll at least have something to campaign on when the midterms come around.

    2. @Mr. James

      Well here’s the thing, what problems to the vast majority of people want solved right now? They want the Covid vaccine in their arm (#1) and they want the economy opened back up 100 percent (#2 which is dependent on #1). Biden is well on his way to accomplishing #1 and #2 so the Dems already have some victories. What else do the people want? Maybe something done about China, maybe troops out of the middle east, maybe the border situation fixed, and… those are the major and minor things I can think of right now.

    3. @Bill Sbac Democrats don’t even need Republican support to fix that. So what’s the holdup is my point.

    4. @Mr. James

      All I can think of is Mr. Biden has been in to the Senate a very long time and has just seen a President and Republican Party who ran rough shod over the opposition and doesn’t want to do the same thing. He’s trying to bring the country back together, he wants the parties to work together again not divide them. That’s all I can think of.

    5. @Bill Sbac If Biden wants Congress to work together, he should stop pursuing policies that only one side of the isle supports (or at least be willing to make concessions). I don’t think anyone wants our nation to be divided, however, steps must be taken to help ensure it doesn’t remain that way.

  2. If republicans at the state level are going to implement Jim Crow voting laws like they’re doing in Georgia, the Dems have the green light to end the filibuster and pass the two federal voting rights bills. Our democracy pretty much demands it at this point.

    1. @jstreets1983 Well, I don’t think Biden, Shumer and the actual Senate Dems who are thinking through options are ignoring it. It’s mostly the media who keep asking them about what they’ll do.

    2. @jstreets1983 In preparing for this answer, I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out the difference between cloture and filibuster. (Not to a lot of success tho!)
      But I think what the Dems can do is create a new precedent (the nuclear option) that would circumvent the 60 vote cloture requirement to end a filibuster.

      So given the fact that republicans will stop at nothing to suppress votes, even using the “stop the steal” lie as a basis shows they have no shame and will stop at nothing to steal away power. Thus, I say Dems should go nuclear, end the filibuster (or change the cloture rules to circumvent the filibuster) and do whatever rules changes they need to get their bills passed.

    3. @Ro G that seems to be the only option if anything will be passed. The massive downside is when the democrats aren’t in power but that’s the decision.

      How do you get Joe Manchin on board is the real question. I think it’s time to put public pressure on him. He can’t fight every step of the way.

  3. For doing so little, except obstructing, oppressing & arguing of course, they sure get & take a lot of days off.

    Is it because they are so old that they fart dust & have 4 digit Social Security numbers??

  4. Just end it. No more gridlock. Let’s get work done. So exhausting cleaning up trump’s scandals while he plays golf! Deplorable

  5. Does anyone want to talk about the reality of how well republicans did down ballot, despite Trump’s lost? I feel like overlooking this is what could doom democrats in 22/24. Anyone up for a good faith discussion on the matter?

    1. Good faith? With republicans passing voter suppression laws across the country they will win purely by destroying our democracy.

    2. The house (mostly), president, and supreme court are still checks to the senate though. If Democrats or Republicans pass some crazy laws, I think they’ll be struck down as needed. I would like to see the Senate move a little faster, mainly for the fact that newly elected officials can actually “try to” implement what they ran on. I think the Senate/House are already good enough at watering down bills to the maximum to keep us from going overboard every 2 years. Just my opinion. Basically we’re gonna have single-payer healthcare and abortion is going to be illegal at the same time lol. (Kidding sort of)

    3. @Taylor Latch It feels like all those institutions are corrupted to a point. The senate barely passes anything these days. I am curious as to what you feel could pass that is extreme?

      It’s impossible for me to imagine the senate passing anything with 60 votes at this point and Joe M won’t get rid of the filler buster. We feel stuck in a way in my opinion.

  6. The key to eliminating the filibuster is being sure you have the votes to actually pass things afterwards. If dems know that Manchin or others will not vote for min. wage, gun control, immigration, infrastructure, voting rights, etc… then there’s no point in eliminating the filibuster right now.

    1. Unfortunately, Congress doesn’t care about that. They’re only doing this for show at this point (I hope), because it’s obvious that all Senate Democrats will not vote to scrap the filibuster.

  7. There better be 50 votes real quick or I’m going to decide that my ‘elected’ officials are dinner!

  8. Just do it. Get rid of it. The Republicans should be destroyed. Nervous Democrats this time need to be told. Make America better.

    1. Better? What exactly are you even fighting for? Do you have any idea? Instead of talking about Republicans like you Democrats always do, why dont you try explaining what it is your hoping to see under Democrat control or what policies you want to see if you even know of any. My guess is you dont.

    2. @I Hate Democrats Those Democrats sound just like nazi fascists when talking about sending republicans to re-education camps. Anyone with different ideologies than the far left democrats is considered a threat to them and their power. It isn’t just republicans getting canceled right now, moderate democrats are getting canceled as well because of far left degenerates that want power over the people.

  9. Yeah they better get on board cause you think black people is going to go for this or let this stand you out your f mind this is not the 1960s

    1. You lie, those people were coming here when Trump was in office. But this is America, for all people who are oppressed. The land of the free. Until Trump. Have faith and compassion.

  10. And they never will get the support needed to end the filibuster. They’d spend their time better actually trying to operate, rather than grasping at improbable concepts.

  11. So perhaps maybe when GOP regains full control we can authorize the death penalty for Democrats. That’s a great solution!

  12. Manchin is on-record for reform. Senator Sinema needs to go on-record to agree to Filibuster Reform: end both the 60-to-vote AND 60-to-pass, make it only a talking-filibuster (not a no-show email objection) that ends when the senators stop talking. You have to be on-camera defending your minority position, and every bill needs to be voted on after the minority gets to have their say.

  13. The narrow margin in the Senate was brought to you by progressives and their “defund the police” slogan.

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